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  1. I hate that Dougie got hurt 😞 Hopefully we will bring the next man up mentality that other teams have used. As much as I despise the Pens look how many long term injuries to good players they have dealt with. And they kept winning. We are going to see what we are made of now.
  2. Let’s go Canes! Leave the craps scratching their heads again. Going to have to be a gritty A game effort to get the W.
  3. That’s such sad news. My heart aches for them.
  4. I trust that will do what’s best for us. Brindy won’t bring him back unless it will help us. I don’t think JW would come back if he didn’t have the gas in the tank to be productive. I think he has too much pride to be a “hanger on too long” type of player. I’m fine with or without him.
  5. Way to go Canes! Nice way to wrap up 2019. Happy New Year 🎆
  6. It’s nice to get that taste of winning back. Ovenchicken was so dramatic on the Staal penalty. Svech left him in the dust on the EN goal. 🤣 I liked the way every time they would score our boys got another one as if to say “not tonight Craps”. The icing on the cake was all the Crap fans who attended left with a sad face. Sure hope they stuck around for Thor. 😉 On a side note the Clemson game was epic and I’m hoping for a competitive national championship.
  7. I’m so frustrated with our inconsistency. We need a happy medium between scoring some goals AND solid defense.
  8. I need that winning feeling back! Go Canes!
  9. No 1st game back from road let down tonight Canes! Take care of business in our house. Go Canes!
  10. I’m liking this Canes team owning Canada. 😉 Very nice win.
  11. Pretty good looking road trip so far. Way to go Canes! The Flames 🔥 are put out with a nice shutout. 😀🍻
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