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  1. mine's installing right now... i'll post soon about new features, new defensive skill stick, etc.
  2. X360 version is due out early September. Knowing Microsoft, it'll be out on the 10th, with the official release being the next day. De-dedee!
  3. WHY am I the ONLY person on PlayStation network who the demo isn't showing up for????
  4. i'm gonna say wesley. derp derp!
  5. Regarding the Chinese gymnasts, the question is not about whether the rule makes sense, as if a case were taken to the Supreme Court. It's whether or not they BROKE the rule, as in a State or Federal Court. Please make an argument based on that, not about the legitimacy of the rule itself.
  6. i wear my canes hat to work every day, and have for about a year and a half now. i work in the kitchen at bonefish grill at north hills. they bother me to wear the bonefish hat, but i just don't do it. HA take that, OSI Inc.!
  7. Any idea if it will be televised? It didn't say anywhere in the article.
  8. We could be the Buccaneers, what with NC being the home of Blackbeard the pirate. It would be just another team name sharing we'd have with Florida (Carolina Panthers/Florida Panthers, Carolina Hurricanes/Miami Hurricanes)
  9. ^Good idea. Warthogs, maybe? And the PS3 is muuuuch better for personalization than the 360. I have tons of themes and wallpapers. I haven't figured out yet how to put my own on there, but I bet it involves a memory stick or something, which I don't have, unfortunately, or you can bet your *** it'd be a Ruutu or Wardo background
  10. actually every year they pick which player will be on the cover, and then do a photo shoot. i remember last year when Staal was on the cover; i saw some pictures from the shoot and they had him all propped up with sticks/crutch-like things so it looked like he was in action skating, but really it was in a photo studio and there were a bunch of lights and cameras around him. just FYI
  11. all i have right now is MGS4, NHL08 DEMO, echochrome and Pain. ill be getting NHL 08 soon though.
  12. how about the Carolina Fear? (going with lighthouses, Cape Fear)
  13. as long as pitkanen spends his time making poke checks, hits, and tape to tape passes instead of eating his boogers, i think we'll be okay.
  14. and for us not-so-out-of-towners who live in north raleigh and don't want to have to go to cary if we don't absolutely have to?
  15. feel like saving the image, uploading it somewhere, and posting it for us? eh? eh??
  16. ive got an old style (pre-RBK) blank away replica by CCM signed by vasicek, stiller and wallin, and a new style replica that's blank (home). i wanna buy an alternate color Ruutu
  17. how does this work, better? (feel free to close/delete thread if so)
  18. #13 is taken for XBOX360 though, right? are these not going to be separate teams? if not then ill just keep #31.
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