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  1. Not possible. Under the new CBA, any contract Hedican signed would count against the salary cap for the entire season. I believe the minimum salary is $500,000 this year, and we're not going to throw away that amount of cap space for a nice gesture.
  2. Thanks Canes for a wonderful year. 2002, 2006, and now we can add 2009. Hopefully some of the people who jumped on the bandwagon over the last couple of months will stick around for the future. The good times are that much sweeter when you've been around for the bad ones.
  3. A lot of people are saying they are glad they didn't come or won't be coming again because of this. I think things will be organized better for game 5 and it will be ok, and if not, don't let that stop you! It would be terrible to see this die just because of what happened last night. We need to have more people out there next time!
  4. I am looking at the Time Warner guide right now and NHL Network has Tampa Bay Lightning 2004 Stanley Cup on at 7. And to faceoff's point, where in Canada is this game being broadcast? It isn't listed as being shown on any Canadian channel. Pretty sure everyone is out of luck here.
  5. Actually, they can't. Roughing can be called at any time, but a penalty like goalie interference only occurs during play.
  6. ^ To your point, I actually don't think there would have been a penalty to Cullen if there had been a goal, because the play would have technically ended therefore it wouldn't be possible to get a goaltender interference penalty.
  7. They were reviewing the goal. Cullen was going into the box the entire time, which was why he was standing over there. The goaltender interference came on the rebound after the potential goal that was reviewed.
  8. I bought two $10 tickets this morning, but my friend got sick and the last thing I want is to catch something from him, so his ticket is for sale.
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