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  1. And let them sink into cap hell and still finish fourth in the division and probably still not make the playoffs
  2. Why are we angry at Florida? Knight was never making it to 28.
  3. Yep Florida takes Knight
  4. That would be awesome but doubtful
  5. How far is Caufield gonna fall?
  6. We weren’t getting knight anyways. I wouldn’t doubt it though.
  7. You can’t say that Lindholm or Hanifin were worth 5 million yet. On top of that, we’re the only organization, not named TB, that tries to get value out of players.
  8. He may have turned down a 8 x 6 million in October/ November. Aho said no thanks we’ll talk after i put 80 this season.
  9. Im cool with sending a franchise player up there. Allows the fans to stay connected with retired players. Keep the pick short and simple.
  10. Yea right. The league doesn’t like the new guy turning over the apple cart. They will say anything. this guy wants to run everything this guy’s team is ruining hockey with their kid celebrations this guy is cheap this guy is willing to sell off his franchise player
  11. Still it’s unnecessary. We know everybody back at some bar no one else cares about is having a good time. Here is a lengthy introduction for some unnecessary reason. Also, congratulations to these franchise for winning cuz we suck. Send the person you want to make the pick up to the podium. The Carolina Hurricanes are proud to select blankety blank. Boom, done.
  12. Can we get rid of this garbage before a pick and just make picks? It would easily save an hour.
  13. Interview with Brindy interesting note: his 88 draft he was supposed to go around 20th. They sat in sections based on their projections. It took him forever to get to the stage because he had to get around the guys who were supposed to picked before him. He is still fired up about the Ovi & Svech fight. He still believes it was all Ovi. Mentioned about how Ovi chased around in the preseason and 4 regular season games. Ovi giving all the late hits and cross checks. Roddie said if there is a team to make a splash at the draft, watch the Hurricanes. He guaranteed that if Hughes slipped we would take him at 28th (this was after Roddie asked who we were picking).
  14. Im good with a 2nd round goalie. Helvig also looks really solid. I think we’ll be okay slow playing the goalie situation
  15. I saw where he wanted 11.5 but only for 5 years. Toronto came back with if you want 11.5 you need to sign for 8.
  16. Frank Seravalli speculating that we may move Faulk at the draft if he asks for too much during the initial extension talks. no surprise
  17. Yep but we are looking to make Ned the starter as early as 20-21. I doubt Lehner will take something short with us.
  18. Lehner is in the same situation as Mrazek. I doubt either are taking what we are wanting to do.
  19. Talbot may be a 1 year cheap deal reclamation. I would want a solid backup with Talbot. Miller or Smith seem like a good one year option to me as well.
  20. I like Varlamov as an option but I don’t know that he is going to accept the Canes offer. If I were guessing, they are looking for a guy that will accept a 2 year, in order to make room for Ned as the starter. The backup we’d sign to a one year deal. That way we have a slot for Ned next season. We could also find a starter for one year then have a backup on a multi year deal. I don’t see V fitting in either scenario.
  21. No surprise. We won’t get any love. Svech was 9th on the rookie list.
  22. VGK as you mentioned Pens would have 4.8 TBL 5.3 needing a RHD and 4 RFAs TML have 7.4 with all the needs and RFAs SJ, Calgary, Capitals, Arizona!!!!, and Oilers would be in a hard place to improve their roster with 1.5 million less.
  23. If the cap is 1.5 million lower, a few teams are going to crap themselves.
  24. Darling hasn’t been bought out because we don’t have a 3rd goalie on contract.
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