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  1. Haula. I look to trade Nino(not tomorrow). Need to free up money to keep that guy.
  2. We are getting nothing. We might lose 7-0 if this keeps going. They have 8 high danger chances already
  3. Charlotte was awful today. Lost 8-2. Ned was pulled after 15 minutes. He gave up 3 goals on 5 shots. Ned isn’t it this season. Is he mad he had no shot at the league? Forsberg gave up 5 on 19 shots. Bright side: Eetu has 3 goals already. He may may be the next 2nd round steal by this team. Also a Finn!!!
  4. I blame this on the white jerseys. We were on fire until we wore this garbage at home.
  5. The passing has been atrocious over the last 4 games. The team isn’t in sync.
  6. Edmundson was on the puck side. Necas pinched down to Edmundson’s side. It wasn’t Pesce there on the right. Not sure which forward it was but I think it was Dzingel.
  7. From what i have seen of Kase so far, just makes me dislike Faulk even more
  8. Supposedly, Karpat (Puljujärvi’s team) has signed another player to a contract which pushes them over the allowable limit. It could be anticipation of a player leaving.
  9. I would assume TVR gets low usage tonight. To get him acclimated to the game and access his shoulder. We may see this lineup for a couple of games or they could make assessment after this one to make a move during our 6 day layoff. Also gives us another PK based defender. Use Gardiner and Hamilton on the PP (which we should get plenty of time tonight) and have 5 defenders ready for the PK.
  10. We need more than a right shot. We need a right shot that is decent in taking faceoffs. The choosing the dot rule is good and bad for us because we are left shot heavy. missing Williams in more ways than one.
  11. Ho Sang’s current AVV 874,125. Puljujarvi’s last cap hit was 925k from his original ELC. He had the opportunity to earn another 2.75 million in performance bonuses but never did.
  12. My original statement was geared around Pulj and Ho Sang. They fit inside that cap hit. I don’t see how we are interested in Benn. Dallas would have retain 20% or so. Then we would have to move Nino and TVR. Throw in a pick or so. Benn is slightly better than Nino but I don’t see the benefit. Unless he returns to 2 years ago, his 9.5 mil cap hit would be a huge anchor in 2 seasons.
  13. One thing we do know, if TD and Co see a weakness they don’t want to wait to resolve it.
  14. In my stat surge given earlier, I found that Anaheim has one of the best 5v5 ratios in the league. They are pretty stingy there. Also they are number 2 in penalties so we’ll have some options for on their PP. their PK is running at 84.6%.
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