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  1. Trading Babs may have more to do with finding a spot for McBain than it does seids coming back....
  2. I think you have to respect that anthem and the flag. At the next game, while they are singing that song, think about how many people have been buried under that flag. If you can think about that and still change the words, by all means feal free to do it.
  3. Staal is a player that feeds off of someone else's offence. He might be the best in the league at it. He needs one tough power wing and a creative wing that draws d'men off him. Rutuu fits the bill, Samsonov is creative, but not feared at this point, so to answer your question, it will take JR spending some scratch on a top flight winger. He needs a Hossa/ Heatly/ OV type wing.
  4. I don't think anyone in thier right mind can question Brindy on his desire and work ethic. I question his age and his declining ablity, but seriously, Brindy has been known as one of the hardest workers in the history of the NHL. As far as Brindy needing to "man up", I am four years younger than Brindy and I would give anything if I could "man up" to his level.
  5. I actually find myself very curious about tonights game. Change (almost change in this case) can be so exciting.
  6. I love all this tough talk on a web forum.....My avatar can beat up your avatar. It is great!
  7. Did you see anything that would indicate line combos?
  8. I would actually trade Corvo for Orpik if the money was the same.
  9. It seems our scoring problems stem from Staal and Brindy not producing. I wonder what they did when MO was thier coach... Staal Year Team GP G A Pts +/- PIM PPG PPA SHG SHA GW GT SOG Pct 2003-04 CAR 81 11 20 31 -6 40 2 5 1 0 3 0 164 .067 Brindy 2002-03 CAR 48 14 23 37 -9 37 7 13 1 1 0 0 110 .127 2003-04 CAR 78 12 26 38 0 28 1 3 0 1 1 0 141 .085 only about 1/2 of 2003-04 was under MO. Doesn't look too good
  10. How does McCarthy always survive these things? I have never been real impressed during any of his interviews. He just seems to resay what the head coach says. Does anybody have any insight about him? I guess he has come full circle now. I am pretty sure he was on the bench with MO when he was fired.
  11. If we all think before we say something stupid, some of us will never be heard from again.
  12. JR has done a good job of retooling this team for Lavi's style of play. He has no need to sign tougher players if Lavi doesn't want to play that kind of hockey. I think Lavi's idea of three scoring lines is misguided and has rarely worked. The more traditioonal two scoring lines with a checking line and an energy line has proven to be more successful. You can't just put out a checking line. You have to sign players for that roll and then play them against the other teams top line. If Lavi is our coach, then JR should sign Lavi type players. The other advantage of using a checking line is that those type of player rarely demand a very high salery. That would free up more money to get a dominate play making wing to play with Staal. Much has been said about Staal scoring better with Cole. I would argue that a younger Stillman is what Staal is missing.
  13. I don't think Rutuu missed any games with the cut. He came in because of the Brindy injury so his addition and Rods subtraction are related.
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