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  1. Hockey needs rock and suitable would be; Blake - Spirit Of Cain (can easily be misheard Spirit of Cane )
  2. To clips; Ruutu has drawn some attention with his hits
  3. I like it, even on worst case scenario two dead weights are now one
  4. http://www.thehockeynews.com/articles/1962...uomo-Ruutu.html THN has spotted Ruutu too
  5. Ah there should be "if" somewhere; http://www.thefourthperiod.com/news/fla080626.html''>http://www.thefourthperiod.com/news/fla080626.html' target="_blank">http://www.thefourthperiod.com/news/fla080626.html[/post] another rumor site
  6. I haven't never understood that NTC, if management comes up to you and ask if they could trade you, what kind of man says no?. Knowing that he is un-wanted
  7. D problems are solved, Bouwmeester(FLO) wants out and then that Pitkanen(EDM). There we have solid package, about $4,5M, but hey since we are spending
  8. Pretty expensive imo, man don't even need money for anything eat tuna and drink water well I guess Canes wanted to see this card, what he can do with full season, hard to know cause no-one has seen it for a long time Ok, I hope he stays healthy this time and keep those bodies flying, it's a start. Good chance for him, time to shine.
  9. "If Campbell hits the open market, the Devils won't be the only team on his trail. The Philadelphia Flyers, New York Rangers, Chicago Blackhawks and Carolina Hurricanes are expected to go after him. " What about that, would be awesome to have him(imo)
  10. From radio?; Now I'm not a fan of Jokinen, but it pisses me off when people just can't take the game as a game, it was bad call from the refs, like that Finns goal too If you take hits from the game, it ain't hockey anymore!
  11. Refs was horrible and bias(imo), but Caps would have won without their help. Caps were on play-off mode and we were not, simple as that. Now, let the Pens - Caps serie come!!! for Bettman
  12. Sorry typo, it's fixed now, I was talking about the game as a event where people go and pay money 50-70$ (crappiest seats) and this is what they have to offer(Trashers)?. At least I watch hockey for excitement, if there is a lack of it, well I can just play some chess and stare at the wall. Don't get me wrong Canes did a heck of a job and maybe made them(Trashers) look worse than they actually are, but to me it seemed more like lack of effort from Trashers side. But as Caps are chasing I don't complain about these precious points( anymore:D )
  13. I didn't like this game, actually I didn't even watch it all. Reason-> Trashers, acting like one foot in the grave already. Can't stand that "yeah lets play cause we have to" attitude and I don't understand it either of course things look bad for them right now, but real team never gives up if there is a even slight chance. Game was pretty much like stealing candy from a child, all was over after halfway Something good of course, Canes won:) As a event and a game I give minus points from this one
  14. No worries, fast team against fast team is entirely different game and canes nowadays are fast! mark my words, if caps make it to playoffs it will be done by points. SE leader is here and it stays that way
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