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  1. So, are the games played against the Lynx by the other teams stricken from their records? And just for discussion, would this ever happen in the NHL? To which team(s) do you think this could happen? How would this affect the playoff picture?
  2. back together again! nice!
  3. Tampa, remember guys? Crackers was the backup in 03-04.
  4. Wow, JR just admitted we aren't winning another Cup.
  5. Well, just to play devil's advocate, this may work out. MAY. Make no mistake, I am still very upset over this decision, and it does make me have doubts in JR's decision making abilities, BUT. Maybe Mo's pre-lockout style may work slightly better than Lavi's, since the players in the league have caught up from the lockout, adapted to the rules, and almost forcefully returned it to pre-lockout style hockey within the constraints of today's rules.
  6. 171 User(s) are reading this topic (122 Guests and 1 Anonymous Users) Wow.
  7. Yes, but look at the Capitals last year. And this year. Maybe we can get a Jack Adams winner! Well, probably not but, there's two sides to that coin.
  8. I'll say it: How long do you think this organization will stay in Carolina?
  9. currently 5-1 san jose at the 2nd intermish. niiice
  10. Uh, Ruutu actually missed ZERO games. That's how I knew he was going to be dedicated, and look how he's turned out this season! And about the missed splash? He's still a one man wrecking ball out there. I've seen shifts of his where he throws out 2 huge checks and then gets the puck and moves it up the ice. He's sometimes a one man show. He has said he loves it here, and it seems to me that Lavi and him have reached quite the agreement. But, this thread is about Brind'Amour. So I'll let Ruutu be for now.
  11. In all reality... 4-2 Thrashers. Kovie with 2G 1A (3P). Hedberg will stand on his head and make 31 of 33 saves for a .939 SVP. Ward will let in 2 softies early in the first for Kovalchuk's first goal and only assist. Ward will then play extremely well, until the defense lets him down at the end of the second, and he is helpless for the third goal. Number four comes with 48 seconds left in the third.
  12. I haven't read all of this thread, but to those of you who are thinking about putting Helminen on the wing: have you seen his face off percentage? It's dominant. I don't think we can afford to move him away from center, especially if we're trying to keep the Mayo line intact.
  13. holy *edit* shut up! we saw the first thread!
  14. i'm gonna say Goals: Habs 5 (3 PPG) - Canes 1 (PPG) Shots: Habs 41 - Canes 22
  15. malik scored the sickest shootout goal o have ever seen, FTR
  16. How about when we trade for somebody, and they haven't had an injury, we just break their knee caps to get them up to speed with the organization's ways?
  17. I didn't know we traded for Ryan Whitney! Why wasn't I told! Why isn't it on the front page?? sarcasm alert
  18. please lock this thread asap. i can't read it any more. and god bless america!
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