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  1. The only change i would make would be the numbers.
  2. What about this: Something like, black with red numbers and letters that follow what we use now
  3. While i agree that the number issue needs to be fixed, do you think they would be doing a reveal if there aren't changes in store for the new uniform? I love the black/red idea though.
  4. What do you think of the red/black design with a new logo (on the right)? I truly think there is going to be a different look.
  5. I think it would look good with black, our normal logo, red/white bands around the arms, and white letters, red numbers outlined in black.
  6. I saw in an email the other day that during the draft party on June 22, they will reveal the new 3rd jersey. Any thoughts or ideas on what it would (or should) look like?
  7. Did anyone get a picture of both the new Hurricanes jerseys at the Draft party on Friday night?
  8. I was wondering if anyone has tried to text a link to add the 2017-18 schedule to their mobile phone? When i get the link, the link seems not to work? Has anyone else had any kind of trouble?
  9. My new favorite accesory is going to be my new RBK Edge White jersey with my last name, and the number 82. I can't wait for it to come back from customization.
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