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  1. If we repeat last night's 3rd period for the 1st period of game 4, we should break their spirit early and take them out.
  2. It will be weird if CBJ pulls this off against Boston. The WC1 team hosting the WC2 team.
  3. With Ned being called up, the Checkers call up Helvig. Interesting....
  4. Lebrun just posted that Fox was only going to sign with the Rangers and DW was restricted to them for trade talks.
  5. we get a 3rd. It becomes a 2nd rounder in 2020 if he plays 30 games next year. Rangers have already got the ELC done.
  6. Luke Decock says Fox has been traded. Will provide details as they come apparent *Edit: In SuRpRiSiNg news he is going to the Rangers *2nd edit for the NYR's 2nd round choice and a conditional 3rd next year. Its the 37th pick for those keeping track. We have the 36th and 37th picks. Trade ends up being: Hamilton, A year of Ferland, and NYR's 2nd and a conditional 3rd for Lindholm and Hanifin Kind of a let down. *3rd edit, the conditional 3rd becomes a 2nd if he plays 30 games next season
  7. Checkers will be playing the Capitals’s affiliate Hershey.
  8. That penalty was egregious to say the least.
  9. Too soon. Too soon. This is jinx level stuff.
  10. 185 per which is face with no TM fees. If game 6 is needed those will be available too. 306 row A. Here is the view!
  11. Almost feel bad for Peters and Lindholm but then I remember the mock of the Skol clap. now I just laugh.
  12. Looking at their roster, current contracts, and lack of a farm system I would be surprised if they are a threat in three years. they have one available buy out over the next 3 seasons. Helm is signed for another 2 seasons, Nielsen for 3 more seasons, and Abdelkader for four more seasons. They have 71 million on the books for next season already. Granted after October 1st they will have the 6 million of Zetterberg's contract come off for LTIR.
  13. We have called up Saarela. Surprising. Bean went down to Charlotte. https://twitter.com/NHLCanes/status/1119237897733980161
  14. Going to be one heck of a buy out, he signed an extension a month ago.
  15. He wasn’t on any roster. Newly signed ELCs are an exception to the rule.
  16. I hope Columbus gets run over in the next 4 games. My reasoning is two fold, one I cant pull for Columbus' HC and I hope that Bob and Panarin will leave Columbus if they are still non-competitive. Columbus can become a middling squad to help ease the metro slightly.
  17. The main difference between Washington and Tampa is playing important hockey over the last month. Washington had to play solid hockey over the last month to win the division. TB got to scrimmage for a month.
  18. I felt like Tampa saw how easy the first 3 were and took the foot off the accelerator. They weren’t threatened until it was too late to kick it back on.
  19. Islanders clanged an odd man rush off metal with 5 seconds to go. Crazy end. To overtime.
  20. Islanders up 3-2
  21. Wish we have gotten NYIs. No Greiss would have made me feel good. we can beat Washington. Aho has to be at the top of his game.
  22. TB didn’t have any energy or hustle in the 3rd. BJs up a game.
  23. PPG BJs. 4-3. TB is drowning
  24. I hope BJs get smoked. Cant route for Torts.
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