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  1. We had just moved down to Myrtle Beach in September-leaving our season tickets behind and forced to watch the entire season on Center Ice- after the final game we were both jumping around the house screaming and yelling we won we won!-all our neighbors thought we had lost our minds Im sure-but over the years now they have kind of followed the Canes through us and kept up with how the team is doing because of our enthusiasm---we always fly our 2006 Cup Champs house flag during the season!!!!
  2. Tarheelmike said it all-- Thanks to all the Canes and staff for an unexpectedly wonderful ride---rest up this summer and its how long until September.....????????? Cant wait!!! We love you all!
  3. This reminds me of a TRUE story---a couple of years ago-when we lived in Raleigh instead of Myrtle Beach-and were STH, my husband fell in the back yard and broke his leg---we went to ER, had the leg set and casted and were at the hockey game that night.....M y Mother still says to me-how could you have been so MEAN to Jim---he broke his leg and you still made him go to that hockey game.....non believers just dont understand do they????
  4. We are from Myrtle Beach South Carolina and we sure consider the Hurricanes OUR team too. We come up to Raleigh whenever we can for games and subscribe to Center Ice on TV so we never miss seeing a game-you'd be surprised at the number of 'Canes bumper stickers and decals you see on cars around here----also we are trying to recruit people to hockey ...The Hurricanes belong to both North and South Carolina we believe!!!!
  5. Glad to have Erik back!!Welcome home!!!
  6. Absolutely--why isnt LaRose being given more ice time???? He has been a hustler and hard worker every shift--- and he has been ignored for our STAR players --who cant even manage to hit the net--there seems to be a definite bias against him--why?????
  7. Theres always XM radio!!!!Sometimes Caiton is broadcasting on there. Looks like XM is the only choice--channel 204--Chuck broadcasting-Score is already 1-zip-Ducks-took them all of 1:44 to score..... Woooo-Cully scores for us!!!!
  9. Good Luck O-we'll be rootin for you to do well-
  10. Have always found John to be a classy representative for our sport wherever he is--notice he is doing a lot more national broadcasting lately--he is a great guy and I prize his autograph on my Carolina sweater as much as the rest of the team!!
  11. Our Best wishes to you Rod for a speedy recovery-Know its tough to have to sit back and watch but you can still inspire the team--the fat lady hasnt sung yet!!!!!!
  12. oh please not Vasichek AGAIN! He has sucked BOTH times he was here!
  13. Why do we hang on to Kaberle???He has done NOTHING this year!!!!!
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