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  1. ESPN would have found a way to give us negative 4 televised games, then preempt our game 7 OT Cup victory for Vick's appearance on the O.C. I'll take FSN FTW please.
  2. Again, an example of a bad fan - not a fanbase. The good ones you don't hear from, so of course they all look bad. But I still don't understand what I'm supposed to be ashamed about. Even if they only sold to zip codes in NC, I'm pretty sure there are Pens fans here. The Canes didn't give us much to cheer about, but we still applauded when the season was over and saluted our team for a great effort.
  3. I hate these posts, but at least I got to wait until May this time to post it. Congrats Pens, good run Canes, blah, blah... We really gave everyone a run. Jersey was nerve racking and my fingernails are gone after Boston. Parts of the Penguins series were almost laughable, but at least we didn't throw any trash on the ice when we lost. Wish we could have avoided a sweep... Cam - you hung in there as long as you could Mo - wish you had taken out some emotion and made the bold moves like you did in the first two rounds Staal - gotta work on that endurance, buddy...we really needed more points out of you Cole & Ruu - get well soon Walker - holy frijoles - you just don't quit! Wish you had a bit more on the shooting end, but you just keep punching people like you're good at LaRose - ditto Walker Corvo - you awake? Seidenberg - impressed - didn't expect those contributions Pitkanen - STOP SHOOTING! LET THE SHOOTERS DO THAT! JUST HIT PEOPLE! Brindy - hate to say it, but perhaps it's time Francis - hate to say it, but perhaps it's time Hats off to everyone, but on the hang-in-there-and-fight-until-the-end side of things, I vote Chad and Scottie. Next season...next season.
  4. Rock on, Dave! That pretty much sums it all up. One shift at a time. Right now, our goal is to avoid the broom and take one in our house.
  5. I think it was interference and the goal should have been disallowed. Guilty
  6. Almost feel guilty. When I saw the hit on Cole, I applauded, because I knew we we're going to get a PP. Not so much - we just got Cole hurt. Oops - oh well. All in all, I think they played a little better and it came down to a few opportunities missed for the Canes and the opposite for the Pens. Just a good game that we could have tied at the end of regulation, but didn't. Felt good - we played good. Better than the first two first games of the playoffs...blah blah blah. I wasn't looking past Jersey, but now I'm wondering if we're better off facing Detroit or Chicago. Guess we have a couple of league superstars to get past first. WE'RE ONLY ONE WIN AWAY FROM HOME ICE - SEEYA THURSDAY!
  7. You could watch chad's goal 10 million times and not come up with anything conclusive. Video review didn't help there - they had to use their judgment... ...oh, and we won anyway
  8. Same site http://www.time.com/time/specials/packages...1819775,00.html
  9. Wash my Canes hoodie at the beginning of the season. Wash it again when our season is over. Then I put it up for the summer. My co-workers hate it when we get this far.
  10. Give 'em another chance in Winnipeg. What, are all those Maple Leaf fans going to stop being Maple Leaf fans with a new team? I would think anywhere in Ontario is a bad idea.
  11. Don't have a montage, but the NHL channel on youtube has highlights from all the games:
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