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  1. we've either made other trades or LTIR'd someone(s).
  2. We made another thread for the trade for Skeji
  3. Yea im seeing where we got Skeji. Nothing confirmed yet.
  4. probably waiting to see what we add first, if anything. If nothing is added, we could see a defender and Bishop come up today.
  5. i would like to get Vantenan or Pateryn (sp?) as rentals just to fill in. Pateryn wouldnt be very expensive at all.
  6. we traded Roy and a Conditional 5th rounder to Vegas. The condition being if we traded Haula for player(s) or pick(s) in round 1-5.
  7. With this trade we lose our 5th round pick. The conditions for the pick in the original trade were met with this trade.
  8. we can afford half of his salary at this point.
  9. We would have to move Gardiner somewhere for it to make sense. Which team would be willing to take on Gardiner and get a RHD of some kind plus add Skj? It doesnt make sense otherwise to me.
  10. Supposedly we are talking with the Rangers about Skjei but dont have the cap space right now.
  11. probably means Chicago got an offer that is higher that Carolina wants to go. Which I am cool with.
  12. When I go back and look at the play, JT never touched Pesce. He stuck his stick out with his right arm and then starting wincing in pain. It was weird.
  13. Well the AA to Columbus deal must have fell through because he is now going to Edmonton
  14. Even Columbus is joining the Metro arms race, they are getting AA from Detroit. this division is nuts.
  15. AAV is about right but its at least 2 years too long.
  16. The Robe is saying we are getting Lehner but he isn’t right a lot.
  17. Keane scored in his 2nd game with the Checkers.
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