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  1. This schedule is a total JOKE!!!!! Why on the face of the earth can't they televise all 82 games? We got screwed on the versus television schedule and now by our own station. I can't wait to see the junk that is on instead of the Canes (women's college basketball).
  2. Maybe they will have lockers next each other.
  3. Aaron Ward back in Raleigh, wonder if he will have a locker next to Walker??
  4. Here's a longshot. Who bettter to learn how to play D from than someone who has been playing the position since they were born? Babs and Chelios. Just an idea.
  5. Where did you learn to spell?????
  6. I love the Canes, but I know how you feel, because that is exactly how I feel about Walker. He has become a liability to this team. Only played half the season, second fewest of the regulars other than Kaberle and 7th on the team in PIM, and has done nothing in the playoffs. Can't wait till he is gone. There are so many other options out there.
  7. the most obvious way to end a losing streak is to start winning, so i guess the better question to ask is, how do we start winning again? score more, give up fewer. soft goals are not acceptable, not at this level. give up a softie, sit on the bench (Mike Keenan style). but i know the puck has to go through 5 other guys first. deffense, HIT SOMEONE when they have the puck. forwards, HIT SOMEONE when they have the puck. it looks like pond hockey sometimes, fancy moves with a bunch of guys wearing no pads. i understand that we can't win 82 games, but right now we are getting blown off the ice. the last time we had a 5 game losing streak? 02-03. the coach? Paul Maurice!!!! HHHHMMMMMMM?????? last time i checked the "new NHL" didn't take emotion out of the rule book. show some!!
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