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  1. Canes06cup17

    In-season trades and player moves

    I agree with don’t make a trade to make a trade. We made a steal with the Nino trade. If something makes sense for now and the future I would hope they would pull the trigger.
  2. Canes06cup17

    GDT: Rags @ a bunch of jerks (19 Feb, 19)

    Disappointing loss! At least the Sluggs and Philly didn’t gain any ground on us. Thanks Skinner with the -3 😉 On to the next one with hopefully a better result.
  3. Canes06cup17

    GDT: Rags @ a bunch of jerks (19 Feb, 19)

    Go Canes! Every game feels like a must win in the climb for the playoffs.
  4. Canes06cup17

    In-Season 2018-2019

    I like that we have multiple teams within reach. Just keep winning boys! And be jerks after you win. 😉 I liked what TD said about the cherry on top with the weekend wins.
  5. Canes06cup17

    In-Season 2018-2019

    Stinks that Pittspuke won but we have to just keep winning. Lots of teams we are close to in standings. I will continue score boarding my tail off while I cheer hard for our boys to keep the points rolling.
  6. Canes06cup17

    GDT: Stars @ Canes...16 Feb 19

    I can’t imagine our broadcasts without John Forsland. I figured once he started doing other NHL broadcasts that he would eventually get a full time gig with them. Guess we just enjoy him why we have him.
  7. Canes06cup17

    In-Season 2018-2019

    Cherry is a 🦕 with poor taste in clothes. I still maintain our cellies are fun for players and fans. They are harmless and do not disrespect other teams. Haters are always going to hate. We are a small market team in the south so we don’t count in their eyes.
  8. Canes06cup17

    GDT: Stars @ Canes...16 Feb 19

    Woo Hoo! Great win Canes! Seeing us in 3rd in the metro was sweet even though it was only until BJs game was over. I love how we are winning and the fans are coming back. I want the playoffs so bad for this team and for us fans. Next up Rags.
  9. Canes06cup17

    In-Season 2018-2019

    I like the surge. The players and fans celebrating together. It is very unique. It in no way disrespects the the other team as it’s done after they leave the ice. Anyone who does not like is free to leave the building or turn the tv off. Keep on surging boys both in points and in cellies. 😉
  10. Canes06cup17

    In-season trades and player moves

    I would think that a hockey trade is going to be tough to get. So many teams needing and wanting another scorer. I just keep waiting and hoping we get one. I still want us to keep Ferland as our own rental or better yet resign him. There is a part of me that thinks if we can’t make that hockey trade maybe a modest rental wouldn’t be a bad idea if we are in a position for the playoffs come TD. This team and the fans haven’t had the taste of playoff hockey since 2009.
  11. Canes06cup17

    GDT: Stars @ Canes...16 Feb 19

    Go Canes! Better bring that A game tonight! We are in playoff mode-every game is a must win.
  12. I’m glad we managed a win even though we didn’t play our best. Good teams find a way. 👍😀 Since I don’t get our feed here in VA I was watching and enjoying seeing the Slugs lose on NHL network. I got to see highlights of how we were doing.
  13. Canes06cup17

    What's the most the Canes should pay Ferland?

    Sign him please or keep him as our own rental. Don’t trade him for another pick.
  14. Canes06cup17

    GDT: Canes @ Sens, 12 Feb 19

    Nice comeback! I think Ferland definitely needs to stay on 1st line. Slugs won too. 🤬 I’m an Oiler fan tonight.