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  1. You mean the jersey release conference? I think thatwould be too much news at once. They're too unrelated to be in the same one. Although, I bet the contract is already finished and they could have announced it today.
  2. Well of course we Caniacs already knew that, but I guess it takes a little more for NHL.com to recognize it. Here's to a full, healthy, productive season, Joe!
  3. Yeah the new replica jerseys with the piping have a lame shoulder patch, looks like an iron-on.
  4. Authentic is what they actually wear on the ice. It has a fight strap, thicker material, higher quality all around. Personally I like the replicas (Premiere) for going to games in, cause it can get pretty hot in an Authentic one.
  5. Better than those terrible looking stars that were on one of the potential jerseys. Yuck!
  6. not quite, the shoulder logo is black and gray, and the squares at the bottom are a gray outline with the square in the middle being black. and blieve me, they look much better on a real jersey than in some mock-up image like the rest of the ones in this thread. also go to the CH.com front page for a look at it.
  7. i love it! the white and black squares at the bottom make it for me. i was worried they were going to have those ugly-*** stars there. very well done! i'll be getting a #15 Ruutu as soon as i can!
  8. on another note, NHL09's online mode BETTER be vastly improved, because CanesTown and caniac23 and i spent about 2 hours trying to get everything set up right just to play the game!!! afterwards, it was quite fun, but still, there shouldn't be so many loops to jump through just to get to the game part of the game. but, as 09 is focused (primarily) on the EASHL, i am hopeful that the overall interface and connectivity of it will be better. or else EA will have lost me as a customer. and believe me, i DON'T want to do that. 2k sucks.
  9. hey im 24 and work 50+ hours a week and live with my girlfriend, so don't think you're the only one with a busy schedule. but you know what? there's still time for some hockey fun
  10. anybody up for a game of nhl08? i'm online right now: monkeygruven
  11. I really like that summary. The truth, painful as it may be.
  12. Brind'amour will fade Heroes will live forever Legends never die
  13. same thing usually happens to me on my ps3, but only in the menu screens. maybe they put too much bandwidth into updating realtime scores from other sports on the bottom line <_<
  14. his missed games pretty much made us lose the progress we made for half a season, so maybe that's why it felt like that
  15. i dont know if any of you guys are up right now, but i'll play a game of 08 with anyone on PS3 my name on there is monkeygruven
  16. i'm guessing most franchise GWG? maybe GWG in OT?
  17. uhh, wouldn't you think you could only talk to your teammates this time around? just a thought...
  18. A crucial control, if you ask me. I'm constantly switching to the 2nd to last player back, so irritating!
  19. I, personally, am so tired of hearing this. Remember last year? When the team had 4 lines that could score? They couldn't win games. Then the Rat Pack came up and boom, they started winning games. They don't need a scoring fourth line, all that gives them is 12 guys who can't throw hits consistently enough to wear down their opponents. They need that energy fourth line, they need the aggression. Remember how (I don't want to say 'boring', but) boring the games were in January? Then the Rats came up and filled our fourth line, they really brought some spice to the games. That was exciting Hurricanes hockey. I want that again. I want 3 scoring lines and a killer fourth line that makes the game fun again.
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