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  1. how does anybody know the organization is waiting to make an announcement? there's nothing on the front page to suggest that.
  2. hey at least it knows the right teams to not recognize
  3. that an awesome deal, but sadly, i have to work tomorrow night.
  4. I think they aren't putting Cullen on the point on the PP because his foot isn't 100% yet. If he misses a puck coming his way on the point, he might not have the strength to chase down a Devil on a breakaway. That is something we all will just have to wait for, I think.
  5. I'd like to talk about some good things this team is doing. I was at the game last night, and 3 things really stuck out in my mind: 1- Jokinen giving his stick to Wallin after he lost his, and then going out to lay down in front of a shot on the PK. What a sacrifice! I am loving the Juice. 2- Brind'Amour taking a shot while sliding around on his butt (a la Ovechkin's "The Goal"). Just never giving up. 3- Eaves. What a wrecking ball. He has become the new Ruutu for me, as far as throwing massive checks goes. All in all, this team is playing the body more than people seem to be giving them credit for.
  6. i like SCOR or CRASH. anything else, and it won't mean anything to other teams' fans.
  7. Important Question: If we find out our opponent before the technical end of the season (albeit unlikely), will that particular series' schedule be decided before the close of the season? I only ask because i NEED to ask off from work (i work nights) a week ahead of time so i can make it to a game.
  8. i like "come with me if you want to live" and "who is your daddy and what does he do" love it!
  9. Welcome to the boards! As you can probably guess, Ray is my favorite player too. Nice to have you!
  10. It's not a drinking problem, it's a drinking solution!
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