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  1. We committed to 108 front row for the entire playoffs. Having these seats for the first round was amazing. No, you dont get the full ice overhead perspective, but you do get the sense that you are right there with the players. You can actually interact with the players using body language. My brother and I were giving Brodeur the international sign for choking every time he skated our way and looked up at us. We also would wave our hands when they were doing face offs and the other team was facing our way. Watching Larose check this dude into the glass right in front of us in game 6 was awesome! I say go with front row!
  2. VANCOUVER L SAN JOSE L PHOENIX L Sorry, but our pattern predicts that it's losing streak time again.
  3. Ha,, i see you posted the same threat on the wral.com website. What a winning comment to make!
  4. Eaves????? that guy needs to be on waivers man. I haven't seen him do anything impressive since we got him. I dont know where all the hype came from surrounding him.
  5. Here's a positive... we are currently tied for 3rd place in the eastern conference. Granted, there are other teams that have a game or more in hand, but it still says something about our team. There is definitely room for improvement but we are NOT off to a bad start at all. If we win our next two games, we will be tied with the Rangers' current points. I think we can beat Atlanta and then get some revenge on the Caps.
  6. And Leighton it is in Pittsburgh!
  7. Absolutely,, that was his one asset.
  8. Who knows, maybe Cam may even play better as a back up goalie. He did during the cup run. My guess is they start Cam in Pittsburgh. But, Im with you, go with what is working now which is Leighton.
  9. Do we have perfect goalies? No. However, I am definitely impressed so far. This is the best pair of goalies we've had since the cup run. I still want Gerber back. We do finally have some amount of depth as far as goalies. I think Cam will get the next start.
  10. Same here. Im in 328.. I would trade this sound system over last seasons any day.
  11. It's as sign from the hockey gods. Our defense is going to kick as* this year!
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