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  1. I did not double check. I heard it at lunch driving today and then have been into the beer. My bad, but usually I am like Rain Man with numbers so didn't go back to verify. Sorry, I trusted my memory but today has been long with my 3 hr work commute plus a full 9 hr work day.
  2. Seriously what do we have to do to just pull one out in OT or the shootout? I was listening to The Point on XM w/Boomer and he noted our pathetic stat of 23 OT games with only 6 OT wins. Ugly. The hockey gods need a sacrifice.
  3. Glad you secured your tix. Hope that all goes according to sched and you get back stateside on time! I too am a huge Roddy fan and always said that I would be there when #17 went to the rafters. Paid 2 and a half times the face price for my tix on StubHub. Will be sitting in section 106 with the biggest of smiles as we pay tribute to the Man!
  4. Wow, we got rid of Melichar, didn't think that was possible! Wonder if he went through w/ buying a house in Albany; he'll need luck selling it. Like the idea of adding another Finn...but I'm biased by bloodlines!!!
  5. Like seeing Walker on the Cullen line w/ LaRose. Each of those guys have have been fun to watch on the ice, nice to see all three on a line together. Should make for some high energy shifts. Wonder if it will continue??? The change to the Brind'Amour line seemed to yield early fruit! But hey Whitney has been putting up points all year.
  6. If and only if we need to go that route, I am watching OTT, BOS, and PHI to mix up the rank and potentially allow 2 from the Southeast into the playoffs. Philly's schedule sucks as they have PIT away (a), NJ home(h) and PIT h. BOS has NJ and OTT a, and BUF h, the skidding Sens have only two games left with TOR (6-3-1 in their last 10) and BUF who still thinks they have a chance!!!
  7. For league promotion/fan base it's a good thing since WAS has had a Cinderella season. Locally Northern VA/DC hasn't shown much interest in their team. Interesting that there was so much life in the venue last night, guess the locals can thank the NHL and the OVI media train. Fair weather Fans....
  8. AGREE!!! For the folks who cannot watch our TV duo of Forslund and Tracy, it is extremely painful to live in an area where only Caps games are broadcast. Ughh!! Only pays off when we play them. Last night was hard to stomach. For the games vs. the Caps that I get to see on my local channel I keep the TV on mute and listen to Chuck Kaiton. Last night couldn't deal with the 45 second delay btwn tv and internet radio. But frustrating as heck to hear the Caps poor quality play-by-play guy express his opinion of the officials' calls last night. It's like pouring salt in the wounds.
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