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  1. I personally don’t want a player who demands 1st line or trade. Not a team 1st guy IMO. I hope we sign Hamilton to a reasonable and fair contract. We have a team building something special. We don’t need me first players.
  2. Krug instead of Pietrangelo? Very stupid in my opinion. They should have found a way to keep him. They already way over paid Faulk last season. Can’t believe Rags wanted J Johnson.
  3. Thanks for being a class act and a leader Justin Williams. I’m so glad you came back and helped get us back to the playoffs. You will be missed!
  4. I always loved hearing Forsland call the Canes games. Very professional and not a homer. Obviously his talents are recognized outside of Carolina or he wouldn’t be calling for NBC etc. I can’t really blame either side but with the Coronavirus seriously effecting the Canes financially I would rather see the money put to signing players we need to keep. I moved to the Richmond area 3 years ago so I already lost him. 😟
  5. Wanted him in the West but so thankful it wasn’t pens or leafs or oilers. Rags to riches. 🤨
  6. I understand the reason behind it but NO hockey = me not happy. Plus if no playoffs? 😫 Even if Canes were not in playoffs it was always my favorite time of year.
  7. I like the sound of that OBX. 😀👍
  8. If I got You Tube tv could I get fox sports south here in Richmond Va?
  9. Still scratching my head at the trade for damaged goods. Seems like losing 2 prospects for a big nothing! Should have had a conditional if he ended up not playing for us. He sure won’t be in a rush to come back from his injury. Why risk further damage?
  10. It seems like Trocheck may be a better fit for our style than Haula and he has term. He has a clean slate with us. What he did in FL doesn’t matter imo. Look how Nino worked out. Sometimes a new team/system can jump start a guy. Only time will tell but I’m glad the committee made a hockey trade instead of a rental in this case.
  11. Not good having Marty on the shelf. We were already way short in the sandpaper/hard to play against dept.
  12. I know Staal makes a lot of money but that’s not his fault. IMO he was so good in Pitt because he was a 3rd line center playing against lower D pairs and great on shorties on the PK. We mistakenly thought he could do a lot more with more ice time on top lines. Money aside if we had the talented centers I would like to see him as a 3C in a checking role. Just because you make a lot of money doesn’t mean you deserve 1st or 2nd line ice time. I hope we can scratch and claw our way into the playoffs but it is going to be a dog fight. I will be disappointed if we don’t but still feel we are trending in the right direction. A few more pieces needed.
  13. That’s such sad news. My heart aches for them.
  14. I trust that will do what’s best for us. Brindy won’t bring him back unless it will help us. I don’t think JW would come back if he didn’t have the gas in the tank to be productive. I think he has too much pride to be a “hanger on too long” type of player. I’m fine with or without him.
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