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  1. Do you think David Cotton is angling to be a free agent next year by playing his senior year at BC?
  2. I liked Ferland’s grit and scoring but was not very durable. I’m glad he went to the west instead of a rival.
  3. I feel much better now. 😀 Nice try Hab nots. 😜 People under estimate our Canes a lot since we aren’t an original AND we our in the south. Reading the wisdom of cooler heads like Remkin backed me off of my ledge but it’s nice seeing TD confirm it.
  4. My emotions are all over the place.Im ****** at Dunden/Waddell. 1st IMO we should have known an offer sheet was possible. Where there’s a lot of smoke there may be a fire. Why the #### let it come to this? We are not a free agent destination choice. We NEED to PAY our drafted players when they turn into star players! 2nd the Habs, Bob Mackenzie, and the rest of the Carolina hating folks can 🤬 Probably still hurt we bounced them out like yesterday’s garbage in the 2006 cup run. Then we helped keep the out this year AND made it to conference finals. We are a small market team and you had to play dirty because you could. We had a great playoff run and now this circus. Can’t say I blame Aho as much as I may want to. We don’t have every detail of negotiation so I’m trying to be too hasty in judging.
  5. Buffalo over paid IMO. I guess time will tell.
  6. If it was a Checker punching a Wolves player it would be dealt with. I bet nothing is done. 🤬
  7. Oh poor Don Cherry. Canada doesn’t have a horse in the race AGAIN! The surge was fun and players and fans bonded over it. Get over it! You spouted off about it and Canes embraced it and making money on it. The team chose to end it. Always leave em wanting more. Did he crap all over Vegas’s pre game extravaganzas cause it hadn’t been done before?
  8. Something is better than nothing. I blame the NHL for letting these punks choose their team.
  9. Yeah baby! We SO deserved this. Also sweet to clinch on home ice.
  10. I would hate to see Fox get exactly what he wants unless the deal is sweet. Would rather get a roster player or very good prospect. From another team out west maybe less. 😉
  11. If we don’t get a return we like I say let him stay in college and be unpaid.
  12. I was very angry at the beginning of the season but have changed my tune. I still think we got less for Skinner than we should have. I like Hamilton’s game since he is healthy. Ferland has been great at times on top line and his grit has been a welcome addition. Probably playing hurt for some time and being off top line has brought his game down a lot. NN was an absolute steal. Mrazik and McE have been pleasant surprises. Not trading experienced defensemen during this fight to make playoffs was important. (Especially with Dehaan injured now) Some didn’t like the surge but I thought it was an awesome bond forged with fans.
  13. I think it is so wrong that an unproven player from college gets to pick his team. If we don’t trade him when is he able to sign with another team? What’s the point of a draft if these prima Donnas get to pick a team? 🤬
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