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  1. So happy to get the sweep! The Rags have our number? They must have lost it. 😉More time for Hamilton to heal up and hopefully play soon. All the announcers kept 2nd guessing Reimer playing. It made sense to me. B to B and 3 games in 4 days? Why wouldn’t we play him? Definitely nice hearing John call the game. One thing about the play in games that I like is that it all depends on your play against that team for the playoff spot vs who the team you are chasing or ahead of and who they are playing. So many variables can work against you. Now I can relax until we play again.
  2. Going to take the same intensity (if not more) to close them out. They have backs against the wall and the ability to get more favorable match ups tonight. We need to score first again and not look back. Let’s not give this team any life. FINISH THEM OFF boys! Go Cane!
  3. Great win! I don’t expect the media to give us any credit. We know we have a good team. Just more motivation for Brindy and the boys. Go Canes! 1 more
  4. I understand the reason behind it but NO hockey = me not happy. Plus if no playoffs? 😫 Even if Canes were not in playoffs it was always my favorite time of year.
  5. I like the sound of that OBX. 😀👍
  6. If I got You Tube tv could I get fox sports south here in Richmond Va?
  7. Still scratching my head at the trade for damaged goods. Seems like losing 2 prospects for a big nothing! Should have had a conditional if he ended up not playing for us. He sure won’t be in a rush to come back from his injury. Why risk further damage?
  8. It seems like Trocheck may be a better fit for our style than Haula and he has term. He has a clean slate with us. What he did in FL doesn’t matter imo. Look how Nino worked out. Sometimes a new team/system can jump start a guy. Only time will tell but I’m glad the committee made a hockey trade instead of a rental in this case.
  9. Not good having Marty on the shelf. We were already way short in the sandpaper/hard to play against dept.
  10. I know Staal makes a lot of money but that’s not his fault. IMO he was so good in Pitt because he was a 3rd line center playing against lower D pairs and great on shorties on the PK. We mistakenly thought he could do a lot more with more ice time on top lines. Money aside if we had the talented centers I would like to see him as a 3C in a checking role. Just because you make a lot of money doesn’t mean you deserve 1st or 2nd line ice time. I hope we can scratch and claw our way into the playoffs but it is going to be a dog fight. I will be disappointed if we don’t but still feel we are trending in the right direction. A few more pieces needed.
  11. That’s such sad news. My heart aches for them.
  12. I trust that will do what’s best for us. Brindy won’t bring him back unless it will help us. I don’t think JW would come back if he didn’t have the gas in the tank to be productive. I think he has too much pride to be a “hanger on too long” type of player. I’m fine with or without him.
  13. I never cared for Babcock. It’s a shame it took so long to get out. No wonder Commodore can’t stand him. I hope he never coaches again.
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