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  1. Lets talk real world - OK. No one is going to complain about anything if those 2 things happen but those 2 things will never happen if any GT is giving up softies on a regular basis. Was the 2nd goal against Boston a softy - YES Were the 2 on the Island - YES The one against TB cost him the shut out Was the first one yesterday - absolutely ....one of the softest I've seen since Weekes let one in off the boards. For whatever reason they are going in with REGULARITY..... its just has to stop or we are not going to see the post season. The team can only overcome that so many times and already some of those times they have not overcome it. Sure they are not all Cam's fault but he is the tender and good ones don't let it happen - once again the key words - with REGULARITY.
  2. ^ 4 soft goals in 3 games is not consistent ...well, it is but not in a good way. And as far as pressure - how demoralizing is it for the Hurricanes to grind like they do for 58 minutes on several occasions only to see Ward give up the softy. Corvo said after the Edmonton game - to lose with less than 10 seconds on the clock is pure *edit*. Like I said - if he does his job within reason - not perfectly .... then you can point the finger entirely on the offense. I don't post here alot, so I will leave it at this - if you are not concerned about the amount of poor quality of goals finding the back of the net over the course of this season then you are obviously heavily invested in Cam Ward gear.
  3. I'm not asking Ward to be perfect, its a team game all "he" has to do is be consistent in the net. The thread is about Ward - Correct ? If you want to talk about lack of offense - then that is another story with different culprits. I'm just asking the softies with regularity to stop - that is all.
  4. Anyone catch that first goal on Cam today ? Does not get much softer than that. The 2nd one in the Boston game, 2 on the Island and another softy today - the softies have to stop....that is all I ask. I also like to see Cam have some kind (any kind) of success on stopping breakaways as well but that another self admited weak spot in Cam's game. Till those concerns are addressed - its going to be no playoffs or a very short stay in them. Its really that simple.
  5. For the remaining jerseys - make me an offer via a PM ..... if its close to reasonable I'll probably sell it. Still have these 2 items as well............ Replica NC State red basketball jersey - 10$ - never worn NC State Red Hoodie (very plush) 2x but fits like an XL - A steal at 20$ ... never worn.
  6. - Modano jersey has been sold. - Roberts jersey (SOLD) - Staal jersey (SOLD) - Brind Amour (SOLD)
  7. I also have some NC State gear for sale ...... Replica NC State red basketball jersey - 10$ - never worn NC State Red Hoodie (very plush) 2x but fits like an XL - A steal at 20$ ... never worn. Brand new Dale Earnhardt Jr Mountain Dew Cap - made by Jr Nation 10$ - never worn (SOLD) ^ This must go as I am a Burton Fan .... LOL.
  8. Bump for X-mas ........ and reduce everything by 25%.
  9. With each jersey sold - I will throw in a variety of posters,magnets and other assorted giveaways from the past few years. Any Hurricane jersey purchased will include a free (not attached) 10 year anniversary patch with it.
  10. SOLD ..... 25 dollars. ..i.,
  11. Its not the fact your knocking anybody - its the fact your devaluing an item trying to be sold for no reason at all other than to chime in about YOUR excesses at a STH party. Seriously - if you were not interested in buying why not just keep your comments to yourself - instead you pissed all over the thread. Think about it ........ if your were trying to sell something on here and this was done to you. Kind of a jack *edit* thing to do - (rephrased to be more appropriate but still correct) - you would think someone your age would have a freaking clue. :rolls:
  12. In my short time here I have found this to be the nature of this board especially with a core group that think they are the authority on all things Hurricanes. ----- I've had one offer of 25 dollars with a top out bid included........ user wishes to remain private as its a gift for a family member.
  13. doom-ch1


    Whitney Jersey - SOLD Autographed Ladd Cap - still available ....will consider a reasonable offer.
  14. You have some bad info ........ its Chad LaRose tomorrow night Falls Tap Room. Brind'Amour and most of the team are at the STH'er party tonight.
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