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  1. Important Question: If we find out our opponent before the technical end of the season (albeit unlikely), will that particular series' schedule be decided before the close of the season? I only ask because i NEED to ask off from work (i work nights) a week ahead of time so i can make it to a game.

  2. i say who cares about losing brind'amour this game, this is the perfect time for him to take a few days. we'r going to lose in san jose, regardless of who's on the ice or how harsd we play. it's just a fact. we are losing tonight. ill say it again WE ARE LOSING TONIGHT. so why not take him off his legs, at LEAST for this one game? probably two games, leaving him out in phoenix until the team gets home.

  3. Hey, fans! Are you ready for some CAROLINA HURRICANES HOCKEY?? Then tune in tonight at ten o'clock as Carolina takes on San Jose in the Shark Tank for your favorite brand of hockey!!





    And tune in tonight for a special chance to witness a shutout as it unfolds before your very eyes! Yes, it's time for CAROLINA HURRICANES HOCKEY, where you always know who is going to win! THE OTHER GUYS!

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