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  1. I agree with the guy who said he had been to Buffalo. My sister and I went up there for the game in January. Needless to say I was weary of what we were walking into. The fans there were just fine. Of course someone has to say something b/c you are wearing the visiting teams jersey but all in joking fashion. NOW I will get to the goons that come here. If you don't like us that much, why the heck are you down here? I had one guy yelling in my ear some nonsense about the Stanley Cup (which they have never gotten) and how we suck. Guess what slug-o, looks like you guys sucked last night! I am sure the fans IN Buffalo would be embarassed on how their fans here act. GO CANES
  2. I know i have already posted this in the swap meet, but I know more people read here. I need one ticket for 2/14 for my husband (trying to turn him into a Caniac!) somewhere around 114...anyone got one?
  3. That would be a good looking jumbotron! I had wings from La Nova and The Anchorbar...very tasty!!!
  4. This news floors me as much as it does others. However, we must give him a chance at least. Who knows...when the Craps new coach came in their fans were skeptical and look what he did up there? Maybe this team needs some shaking up and if this doesn't do it, nothing will. I will not be chanting against our new coach. I will be pulling for our boys to get out of thid slump and make it to the playoffs. That's what a true Caniac would do...IMO
  5. I am not intimidated by girls in short shirts. I could wear one if I wanted to. I could care less what they wear. I do think they should get one the ice like others do and shovel snow. THEY DO NOT LEAD CHEERS ANYMORE and I thought that is what they were there to do. The days of the girl with the cowboy hat were awesome. Maybe she should come back and coach them.
  6. i agree with what one caniac said...give him a chance and if it doesn't work...send him up to the Rats. With our history of injuries, I think it would be good to have a bif guy used to playing the NHL boys in case someone goes down. (**knock on wood it doesn't happen!!!) I think he has shown potential. Nothing 'wowing' but I think he could be another Gleason down the road! I have never waited for Friday so much in my life!!!!!! GO CANES!
  7. This may be a topic of discussion on another thread...and if so I apologize. But I was wondering if anyone had heard an approximate return date for Ruutu????? PS I hope LaCouture (sp?) stays....I think he might be the next Gleason!!! And according to our injury history, we need all the backup we can get!
  8. Sammy is 2 days older than me and I share a birthday w/ Staal!!!!!!! Gotta love us Scorpios!
  9. "bringing the cup back to North Cakalac!!" hehe couldn't resist! Seriously... "Our time is now....."
  10. i have some extra posters we got last season as season ticket holders. I think they are of Ray Whitney and someone else. Email me if you want to... amyhodge78@yahoo.com
  11. Here's mine! http://www.myspace.com/abhx2
  12. caniac29

    Canes S-A-S

    anyone know about section 114? that is my spot and i go tomorrow to select
  13. http://bp2.blogger.com/_r8tWGVHrjGI/R9hefx...Home_Jersey.jpg I kinda liked this one...a little busy but ok!
  14. Anyone know when they will let 26-game ticket holders know what games we have tickets to?
  15. I like the schedule. My sister and I ride together. She works at NCSU so during the week, I was driving to meet her in Raleigh, grab dinner, then head to the game. I LOVE afternoon games where everyone is tailgating and getting hyped up for the game. I think ticket sales will be better as well b/c it is easier to find carpooling buddies on a weekend! Make the trip to Raleigh and make a day of it! Only negative...our last game is away. I just hope our playoff hopes do not come down to the final game like last season. But I have high hopes...new season, new faces & new attitudes. Even though we have more West teams on the schedule, I think it will be good for our guys to play them. It will definitely help our game. Instead of playing the Craps and Tampa babies so much, we can really play some hockey!!!!!!!!!!! October 10th can't get here fast enough!!!!!!!!!
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