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  1. Exactly about McBain..the points will come. We all know that Rookie Defenseman take a bit longer to mature than forwards (see Chris Pronger), but once he does, I think he'll be fine.
  2. Yeah, cause teams are desperately seeking a guy who's now -20 (-40 probably by March), and is slow as cr*p too, right?! hell I wish we could trade him now, and get something for him...but THAT will never happen.
  3. http://hurricanes.nhl.com/team/app/?service=page&page=NewsPage&articleid=384348' target="_blank">http://hurricanes.nhl.com/team/app/?servic...rticleid=384348[/post] Now, SILENCE haters. Can't wait to see him carry this strong play into the regular season as well...go get em Frankie!
  4. Reserve Price lowered...less than two days before the end of the auction!
  5. Uh oh. You're not one of those....left-wing, N.Y. times readers, are you?
  6. Admins?! I would like to nominate this for Post of the Year! Thank you.
  7. Everyone I've talked to, Canes fans...and even the Thrashers board thinks they're the best 3rd jersey to come out, they love em! just sayin'...
  8. Catsup ROCKS...but I hear that that Heinze 57 sauce is also good! yeah folks, sorry I got so bent outta shape about that yesterday....I just keep hearing NOTHING but negative after negative, and I guess it just wore away at me a bit. Here's to hoping that Frankie K. is back to his '05-'06 self!
  9. Well... Brian Campbell IS gone frmo San Jose now, so....
  10. "Kaberle, whose name has been tossed about in possible trade scenarios the past few months, said he was physically fit and excited about a new season
  11. A Hurricane at 36 hours before it hits tho...I'd rather have our Canes hit within the 24-hour time period, that way it can be more, IMMINENT!(sp)
  12. Yup yup! An everyone, if you only choose to do the mile around the RBC Center, you can do that too! And yes, you can also bring your filled out form with you, with a check or money for $30. Afterwards guys, a bunch of us plan to head on down to Buckhead Saloon in downtown for some football. Q-shack is catering, and it's $5 bucks per person, all you can eat! (I asked a certain player I know if he wanted to join us, and he said quite possibly!) Sorry, can't say who it is on here though, but you're more than welcome to send me a PM...
  13. Steve & Doug Butabi say, "Sweeeeeeeeet!"
  14. Same here... Apparently, it's not too high though..
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