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  1. All good things must come to an end I guess. Hopefully we get back to winning out west.
  2. Back to back for both teams. I’m sure they will be extra motivated after losing. Let’s keep this winning going boys! Go Canes!
  3. I hate that Marty is injured. Time for Gautheir to really get his feet wet. Sadly the Center Ice preview is over so I won’t be watching the game. Sucks only having Cap games and NHL network games. Center Ice is too expensive. Go Canes! Let the winning continue! 🏒
  4. It’s raining goals! I love it! 😀
  5. Swamp Cats always seem to give us a hard time. Let’s get a lead and not have to make a comeback tonight. Go Canes! Let’s keep this winning feeling! 😬🏒
  6. I always liked Faulk but him being traded seems to have paved the way for Dougie to shine on the power play. Haula is making a big impact on it as well.
  7. I know the Relentless was used in ‘06 when we won the cup but this year’s Canes ARE relentless.
  8. I love it! Never count this team out! 😀😀😀
  9. Go Canes! I Opening the season with back to back wins puts a 😀on my face. Let’s make it 3 cause I’m feeling greedy. 😬🏒
  10. It has been great having a power play that is effective. I like what our team is bringing and as they continue to gel it should get even better. Hopefully the center ice preview is still going so I can watch the bolts game. I miss living in NC.
  11. Yeah baby! Great seeing us fight our way back to tie it and then win! 😀👏
  12. The pre-game has been nauseating. 🙄
  13. Do you think David Cotton is angling to be a free agent next year by playing his senior year at BC?
  14. I liked Ferland’s grit and scoring but was not very durable. I’m glad he went to the west instead of a rival.
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