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  1. 1. I did not state or mean to insinuate you believed Savard to be a sound coach, I was just bashing Savard's inability to use players correctly. So we agree. 2. My bad for confusing another's post. I apologize if I "misremembered". I am not going to dig around. Someone said he can play the PK. Someone replied he can't because he only gets secondary minutes. 3. You are very confused about his playing time and apparently do not take into account linemates. You say he didn't produce with top line guys like Toews and Kane. He did. He stopped producing when he played on the 3rd and 4th line, kind of like Ladd. You keep talking about his point totals when playing on the 3rd and 4th lines. He is not 3rd in total minutes or min/game. Kane, Toews, Havlat, Williams, Sharp, Lang, Bourque, all had more per game. That makes him the 8th not the 3rd. The 15:50 takes into account his recent increase so I used his Chicago minutes of just over 15. 15 minutes is not top line minutes on a very young team with a lot of injuries. And he averaged about 14 over the last 30 games. He certainly should have put in more. It is not reflective of his ability, ask Samsonov how easy it was to score goals with Adam Burish. 4. This feat you seemingly question was accomplished on 1-7-07 in Chicago. I was just saying he is capable of playing C and has done so on the Hawks, I didn't say he was the best face off man ever. You said he doesn't play C, clearly he does. I was pointing out the fact you can't just look at face offs and say he didn't have any so he didn't play C that day, in case that is how you determined he doesn't. There is more to it than taking the draw. 5. Definately could not had him for much cheaper. The Hawks would never have taken a AHL player for him. I guess if you could provide an example we could argue it. If we could have traded a pick I am all for it. No way the Hawks take a pick though. The Hawks also do not need any prospects. Ladd is big and stands in front of the net. Something they needed. 6. The Canes were 32-28 and hardly in the playoffs. Now they are almost a certainty. The team is better today than it was two weeks ago. 7. I am not on Hawks boards bashing Ladd, because of my unhelathy attraction to Ruutu, which I admittedly have. I like Ladd too and think he is a fine player just getting started. He has skills, I haven't bashed him, and if I were to have a real debate on his value I would certainly point out what he does well instead of continuously posting the same negative comments over and over. Your critcism of Ruutu appears to be based on your feelings about Ladd's ability and use here.
  2. He did played center for Chicago, just not that often this year. When paired with Lang for a few games, Lang would take the draw and they'd switch responsibilities after the draw. He played alot more C in his earlier years for sure. Even last year I rememebr in the 3rd period of a Phoneix game the Hawks were down and Ruutu was taking alot of the draws. Phoenix kept sending Perrault out of course. Ruutie won 6 of 7 on Yanic, the best faceoff man in thew game, in the third alone. The point is he can play C effectively, would, and will if another C gets hurt. Ruutu did not play top line minutes with top line players. He did at the beginning of the year, when the Hawks had their best record, Toews and Kane were over a Pt/G pace, and he was on a .7 pace. Similar to the point production he is giving the Canes now. He got shuffled around all year long from 1st to the 4th more than Ladd did. The Hawks 4th line consisted of Ruutu, Adam, 1 goal and that was set up by Ruutu, Burish, and one of Craig Adams/Ben Eager/Kevin Adams/Yanic/Browuer/Versteeg when they were up from the A and/or not hurt. Quit complaining, we are 6-1 with Ruutu the P/K has improved (despite your earlier claim he is not a PKer based on how that idiot Savard played him there) You clearly have *edit*for Ladd, we get it, but don't discount what Ruutu brings because of it. You certainly have a problem with Ruutu becuase of the trade or in general, despite assurance from you that you do not. They are different players that both teams needed. This will pay even bigger dividends come playoff time.
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