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  1. agreed about joslin but mcbain needs to be in the lineup and harrison needs to be out. his play has been awful lately.
  2. even with all the drama he caused we still made it to conference finals two years ago with him, one you can not make a case where you would have gone farther without him and two there is no way we were in the playoffs without him. any talent he has is worth more than the drama. It could not have been that big of a distraction during the season because still the hurricanes made it the conference finals.
  3. saw assistant coach tom rowe at the doctors today
  4. I think you guys just don't realize how good Pitkanen is. This team wouldn't have been able to make a push at all for the playoffs with Pitkanen. He was the reason every night this year we don't get blown out. Pitkanen is a top 10 defense man in this league, easily. Everyone thinks he skates so casually, but that's how he skates. He is such an amazing skater that he can sprint effortlessly, nothing he does looks like it takes effort. He is so smooth in everything he does. The amount of goals that you can blame for Pitkanen, you can blame another 10 on goals we score or goals he takes away. If our defense didn't have Pitkanen, it would be downright scary how bad we would be. Pitkanen needs to stay here for good. For the people that think he needs to be traded, reasons why he won't or shouldn't be. 1- Who are you going to give the 29 minutes of ice time he plays, even strength, power play and penalty kill? 2- He has 40 points on this team. That's 4th best on this team, and 40 points is very good for a defense man not to mention a defense man on a team like ours who has given up so many goals this year. 3- You think Rutherford is going to trade one of the marquee Finnish hockey players the summer before the Hurricanes go to play in Finland's capital.
  5. I did not know they were getting rid of him. I think he is safe
  6. petawawa wrote: As a hurricane fan ,i must say that i was a bit disapointed about the trade, i live 2 minutes walk from where the Ottawa Senators are playing , so I have been to quite a lot of game and it is always on TV, picard has been an healthy scratch a lot this season, he is a turnover machine. he is at most a 6 or 7 defenseman. does the canes reaaly need that? As for the second round, it will be a a late one, so hopefully the canes can get a descent player. Isn't that what people in Ottawa said about Corvo also? The fact that we got a 2nd rounder and young NHL player is astounding to me. I guess we can thank Montreal for over paying Florida for Moore
  7. If Joni wasn't on this team, this defense would easily be the worst defense in the history of the NHL. Joni is arguably on of the top 15 defense man in the NHL. This guy moves the puck so so well, he does everything for this team, even strength, PP, PK, last minute of a game. There is a reason why this guy plays this many minutes. It is because the Maurice knows how good he is. His plus minus is that bad because of two reasons, those couple of games in the beginning of the season whn he was still hurt, and the fact that his partner is Aaron Ward. It is like playing with a cone out there. To everyone that talks about his lack of physicality, if he played as physical as an Alberts he would not be able to play the close to 30 minutes every game. Not to mention there really isn't that big of a reason to be overphysical in today's NHL. His skating his well above average, and that very well makes up for what some of you call lack of physicality. I think he is plenty physical. There should be no way Rutherford gets rid of this guy, this is the future of our back end. He is part of that core gropup of guys for canes. We will have a much better chance to win with him in the future than without him.
  8. dont get me wrong i thought it was a great tournament and game, but I am afraid none of the top prospects really solidified themselves as the #1 overall draft pick. as of now though i would pick cam fowler, but things could change. i was hoping for someone to really shine, it just never seemed to happen, and i think hall is very overrated, it just seems all you have to do is be a little physical with him and he is off his game
  9. sorry my post was not deleted, there are two topics claiming the same exact thing, had them confused
  10. Legace has #7 but Leighton has #5 and Ward has #1. My earlier post was deleted claiming this, but I promise you that, that is Leighton on #5 and not Legace.
  11. I dont think Manny was on there twice, I thought that was Leighton on there. All three Hurricanes goalies were on there
  12. Everyone who is bashing Mo right now needs to realize times can change. He said it during the press conference that the times have changed in the league. He isn't an idiot, he knows things needs to be changed in terms of his old style of play. He understands the new style of play. The problem with Lavy is that he never adjusted his play and as the league evolved. This is great, I think this will fire the team up and The Penguins are going to see what the Hurricanes are really are.
  13. best game i have seen brind amour and the canes plays in a while. that was the old brind amour for sure.
  14. no one wants to cheer for this time right now. they are about as a borin a hockey team as there is in this league. there isnt anythin for anyone to cheer about. the only time anyone really got excited was the fight, which actually wound up bein pretty much a bore. i did love the fact that corvo was so mad when he got hit from behind the next two shifts he was takin runs at guys left and right
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