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  1. I am going to keep this simple...we need to recall Tim Wallace and play him in our rotation again, not only because he brings a physical element to this team and the muscle that we are very much lacking right now, but also because of his character, his energy, his presence, his work ethic, and his skills. Ever notice how The Canes do NOT lose when he is playing on the ice for us? For example, first 3 games of the season, we get blown out (like we are now), but afterwards JR called him up, and around that time with that first 6 game road trip, where they had a record best winning road trip in franchise history, he was IN our lineup...every now and then, he'd be a healthy scratch for Westgarth, and the Canes would lose energy it seemed, and even some games, but even after the road trip, he stayed with us on the ice for the most part, and that was the duration where the Canes started separating from the pact and looked like a machine...THEN comes in ADAM HALL (nothing against him) and ever since, Wallace was a healthy scratch, and then sent down to the Checkers...THE CANES have won 1 game since he hasnt been in our lineup...call it a good luck charm? I dont know, but all I do know is we need him back immediately for these next 11 games, the guys infront of him play with more energy with his presence out there on the ice because hes gonna protect them, they will get their confidence back, while Wallace will hit and bring that grit back...all of the sudden you have a winning team again. JR, look at the stats (The W-L Record) when he is on the ice, and his character and work ethic, fact is he is WAYYYYY MORE IMPORTANT for the Canes (even if he is a banger on the 4th or 3rd line) than he is with the Checkers. Justin Shugg is back and healthy now too so the Checkers have enough RWs...Not to mention he is not even signed for next year, so there is nothing to worry about with waivers, because we will lose him anyway unless we resign him, what are you waitfing for? It is simple, when he is in the lineup, the Canes win. Easy math right there! 11 GAMES LEFT...FRESH CLEAN SLATE WITH FAULK AND WALLACE COMING BACK, ITS NOT TOO LATE, we want Tim back!!!
  2. Does anyone know anything about Jerome Samson's injury and time-table for coming back on the ice? He has been on the injury list for the Checkers now since very early January, and by reading the last article on the Checkers website, it mentions that he is still out for "a while." I would love to see Muller call him up, I loved how he played last year, and he would definitely help out with out thin Right Wing spot giving competition to Chad LaRose, and he could be a great fit for 3rd or 4th line, and heck, even 2nd line Skinner-J. Staal-Samson would be fun to watch! I hope whatever he has is not too serious and that he is almost healed by now, he is very very important now that we lost Boychuk.
  3. That person was not directly insulting her in that statement, but rather the Carolina Hurricanes team name, and Chantel McCabe Liked it and put it in her Favorites...infact the only person to Favorite that statement making fun of our team was a person who is supposed to represent this organization. She can keep enjoying how much she fails by showing the public by favoriting when she gets criticized, but she basically agreed that the Hurricanes are crap...Is there a way to show this screenshot to management? Wow, this is a joke it needs to stop now, it has gone far enough!
  4. 01-04-13 Against the Maple Leafs...Now that was 100% better Chantel! I thought she had her best night by far, she was crisp, clear, and she seemed to be herself which was very much enjoyable to watch. It seemed like she relaxed and she made it look easy tonight. It was a total turnaround from what it was the first 7 games, proving that she indeed does have the talent. Just keep it simple and be yourself just like tonight and we will be smooth sailing Let's Go Canes!
  5. It honestly has nothing to do with whether we are losing or winning hockey games. I wish it would just be John and Tripp like it used to be. I always loved the Pregame show, it is the 30 minutes of excitement before the Canes game, and it is painful to watch now and quite embarrassing. I was trying to get my friend who is a Flyers fan really into the Hurricanes, and he was trying to be nice, but some of the things she does is so baddddd, it made me embarrassed, and it also made me remember that people all over the world who watch Center Ice and see this unfold, and as long as it says FS CANES at the top right corner of the screen, it totally does infact represent our team's professionalism. Unlike what some of you are saying by trying to "give her time," or "they seem to just notice it when the Canes are losing," or even "you should go up infront of a camera and do better," 1. Its already been 6 games and it is still comical at all the mistakes there are; (Did anyone see the last game where she was interviewing Glen Stefan the Goalie Coach, where she interviewed him twice because she messed up the first time, yet she asked him the exact same questions and both times made me cringe when she tried to make it go back to the commercial break saying, "It is gonna be a HUGEEE period coming up ) 2. I have constantly noticed how she is a trainwreck, not just when the team is doing bad. Whenever it is time to go through the NHL Scoreboards throughout the league, I buckle my seatbelt and take a deep breath, it is horrible monologue, constant use of "uh," wrong information (the scores are shown right there on TV yet she gets them wrong). 3. I do not work as a reporter in the media, but yes I do think at times that I could do better, but nonetheless, that is her job, it should not be an excuse. Most importantly, I can tell she is totally not into it, her voice is flat and emotionless, it is fake sounding. The thing I admire about Tripp Tracy is he is who he is, even if it is goofy, at least he comes across as an enjoyable person to listen too because he is himself, she could be tonssssss better if she just relaxed, took a deep breathe, and stopped trying so hard to the point where it makes her even worse. I love the Hurricanes and everyone that represents them, and I do not write this for the reason of trying to be too harsh or mean, I write this because it has unfortunately made me not to even want to watch pregames anymore, and that is not my own problem, it is a problem however, and it is reasonable to present it so that things are resolved. With all that being said, I hope everyone takes this with a grain of salt, criticism can be a motivator at times, and hopefully she just relaxes, reveals her true character, and sharpens up in the near future. Go 'Canes!
  6. No longer injured...kids a beast...time to bring Samson back up imo!
  7. I think the top 3 are Bowman, Samson, Dalpe...we have Bowman up(took Poni's place)...if Stewart gets claimed, lets bring up JEROME SAMSON, I just love that kid he needs to stay in the NHL for good now, so i voted Samson (for president)
  8. So far this season: Brett Sutter(0g,3a,-1) Drayson Bowman(2g,0a,+1) Zach Boychuk(0g,2a,-1) Zac Dalpe(0g,0a,-1)...and if you want to include Nodl, Andreas Nodl(0g,1a,-3)... Now we are giving Riley Nash a try. My question is two-fold: Will they give Samson, Matsumoto, and Chris Terry a try at some point this year? Also, out of every name mentioned in this post, including Samson, etc., who has the most potential and skill, making them more likely to be on the team by the end of the season?
  9. Get well soon guys! So now we bring up Dalpe, our best prospect, and let him show his stuff alongside the "2 captains"...and Harrison coming back, so the lineup should look something like this: Dalpe-Staal-Dwyer Poni-Jokinen-Ruutu Tlusty-Sutter-LaRose Nodl-Brent-Stewart Gleason-Allen Spacek-McBain Harrison-Faulk Ward Peters Sounds about right?
  10. First, Tripp said, oh it's nothing to worry about, he had flu-like symptoms after practice and it shouldn't be an issue. Now on the website it says Skinner is out with an "undisclosed" injury, and Bowman gets recalled. I wish this team could play one game with everyone healthy, just once, and I bet they would win more games. But injuries happen, it can't be an excuse. Let's hope and pray that Skinner will be back on the ice soon, because without Skinner, we are not a Winner. <---
  11. Where can I get a schedule showing when the Canes practice and skate; also where do they do it at, the RBC Center? Thanks so much to whoever helps me!
  12. Thanks and yeah, I know having Dwyer on the first line would really test him, but I brought it up because I thought if Tlusty could do it...lol and also to put two captains together for a hard-working "leadership line", and the final reason is, when you look at the 2nd-4th line, every single one of those lines improve with my suggestion. Now, if only Dwyer passes the test, and we can get one more top 6 to play along-side Staal(I now realize how bad we miss Cole).
  13. He seems to have more jump and speed than just about anybody right now...move him on up?
  14. There may be a solution for all of those who believe that our 2nd liners should really be 3rd liners, and for those who want more balance, even on the 4th line, and of course all of this without giving up the Skins and Finns line. I have 2 suggestions. Patrick Dwyer, the former captain of the River Rats along-side Staal, the captain of the 'Canes. Dwyer is such a hard-working player who would help Staal's Plus/Minus, and I believe Dwyer's game would be helped out by playing alongside Staal. 1st Suggestion: Stewart-Staal-Dwyer Skinner-Jokinen-Ruutu Poni-Sutter-LaRose Tlusty-Brent-Nodl..... OR, say we got a top 6 forward from trading Kabs Allen and Nodl for, let's say Bobby Ryan: Ryan-Staal-Dwyer Skinner-Jokinen-Ruutu Poni-Sutter-LaRose Tlusty-Brent-Stewart Joslin-Gleason Pitkanen-McBain Harrison-Faulk Ward Boucher Thoughts? Don't be too hard on me, just trying to make a change suggestion lol
  15. The Hurricanes as of right now when there are no injuries have 11 forward slots filled. That 12th spot has been going back and forth, and in the beginning of the season, Dalpe was in, now 20 games into the season, Boychuk seems to be the one that the staff wants as the 12th guy. Zac Dalpe is our number 1 prospect according to the prospects website, so shouldn't he start for the Canes, and possibly help out that 4th line, or be shifted to a new line? What do you all think?
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