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  1. Expected lines McGinn-Aho-TT Nino-Staal-Williams Foegele-Wallmark-Martinook Svech-McKegg-Brown Slavin-Hamilton Pesce-Faulk Fleury-de Haan playing two defenders on their offside? Its a method. Brown over Bishop
  2. Probably should anyways with the festivities and traffic. Plus the Canes and Caniac need max exposure to Chuffy
  3. it has normal hours and then add game time to it. It'll be open as long as festivities are going outside as well.
  4. could. If Martinook is ruled out (doubtful since they didnt cut his leg off) that those would be the lines. If martinook plays, he would go back to his old spot and mckegg would still be 4C.
  5. With Ned being called up, the Checkers call up Helvig. Interesting....
  6. Islanders couldn’t fill their lot of tickets it seems. They have south side 300 sections tickets available for today. 88 bucks plus fees for anyone needing tickets!
  7. The Canes need to set the tone early in each period. We should have our legs back and 2 big forwards back as well. Islanders have all the pressure and will play with a high intensity early. They may be gripping the stick too hard because of all the pressure. Establish the play early, attack the puck, hit someone, own the puck, and score some quick ones. Get them back on their heels and break their spirits early. Force them to cheat even more to create chances and take advantage of breakaways / odd man rushes. Roddie should be able to own the match ups with having Slavin and Pesce with the Staal line on the Barzal line. Have Faulk / de Haan out there too to really shut that line down. Give Hamilton a chance to have some scoring chances against their bottom lines. Hopefully the Aho line can get a couple in the net with the Wallmark and McKegg lines adding secondary scoring.
  8. My guess at lines Nino-Aho-TT McGinn-Staal-Williams Martinook-Wallmark-Foegele Svech-McKegg-Bishop Slavin-Pesce de Haan-Faulk Fleury-Hamilton
  9. Lebrun just posted that Fox was only going to sign with the Rangers and DW was restricted to them for trade talks.
  10. we get a 3rd. It becomes a 2nd rounder in 2020 if he plays 30 games next year. Rangers have already got the ELC done.
  11. Luke Decock says Fox has been traded. Will provide details as they come apparent *Edit: In SuRpRiSiNg news he is going to the Rangers *2nd edit for the NYR's 2nd round choice and a conditional 3rd next year. Its the 37th pick for those keeping track. We have the 36th and 37th picks. Trade ends up being: Hamilton, A year of Ferland, and NYR's 2nd and a conditional 3rd for Lindholm and Hanifin Kind of a let down. *3rd edit, the conditional 3rd becomes a 2nd if he plays 30 games next season
  12. I see your point. In a game of inches, a player missing a shot by a half a degree of angle is pretty fortunate. We all can let out our collective sighs and gasp about how close it was. The same goes for any other sport where a player hits a bar of some kind and barely misses. We are in fact lucky when a goalie is beaten but hits a bar. It does count as a shot on goal because the posts are a part of the goal.
  13. Bean is skating. I havent seen anything as far as Bean being paired with anyone or is skating as the 7th defender. I would expect Ferland to need a couple of skates with the team to get back into the swing of things. He is probably out until game 4/5. I bet Marty plays tomorrow he just isnt skating today.
  14. Ferland on the ice as an extra this morning (regular jersey) Bean and Ned are skating Svech is with Bishop and Brown McKegg is with Wallmark and Foegele No Martinook at practice.
  15. I feel we were very fortunate to get out of NY with a 2-0 lead seeing the events on the ice. As they say "sometimes its better to be more lucky than good" Our luck will run out and they will start connecting on these one timers and putting these top level shot off the inside of net instead of off the bar. With our increased motivation the next two games, hopefully it happens too late or after a large lead.
  16. I havent worried for a second about opposing fan base opinions. I do care if a fan base is calling for hurting someone but, that was last series. I do enjoy trolling Sabres fans, its too easy though.
  17. Much like bunch of jerks, I hope the organization grabs a hold of Candy Canes too. I would be shocked if Martinook and Svech aren’t playing tomorrow. who dominates play early in this one? Canes will have their electrolytes back and fresher legs than the first two while getting extra energy from the ruckus crowd. Islanders will be playing for their playoff lives. Brindy controls the matchups here. I’d love to see Pesce and Slavin back together against their top line, have Hamilton and Fleury be the third pair to take advantage of easier matchups, and do our best to keep the Clutterbuck line away from Svech for a game. We can clamp down on them harder while we add scoring. Brown or Bishop being sent down later today/ tomorrow?
  18. Checkers will be playing the Capitals’s affiliate Hershey.
  19. At the same time I was good with us losing this one because of the lack of rest. now that its 0-0 under a minute, I agree
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