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  1. Im wasn’t interested unless johnsson or Kapanen was coming back to help us now. conditional 1st or not it doesn’t help us now. also Toronto’s pick will be bottom half anyways.
  2. Im not a fan of the move. Im sure this is only the first move. doesnt help us now.
  3. I wonder if it’ll be today or later before we see the cap clearing moves
  4. They hyping him because he is a fantastic shot. his skating and even more so his defense are very suspect. Skating is so important in the league now and defense is important to brindy. He doesn’t fit us. His skating must be pretty bad if his 50 goals couldn’t overcome it. Pavel Brendl comp. all the suspect skaters fell out of the first round. Grewe and Hoglander on the other hand are excellent skaters. Grewe is even categorized as a bulldog who goes in the dirty areas. His size and late bloomage have held him back.
  5. Give me Grewe and Hoglander. if one of them is gone give Robertson or Kolyachonok, Vladislav
  6. I pass on Lavoie and Kaliyev. Give me Hoglander and Grewe
  7. Yep when his shooting percentage goes down to regular levels, he wont look so good.
  8. More write up Suzuki certainly has no shortage of skill in his repertoire. While he lacks the game-breaking speed you like to see from lighter forwards (6-foot and a little over 180 pounds), his puck skills and vision in the offensive zone really are outstanding. His passing ability stands out the most. This is evidenced in the play shown below. The Colts get a 3-on-1 opportunity against the Niagara IceDogs. Luke Bignell races down the right wing with a Niagara defender closing in. Bignell then passes the puck to Suzuki, skating through the left faceoff circle. Many players would elect to shoot in this situation, but Suzuki instead delivers the puck back to the trailing Aidan Brown, leading to an easy tap-in goal that cut the enemy lead in half Suzuki’s expertise as a playmaker is so good that, believe it or not, it actually has a somewhat of a negative effect on his game at times. Suzuki has the potential to create offense on his own, but it is not uncommon to see him elect to make an ill-advised pass even when an opportunity to shoot presents itself. This is backed up by his advanced metrics, provided by Mitch Brown in his CHL Data Tracking Project (hat tip to Eyes On The Prize). This comes as a bit of a surprise, especially considering just how good Suzuki is with the puck on his stick. Not only does he possess a good, accurate shot, but he’s also flashed some awe-inspiring abilities as a puck handler. In the play shown below (also against the IceDogs), Suzuki enters the zone cleanly and dangles his way around a pair of Niagara defenders before sneaking a quick wrister past the goaltender. Considering how skilled Suzuki is in the offensive zone, his artistry on the power play probably shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Suzuki led all Colts skaters with 28 power-play points in 2018-19, including eight goals and 20 assists. This power-play strike against the Flint Firebirds exhibits his impressive puck handling and sneaky dangerous shot. Though Suzuki’s offensive acumen is what stands out the most, he also plays a respectable defensive game — good enough that he was trusted with penalty-killing duties this past season
  9. He’ll be overpaid next season.
  10. Write up on Suzuki “Make no mistake: Suzuki still possesses the same level of skill that he always had — and boy, it’s a lot of skill. When it comes to the areas of puck control, playmaking, creativity, and offensive vision, Suzuki is near the top of this entire draft class, not that far behind Jack Hughes. He’s an incredibly cerebral player who keeps his head up as he moves, scanning the ice and thinking the play one or two steps ahead of everyone else — sometimes to the detriment of his teammates, who aren’t always ready to accept passes that magically appear on their sticks.”
  11. But a more natural scorer
  12. Skating is suspect but not as suspect as his defense
  13. Hopefully Suzuki
  14. Those 2 Russians can really score but their defense is highly suspect. I pass on Lavoie
  15. Tomasino was a good option but 3 more to go
  16. Holmstrong to the Islanders. Getting closer!!
  17. Suzuki is getting closer to falling to us!!!! that was my pick!
  18. If they are interested in helping out a division rival typically it takes 2 firsts to move that far up
  19. 14 to 11th is a lot easier than 28th to 11th.
  20. Maybe not over react a couple of weeks into the offseason. Especially when news come from tabloid esque “insiders”
  21. And let them sink into cap hell and still finish fourth in the division and probably still not make the playoffs
  22. Why are we angry at Florida? Knight was never making it to 28.
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