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  1. How does this explain the pitiful officiating? The refs in on it too? I read Ray Whitney's quote in the N&O weeks back that he doesn't even know what is a penalty anymore.... I think the guys KNOW that no matter how well they play it's not gonna matter, AND this has affected their confidence??.... What I really don't understand is how these guys can have confidence issues when most of them make millions of dollars a year!!!! I just lost my job and I would be happy to have a job that pays me $15 an hour and gives me back MY confidence! They just need to do the job they are being paid to do and if they don't, contract or not, fire their sorry *edit*!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you.
  2. I wouldn't feel so sick at heart if we could be beaten by Phoenix and have a win in Vancouver...wouldn't you know it'd be us that they break their losing streak to. What a mess.
  3. Me too. I also believe Mo will do better by Cam than Lavi did. Cam is our #1 goaltender and I didn't agree with Lavi starting the backup goalie after a game was lost with Cam in the net. You always start your #1 (unless he's injured) and then pull him "during" a game if he is having an off night. This will keep his confidence up I believe. Even Brodeur started a game even if he was in the net on a previous loss. My opinion.
  4. The fact that he's never out with an injury tells me all I need to know about Staal.
  5. 1] Individual efforts arent cutting it, they need to work together as a TEAM 2] Being out of position isnt helping either i.e. 4 guys on the right wing area battling to take the puck from 1 or 2 opposition players while the left wing is left uncovered 3] If our guys aren't going to BLOCK the shots on goal then they need to move out of the way so Cam can see the shot, just keep the "Sean Avery" player at bay 4] Hard HITS and more hard hits would be a plus, not this sissy *edit* of love taps I see, with the exception of Ruutu of course (Isnt he great, sigh......)
  6. This game didn't matter so I think that's why they didn't show their "hand." Or... they are just pissed because Cole got traded....
  7. W I N S Cam was top 5 in WINS last season....who cares about save %age and goals against when you have W. I. N. S. enough said on this..............
  8. NHL Trade Rumours EDMONTON CAROLINA DEAL: Pitkanen goes to Carolina for Tuomo Ruutu and a 2nd round draft pick. SUNDIN: It
  9. I've heard this morning that Edmonton's Pitkanen for Tuomo is a done deal! Wassup with that??? :angry:
  10. I'm hearing this morning that Edmonton's Pitkanen for Tuomo.... :angry: Anyone else heard this??? NHL Trade Rumours By gregb EDMONTON CAROLINA DEAL: Pitkanen goes to Carolina for Tuomo Ruutu and a 2nd round draft pick. SUNDIN: It
  11. I watched the San Jose series last year and after Wilson called out Marleau for not "leading by example" I tuned him out just like the rest of the team did. The tension was so palpable through my tv screen, a smart person could see the team withdraw from playing the game. I blame Wilson for that and we sure as heck don't need that here.
  12. Is he a priority to sign by JR? He is doing so well in the IIHF...
  13. That's what I was thinking, and I'm glad to see that someone has mentioned it. In addition to that, I don't think the Hockey Gods appreciated Avery's actions either (as the Devils were rewarded with the game win). Avery looked foolish and in a way made the game look more like peewee instead of professional.
  14. All the talk about a conspiracy for the Caps to make the playoffs and the NHL making sure it happens has really made me physically ill. How could this be happening in the NHL?? I just want it to be over and whatever happens, happens. I can't take this anymore........
  15. If I hadn't been reading this blog during the time of TR's arrival with Carolina, I would not have known that the fans in the arena were ruu-ing and not boo-ing. Watching the games on television, it sounds like the crowd is booing Tuomo. Imagine what he thought before he saw the sign posted by a fan on the glass. I do wish the crowd or whoever has made this "law" would think of something else to acknowledge his terrific work. I want to close by saying Tuomo is just as cute as a button and seems to be so sweet. How could anyone boo him?
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