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  1. I am probably going to get the new alternate logo. Any suggestions on a good tattoo shop?
  2. I am thinking of getting the tattoo on my arm.
  3. I am thinking of getting my first tattoo. I am thinking of getting a Canes inspired design. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.
  4. Any thoughts as to what Justin Williams will do before Monday? I read that he said he didn't want to leave because he has made a home here, and didn't want to go anywhere. O guess we will have to wait and see!
  5. Has anyone else who is an android use had any trouble with the 2019/20 schedule coming through on their calendar? I have tried it a few times, and it still has not come through.
  6. I hope we take the approach of securing guys first before we go the trade route.
  7. I guess it comes down to if we should lock up our guys first, or go after a top level talent kind of guy. It will be interesting considering Marleau is now in the conversation. I read a report that he wants to go back to the Sharks. I would take a top level player to help boost the scoring.
  8. So now that the cap amount has been revealed to be $81.5 million, what do you think the team should address first? I think Willy will resign, and Aho should be a lock. Considering the cap, and the contract for Marleau, any thoughts on the team's moves before July 1st?
  9. On Friday i went to the eye and picked up a new third jersey! I decided to get an authentic, and chose Svech! The colors are amazing, and it really looks awesome. Pictures do not do this jersey justice. I am glad i splurged for the authentic.
  10. Kyrile, do you have a link to this video?
  11. That would be an awesome trade if it happens!
  12. I was reading the thread about the Skinner trade. In that thread, there is a comment made about getting Saad in return for Faulk. Saad plays for the Blackhawks. I have not seen anything either. I was just asking if any one has seen a Faulk trade release? I could be wrong.
  13. Please correct me if i am wrong, has a deal for Faulk been made, just not announced? I mean i know he is a trade rumor, but has a trade gone down?
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