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  1. Now is an excellent time for the Canes to go on a 10 game win streak. Call me crazy... I still believe.
  2. I agree. These guys are professionals and their never say die attitude is what got them to this level. If there is a chance in hell the fans should not give up either.
  3. I am counting on the teams to tank at the right time. It's still possible for the Canes to rise through the mix even with the distribution of points through the conference. I looked at Feb. & Mar. only. We should know by the end of March if April will be a wash either way. I am looking at the current (1/31/2010) 7 & 8 & 9 teams to collapse Atlanta div.: 8 conf: 9 West conf: 6 tot game left: 23 play Canes: 3 play a # 6 or higher: 5 play a plyoff contender W: 4 Montreal div: 7 conf: 9 West: 5 tot games: 21 play Canes: 1 play a # 6 or higher: 5 play a plyoff contender W: 3 Boston div: 8 conf: 13 West: 2 tot games: 23 play Canes: 1 play a # 6 or higher: 8 play a plyoff contender W: 2 Canes div: 9 conf: 11 West: 3 tot games: 23 play a # 6 or higher: 11 play a plyoff contender W: 2 play Atl Mon or Bos: 5 Canes have the toughest schedule of these four teams in playing against E playoff contenders. Boston does not have staying power. Montreal & Atl play a lot of W conf games. But I am also hoping that as the end of season approaches the #6 or higher playoff spot teams will start resting their starters. Canes still have a chance.
  4. either I have some damn good peyote or they Canes are starting to make a move. Except for the Caps, Devs, and maybe the Sabers and the Pens there are no guarantees. I still believe.
  5. As I recall this same thing happened last year. The Canes were weak through Dec. due to injuries. When Brindy & Willy finally got back off IR the team became bona fide contenders again. This is typical of the Canes. They dont make a real formidable showing until the end when it finally counts. Even so this is also the reason most in the media dont take the Canes seriously.
  6. I'm listening to the Canes beat the Isles right now... regarding the month of January... these are the boys we know. Now this is the team JR intended to build. I'm still optimistic.
  7. I like what Don Cherry says, "None of Chris Simon's victims has missed a game due to injury."
  8. Nevertheless, I think the boys can still compete against any team in the conference. The only team that worries me are the Pens.
  9. My story is the first question on Kaiton's Corner from there March 16, 2008 game against the Ottawa Senators http://hurricanes.nhl.com/team/app/?service=page&page=NHLPage&bcid=radA427B' target="_blank">http://hurricanes.nhl.com/team/app/?servic...p;bcid=radA427B[/post]
  10. Daddy loves his little assassin. I would have head butted J.R. with my helmet on.
  11. As far as the playoff picture goes Wash/FLA/ATL/TB are a world away from PHI/NYI/NYR. I was just making the point that the preparedness of the younger players (and Cam Ward's too) wold have been a little more elevated if the Canes were playing teams that are deepere in the playoff mix.
  12. BuckeyeCaniac I like your pick... who's face is that?
  13. It only bugs me in the sense that they will not take on more competitve teams at the end. The Pens will play teams deeper in the playoff mix. It's not that big a deal since the Canes are mostly peaking right now but having the younger players see the predominant teams would have bode a little better for the teams overall preparedness.
  14. Canes finishing with such a weak schedule kind of bugs me. Pens will finish playing against the Flyers, Rangers and Islanders.
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