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  1. Sweet video :] I don't see how Sidney Crosby himself is annoying. All he does is play hockey, and he's great at it. Maybe the NHL is milking him for all he's worth, but hey, like ivyleager said, the NHL needs players like him to promote the sport.
  2. ahh thats really cool :] i wish i was good with that kind of stuff...really nice job!
  3. Last tuesday I went to get my hair cut, and when I walk in I see Glen Wesley. His hair looked really good, and someone who worked there was helping him pick out hair products. I really wanted to go up and be like "PLEASE DON'T RETIRE" but I=queen of wimps so I didn't. He did notice me staring however and smiled at me before he walked out. :] It pretty much made my day.
  4. ahh DC is underrated if you ask me. It's a beautiful city, especially at this time of the year. My family goes up there every Thanksgiving and every summer usually, and there are a lot of fun things to do. Since the tourist attractions are pretty obvious, try checking out some of the great restaurants. There are tons of great breweries (if you're into that kind of thing) and other eateries that are worth going to. If you like baseball, you might try to catch a Nationals game since they just put in the new stadium, which is supposed to be great. Hope you have a good time there! :]
  5. Yeah, they're moving back to California, where Kristi is originally from. Bye-bye Bret.
  6. We literally just got ours in the mail 10 minutes ago. they have added 2 games on to each plan, so prices have gone up, but not too significantly. we also have credit for tickets from unused playoff tickets...>_> so all in all, pretty good deal since they gave us 2 extra games.
  7. well we all know his daughter likes to sing...seems like every video thing he was on showing his personal life, his daughter was singing something. but yes, KA, please stick to hockey.
  8. wow. just wow. As Sean Avery is number one on my most hated players list, I find this both unbelievable and hilarious. In my opinion, yeah, he's a classless idiot. He knows how to work a crowd though, which is why he may be fit for the fashion industry. but still, can't help laughing just a little at this.
  9. *sighhh* there's always next year, Irish. we got robbed on that no goal though. horrible call IMO.
  10. GO IRISH. (: make up for football season! when i went up to South Bend in November, the hockey game was sold out before the football game. it was bizzarre.
  11. yeahhh, don't count on getting Conklin. I find it hard to believe that the Pens would let him get away from them with the way he's been playing. He's definitely not the back-up goalie we saw in the Edmonton series.
  12. ah, forgot my dad saw Mike Commodore at our country club. He said he was really tall haha.
  13. In the media, there's no such thing as loyalty. They do what they can to make money. and yeah i think they've had those ads for a while now.
  14. woahh old thread. but i saw Glen Wesley at my soccer game last season (I was playing his daughter's team) and I saw Scott Walker and his wife at Brigg's restaurant. It pretty much made my day.
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