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  1. We have 1.92 million in cap space. We must not have faith in any of the checkers sticking here. trade: pick, defender, prospects
  2. Geekie or Bishop’s turn?
  3. 6-2 and we dont have Aho or Nino contributing at decent levels and Svech isnt contributing 5v5. That is pretty good sign for the teams capability once we get those three going. 8 games is only 8 games but I hope to see some changes soon. Nino is a negative player right now. He is back to taking the lazy penalties that put him on the trading block and not adding any scoring to counterbalance. I would like to see him demoted to a line away from Aho. Aho will get it going but taking Nino off his line should help. Svech is a bottom 200 forward in 5v5 scoring rate right now. He is a top 50 scorer during the PP. He has to clean up his game from all the penalties but, we cant handicap him on the Staal and McGinn line. The Staal line has 2 goals in 70 minutes of 5v5 time and 1 GA. Crazy to consider but, their CF goes up almost 10 percentage points when Brock McGinn isnt on the line (only 10 minutes to time). Has the most High danger chances by number 17. Have given up a ton of High Danger chances, 14. The top line, Haula's line, isnt much higher on Corsi For in 5v5 than Staal's line. They have produced two more goals and also allowed two more. The lowest High danger chances for of the group at 12 but have a 2 to 1 for and against ratio. The Aho line is the darling of statistics. They have the highest Corsi For by far and have a high High Danger chances ration (2 to 1). I hope that we see Svech move up and Nino down. If I am truly getting my way, add Gauthier back and send Gibbons down. Have to put Gauthier on a line that he can do more. The 4th line has the lowest Corsi for on the squad. Svech-Aho-Turbo Dzingle-Haula-Necas Nino-Staal-Gauthier Foegele-Wallmark-McGinn. We are tied for 5th in 5v5 Goals scored but tied for 12th for 5v5 goals allowed. A more even comparison is we are 9th in 5v5 Goals for percentage (which evens out the issues between the difference in games played). Our special teams need help. We have scored 5 PP goals (not shorties allowed) and allowed 8 PK goals (scored one). Our special teams are -2. Source: Natural Stat Trick
  4. Roddie protecting Haula from lightning striking twice or Sharks’ coach protecting Marleau?
  5. I am hoping that we are atleast 6-2-1 coming off the Ducks game. After that the schedule sets up really nice for us. 6 day break then we’ll play Columbus Chicago x 2 Philly x 2 Rangers x 2 Ottawa x 2 Red wings x 2 Flames Devils Panthers Sabres Wild Over 5 weeks. We have a really great shot at putting up a ton of points in that sequence. Over 16 games, the only ones we come in with a low to no advantage are the Sabres and Flames. By the time we get to the Sabres there will be enough scouting materials to have a good game plan. then its get rough in late November/ December. Really the rest of the season will be rough with a couple of 2-3 easier opponent stretches.
  6. Necas didn’t stay with his player on that goal. Kane beat him to the loose puck.
  7. Foegele didn’t work on speed in the offseason
  8. And I turned the Pens game on just long enough to watch them score a terrible squeaker SH. Pens win too
  9. Caps won, Pens in OT, BJs won.
  10. who got in the water first to make it so warm
  11. Well at least the battle is a prospect vs prospect instead of the team not performing / who to fire / TD is all talk.
  12. Man Pittsburgh is doing a lot better than I had hoped without Malkin and having a terrible roster all around
  13. It will be renamed because we are going to own the place tonight.
  14. Sharks havent played since Sunday. We need to jump on them hard in the first period and then hold on for the ride.
  15. What does a yellow light mean? Slow down Whhhhatttt doooesss aaaaa yellooooow liiight mean?
  16. Reimer has played well enough to get the start.
  17. Having JW on the right side of Staal’s would be great. He would offer a right handed face off person that we need. The choosing the dot rule will make it tougher on us as we go on. Leadership is obvious. I would love him to come back but there are options at the deadline.
  18. My typical resting face. Also its is my version of the Big Brother from 1984. Always watching...
  19. It is a very nice problem to have. We are going to have another slug of young players coming in over the next calendar year. Gauthier, Bean, Priskie, Geekie, Kuok?, Sellgren, and Ned possibly. It will be hard to slow walk dudes in with that much young talent pushing for spots.
  20. SMH at the Taylor jokes from last night. The best comment was John. Tripp talked the banner and them covering it up. John was talking about seeing the fuss on social media. “I saw the news about the banner. It had my attention for 3 seconds.” Tripp was making it out the TS is a big Canes fan and watching from home.
  21. 1st- was strong in first minute and a half then was lucky to hold on to the tie. 2 iffy penalties called. 2nd- dominated by the Canes. I think their 2nd shot was a 200 foot one that they used to relieve pressure. Missed some good ones to make it a more comfortable lead. 3rd- back and forth. I don’t feel like LA threatened to score until 2 later penalties. Tbh, I blinked and we only had 7 minutes left. They may have been 2-3 whistles the first 13 minutes. Last 7 took the same amount of time as first 13. Ugly win is still a win.
  22. Necas is getting better. Oddly, I feel that he is getting the better of the 3 young forward opportunities. Necas gets PP2 time, plays a good amount of minutes, and on the best offensive line. Svech gets minutes, on PP1, and is handicapped with Staal(no offense) and McGinn. Gauthier got scant minutes and on a line with Wallmark and Foegele. Gauthier didnt look like preseason Gauthier but, he wasn’t given a lot of opportunities to shine. Ron slow plays rookies though. That is another discussion.
  23. Good win. Glad I saw this one cuz I ain’t making it against SJ.
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