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  1. Way to go boys! Great win with a Fish Trick to top it off. 😉😀
  2. I’m glad we got the win. I can’t stand looking at Thornton with that nasty beard. Probably a pretty good academy award performance for Petr but I still didn’t like the punch.
  3. I never cared for Babcock. It’s a shame it took so long to get out. No wonder Commodore can’t stand him. I hope he never coaches again.
  4. I’m glad to see us get a win. I hope Necas injury is not long term.
  5. We need these games against the metro the most! Very frustrating!
  6. Let’s go Canes! No 1st game back from road let down.
  7. Great win and road trip! Nice to see Nino score. Hopefully he is heating up.
  8. Go Canes! Crappy news on Haula. 😐 I love Snoopys hot dogs and Shortys in Wake Forest. Mustard and chili are a must and slaw if it’s good.
  9. Haula is out indefinitely. 🙁
  10. Definitely hope we start getting more regulation wins but a win is a win is a win! Nice road trip. 😀🏒 Way to go Canes!
  11. Always extra sweet to beat the Slugs. He can get his precious goals-We will take the wins. 😀🏒😉
  12. Let’s go Canes! It’s good to have Haula back.
  13. I’m so glad for us to get that winning feeling again! Loved the batted in Aho goal. 🏒 Hopefully we keep the good vibes going against Buffalo.
  14. Let’s end this losing streak tonight boys! Go Canes!
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