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  1. I understand the reason behind it but NO hockey = me not happy. Plus if no playoffs? 😫 Even if Canes were not in playoffs it was always my favorite time of year.
  2. We over came “trap game”. Good win Canes! Special teams are rockin’ Now on to Jersey.
  3. Go Canes! No let down in effort and desperation.
  4. We need to keep the wins coming. Let’s go streaking! 😬 Let’s take care of winning and not depend on what the ones below or above us too. Seems like another race to the finish.
  5. More daylight and a HUGE Canes win against a metro team. I’m smiling and soaking up that sunshine. Let’s keep it going please!
  6. Let’s go Canes! We need to string together some wins. Plus I can’t stand the Pens aka Steelers on ice. Can’t even have their own colors for their uniforms.
  7. Happy to get 2 points anyway we can get them. Glad to see Vinnie get his 1st Canes goal. Also nice that the Caps beat the Pens.
  8. I’m hoping in all this negative that we will use this time to see if Ned is the goalie in our future or if he is just a shine in the AHL only. I’m sure he has been waiting and wanting this opportunity. Hopefully he improves each game. I will keep hoping for the best but writing seems to be on the wall. I can’t help but dare to wish we will somehow get going and string some wins together.
  9. I hate to say this but right now we do not deserve to be in the playoffs. The teams around us are playing a lot better. Not enough talent to over come these injuries.
  10. I like the sound of that OBX. 😀👍
  11. If I got You Tube tv could I get fox sports south here in Richmond Va?
  12. Still scratching my head at the trade for damaged goods. Seems like losing 2 prospects for a big nothing! Should have had a conditional if he ended up not playing for us. He sure won’t be in a rush to come back from his injury. Why risk further damage?
  13. Glad we fought back to get a loser point but shouldn’t have to. This was a game we should have won. Unfortunately this is not the team that started the season on fire and obviously we have some key guys out. I’m hoping for the playoffs but honestly with the upcoming schedule I’m not expecting it. The teams ahead are playing much better.
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