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  1. I don't get the Cullen trade, or letting Whitney go; if Cullen should go, then so should Whitney. What are we getting for any of these guys?
  2. ah, makes sense I guess. I don't know much about Yelle, but I thought Sutter was making a lot of headway last year.
  3. Okay, maybe I didn't see it, but what about that Sutter kid? Is he gone, or just not being speculated about yet?
  4. As I watched the playoffs, there were numerous times Ruutu iced the puck, and then didn't get to get his line off the ice. I don't know if that is just Tripp's thing to point out, or if it is important; I'd like him to stay, and Cole, too. I would like to see some major scoring brought in, though. Who to give up? I am for a major upgrade in Defense. I like Gleason, Corvo, Pitkanen, and sometimes Wallin. That leave us room to bring up someone, and/or get a blue chip D-man like Pronger. I know, the canes were mad at him from long ago, but maybe they will get him back like they did Cole.
  5. I think we need Pronger and Niedemeyer on D; or the younger versions of them if there are any. Big, strong, play all game. Kick *edit* and take names.
  6. Great game, I was getting groggy with the lateness, but it was awesome to see the Walker goal. I do have a question for those who really understand hockey. When the Lucic goal occurred, Corvo left the crease area, skated around the net and went right. Roddy went right, too. I thought, with Rod over there, why did Corvo go? Tripp's analysis was that Corvo was right, and Rod should have stayed. From where I saw it, how would Rod know Corvo was going over there? Gleason was not able to get there and push Lucic out. Well, it's a small point, but later on Tripp speculated that Rod was not out there due to the Canes having no confidence in his defense; that was when, as it turned out, Rod had got cut. So, what do you guys think the coaches are saying about the video of that play? Thanks, Go Canes!
  7. thanks for posting that. I thought the Canes were awesome. I wanted that goal, and think it was a goal, but at least the call didn't take the game away from us. Good D, nice opportunism, and great goalie work. I miss Aaron Ward, and he had a good game, I thought. I am glad Cully came through; really due to LaRose's great work shorthanded. Who got the puck out there for that? it was key to the play.
  8. All is forgiven! Nice game vs Islanders! Play like that over and over!
  9. I notice our ex-players, who all say they liked it here, play very well against us. Maybe we kept the wrong guys? Stillman, Recchi, Commodore, who else? I miss the way Cole played. I mist the way Staal played when he had Cole. Ward is not that good; he was good in the Stanley cup year, but ONLY in the playoffs; Gerber was the guy who got us there, was an every game goalie. Ward can't do it unless he plays part time. I really think the injuries to Rod and Williams made them ineffective, and we don't have the firepower without them. Agree with the Cullen Larose Ruutu comments above. Let's get Tuuten (not sure the spelling) and pair him with Ruutu in the Ruutu-Tuuten line. heh.
  10. Thanks to those who replied about Pronger. I thinkhe was dominant the last I paid attention to him; I would like to get a great D guy in his prime.
  11. What about Pronger? trade an O for him. The Whalers had him, and I read something about him getting in a fight and being traded. Well, hey, get him back.
  12. Why not a super defenseman, like what Pronger is, who is big, tough, skilled, and can score. I don't know who that is, but it would be a combo guy. I liked Conboy and Brookbank on the team, so we at least need what they bring. Honorable mention to Scott Walker; I still remember that head-butt that got him tossed. He is a cool dude!
  13. I could see trading a few forwards and defensemen to upgrade the defense. Ward? well, you'd have to get someone as good as Pronger for him. And call up the AHL goalie and have that pan out. To do that, you'd need an older established goalie on the staff too. In short, too disruptive, in my opinion. I think JR was a goalie though, so if he wants to get another goalie, let him.
  14. I'd like Aaron Ward back, and some more additions to defense. Not sure what people are referring to on Lavi's line changes, but I think if we had dominating defensemen, we could play them and they could set up the offense. Mainly, I like all the players, but we need to upgrade.
  15. That was a fun article to read. I like the Conboy play so far.
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