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  1. hey let's just trade corvo for commodore from CBJ!! sarcasm
  2. Regarding the 9.99 tickets, they only sell on the day of the game, and start selling at 10:00am. i went friday morning at 11, and they had been sold out for 40 minutes. I went Monday at 10:15, waited in line, and got the last 6 at 10:25. So those sell out really quickly, it seems. As the season goes on, however, they'll probably start selling out later and later.
  3. any word on a potential "black-out" tonight? i'm wearing my red jersey, but my girlfriend just bought a black ruutu tshirt with the alternate logo on front and Ruutu and 15 on the back, so half of us can help for a black-out.
  4. that girl gives me chills and almost brings me to tears when i hear her sing at the arena. it's my second favorite thing when i go to games, winning being number 1!
  5. wouldnt it make more sense for them to use codes for each individual team as they release their jerseys? then once they're all released, EA would release the master code that unlocked all of them? just sayin...
  6. oullet was a jerk, glad to have him out of the division
  7. Maybe we should have ALL Canadians on our blueline if they're "so defensive".
  8. holy *edit* for the last time there is no P in SAMSONOV.
  9. yeah in college ball, not so much in the NBA
  10. i highly doubt he would go to the KHL. his phobia of flying would inhibit him from playing in that league, especially with the overseas flights. plus what are the chances you think he knows russian?
  11. CanesTown (Pandur73), I have made you a GM on the PS3 team CaniacNation (no space), so you can send invites to other people, as well. The other one I started (Caniac Nation [with the space]), I accidentally left so I had to start another one. Send invites to whoever you can whenever you're on.
  12. Post of the week! Combining injury threads with Wardo threads in one blistering comment! Sheer brilliance!
  13. RALEIGH, NC - That's right, 'Canes fans, Cam Ward has a new mask. Ward's older mask designs just didn't do it for him, so he and the Hurricanes' management staff have decided to get him a new one. And boy, does it look like Christmas came a little early this year. However, the new mask has slightly larger dimensions than his previous masks. Ward's new mask is said to be 4'x6', and had to be custom manufactured from CCM. Ward, pleased with his new equipment, said Friday that, "I am so pleased with the new mask design CCM has made for me. I'll have more room for Nickelback murals, and maybe I'll stop a few more pucks! Derp!" Hurricanes GM Jim Rutherford was not available for comment at the time of press.
  14. Call me crazy, but I think those are last year's contracts...
  15. The answer to that is, yes. Yes, it is too hard for me to accept that.
  16. i'm gonna stop before i get myself in trouble :ph34r:
  17. let me guess, 2 minutes for tripping, 2 for hooking, and 2 for abuse of contract?
  18. We could dress Granny up with water wings and flotation devices so the nerf doesn't hurt her. Then after we make it to the second round of the playoffs, she can give Cam-o some tips.
  19. maybe we should write a letter to bettman asking if we could play flag-hockey instead of full contact
  20. careful with that early drinking, it could result in an injuryyy
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