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  1. Agree the effort was there from most Canes last night...right to the end. Bolts had finishers, and Bishop stopped a few more of ours than our goal tandem did. On the Semin issue: I have been saying this for weeks: it is apparent to me (although that doesn't mean it's true) that Semin has a persisting wrist/hand problem. I think it's his right hand, observing how he drops that hand off his stick more often. The guy has great hands and has had the puck on a string his whole career: now every receipt of a pass and every pass to someone else is an adventure. He often loses the puck even when not under pressure; he whiffs passes at alarmingly high rate; under pressure he can't settle the puck to pass or shoot. When given some time and space (game-winner vs. Habs, last night on the power play goal) he can still shoot, but he misses the net wildly when harried or in traffic. I think we'll find out after the season is over that the guy has been playing with a reasonably serious injury. I hearken back to the "what's wrong with Jeff O'Neill?" days......when we found out after the season he was playing with a torn labrum, and couldn't even lift his arm to comb his hair.
  2. Does anyone else think that there is still something physically wrong with Semin? I believe he had an injury earlier in the year, maybe in pre-season, and I think it was to a hand as a result of a slash. Our seats are in section 102, and I have been watching him all year. He seems to have trouble catching and keeping the puck on his stick and handling the puck. He has always had such good hands and now he seems to just miss the puck sometimes and mangle it on other occasions. He also looks like it actually hurts him to shoot the puck sometimes. A broken bone in the hand or wrist that hasn't healed well or a bad tendon would explain some of this. Am I imagining things?
  3. Off-topic, but did anyone notice the stick salute after last night's win? When was the last time we have seen one of those (other than after a season-ending game)? And it appeared to me that it was organized by Malhotra. I really admire that guy, and hope he sticks with us for another year or two.
  4. Again, is it too late to hope the League will take a look at the second hit? I agree the first one, although tough, was a legal hit....Skinner stops to pass/shoot, Fraser hits him, and Skinner goes to ice and slides into the boards. That second hit though...anyone have film of that one? Looked like he was hit in the numbers to me.
  5. As I recall, no penalty was called on the hit on Skinner late in the 3rd period. It happened right across the ice from me and I thought the guy clearly hit Skinner in the numbers and drove his head into the glass. If the League were going to look at that hit, would they already have done so (i.e., we haven't heard anything so there will be no punishment handed out)? And is it just me, but is it still pretty much open season on Skinner? People seem to be able to hit him pretty much as often, as hard, and as high as they want, without fear of drawing a penalty. I saw Tim Peel lecturing Skinner about something early in the game near center ice after a break in the action. Skinner appeared to be listening with good grace.
  6. I say we send Ronnie, Glen, Cory, and Roddie to talk Karen Tullos out of retirement. Love little KK, but Karen was the best. Sang the Anthem straight up and with dignity...unlike some of the Mariah Carey wannabe's around the league.
  7. Given where we are, and what's left on the market, I say: sign Semin for that $$ and if he doesn't work out, trade him to Pittsburg.
  8. Gotta figure that JR has been on the phone with Corvo asking whether Semin would be a cancer in the locker room or not.......?
  9. Is there some indication that Winnipeg would move Evander Kane? There was some talk of this earlier in the thread, but no real discussion when we were still in the running for Parise. I liked what I saw of him last year. How would he fit with us?
  10. Check it out.......I called this one (Corvo) two days ago, and no one paid any attention.
  11. Check back a page or two.......I posted the same thing a couple of days ago. We must travel in the same circles. This is one I hope I'm not proved right on.
  12. Rutherford and Muller are quoted in this morning's website's lead article: "We haven’t resigned Spacek or Allen, so [we’d like to sign] either one of them or someone to replace them,” Rutherford said, adding that the contract would be short-term. “That will probably be easier to do and quick than anything else. “If a top-six forward presents itself and we can get in the mix for someone who wants to come here, that’s another thing we’d like to do,” he said. “It would be tough to do through free agency, but that’s not to say it can’t be.” Head coach Kirk Muller will be with the team brass on Sunday watching everything unravel in hopes that the Canes can add the players on their wishlist. “I think we need a top-four defenseman; maybe it’s a guy that plays with Gleason on the right side,” he said. “Up front, I think we’re short a guy up there still. If we can make our team better in that area, I think I’d be pretty happy with that" Are Rutherford and Muller talking about adding two defensemen (a veteran plus another veteran top four defenseman) or just one? In my view Spacek or Allen, or even Spacek and Allen, don't solve our defensive problems -- they were part of the overall defensive inadequacy last year, which I think is the reason most of us were hoping for the big [suter] upgrade. Someone please interpret for me.
  13. Anyone hearing that the veteran D-man the Canes are looking to sign is ..........Joe Corvo?
  14. Can we all agree now that with Lidstrom (and maybe Holmstrom) retiring, Detroit will open the checkbook and make it even less likely that we get Parise, Suter, [fill in your favorite dream acquiree here] ?
  15. You must have seen the same crawler I saw. Appears this is true. Have seen this before in other contexts as a negotiating ploy.....make sure everyone knows it and customers complain so that companies pay the carrier more, no? This will suck since I didn't renew Center Ice this year.
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