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  1. Charlotte is down 3-2 with 3 to go. Forsling scored the other goal.
  2. Gauthier has 4:08 so far. Tailor expectations. Foegele is under 5 minutes as well. Svech 1 more minute than Staal tonight 👀
  3. Dougie wants Norris votes this year
  4. Sweet another PP goal to give up
  5. Boys are getting out hustled fans are getting out fanned
  6. So Rod got a delay of game for asking for an explanation? What kind of Tim Peel BS is this?
  7. Eetu scored for Charlotte. Down 1-2 after 2.
  8. Not that I have any, which ones are you looking for? It will help out those that do.
  9. Islanders dealing with two injuries. Cizikas may not play, Komarov may center the 4th line instead Leddy may not play as well. The young Dobson would slide to his off side. Looks like Greiss will start. Source: Islanders beat writer via Twitter
  10. Mrazek starting. No changes to the lines previously posted
  11. too early candidates for #1 OA pick Columbus Minnesota LAK
  12. Helvig brought up to Charlotte. Any reason we are carrying three goalies in Charlotte?
  13. Washington choked against Nashville. Wild game. Even better that the Caps lost in regulation.
  14. Speculation at this point. Rod wouldnt comment because he wasn’t sure either.
  15. That would make sense. Although we did make short work of him in the playoffs.
  16. True. His bag tagging, finger wagging, and other shenanigans are the ultimate “jerk” move for an A. Not A material in my book but I am not writing their book.
  17. Agree with CC, doing anything based on tenure isnt a good method. I don’t know what goes in the locker room but, Pesce is a solid professional on the ice and highly underrated. That isn’t typically A criteria but, I wouldn’t be upset if he was chosen because of it. TBH Edmundson has shown strong sacrificial play that is A worthy.
  18. Seems our lines will be: Svech-Staal-McGinn Nino-Aho-Turbo Dzingle-Haula-Necas Foegele-Wallmark-Gauthier Michael said these were the lines this morning. I hope after the west coast swing, Gauthier is on Svech’s line. Much like the Panthers, the team needs to create havoc with the goalie and defense still learning each other. got to stay out of the box own the puck
  19. Wallmark left after the double penalty but returned. Marty got laid out late in the game.
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