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  1. refresh me, what was said about a hat trick?
  2. and where exactly is this parlor? got a phone number, address, anything??
  3. i wasn't saying i'm jumping ship, but i'll be damned if we have another year of 300+ man games lost to injury due to bad luck and a misguided trainer.
  4. okay, what the *edit*??? WHY? Why have we not canned Friesen yet? Why is this *edit* happening just before the season, were they not training over the whole summer? Why won't they disclose it? Why are the players pulling groin muscles on sprints in practice? What's the deal, man? I can't have another year like this. I just won't do it.
  5. i can play goalie, i've played a few games and done well.. of course, only if we need it. i'm also good at RD.
  6. i just played a full game as goalie in a 3v3 game, we won 3-2 in a shootout. goalie is fun i think i'm done for the night though. girlfriend's coming home from work soon and we gotta make dinner/watch a movie/etc.
  7. anybody up for a few ps3 games tonight? i'll be on around 5:30 EST
  8. theres no place for that on these boards though. it in the terms of use.
  9. everybody who pays for one on a game to game basis just sticks them on the dash under the windshield, i dont see why they'd have STH's do it any differently. I can see it now, "You paid us a lot more money, so you HAVE to have it on your mirror! Stricter rules for better customers!"
  10. ok, ATTN: All PS3 players, i have created the club Caniac Nation (with the space in between caniac and nation) for you to join. send me a message on the XMB at monkeygruven for me to send you an invite.
  11. <--- buying the game today, on PS3, around 5:30. who all is on PS3?
  12. Post of the summer!!!! I've got to find a way to get that in my sig.
  13. It's an NHL.com article from a few days ago. And yes, Forsberg is highly injury-prone, although he is an incredible player. As for Sundin, Montreal has made a move that solidifies their stance on no longer being interested in Sundin. They traded a second round draft pick in 2010 (acquired from Toronto along with Greg Pateryn, in return for Mikhail Grabovski on July 3, 2008) to the Chicago Blackhawks for Robert Lang. Although not as statistically prolific as Sundin, he was 21-33-54 in 76 games last season. And on top of that, this was his eighth consecutive season scoring 50 or more points. So, with any luck, this will start the last round of trade madness before the 08-09 season begins, hopefully leading to the signings of one Mats Sundin and one Brendan Shanahan. Also worth mentioning, this is not by any means a full list of unsigned UFA's, just the ones NHL.com felt like showcasing at the end of an article that really had nothing to do with UFA's.
  14. the game will be in my hands on tuesday, but i have a ps3 so, sorry.
  15. hey i have an idea. let's argue about real hurricanes some more.
  16. by the 21st, i'll be triple lame, as well. I have an old school away jersey, current home with the white piping, and soon i'll have the F'IN BAD-A BLACK JERSEY with ruutu! i am SO EXCITED for this season to start!!!
  17. yeah i think with a few more games under my belt i'll be fairly reliable as a minder
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