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  1. No replys yet? Anyways, this seems a little higher than I thought JR would go, at least it isnt a million, hopefully he puts out for us.
  2. Corvo and Pitkanen on PP OMG I would be a happy man.
  3. He just said that he thinks he will fit into our system really well.
  4. Ive been listening to NHL live and they got Eddie Olczyk on the phone line, he picked two of his favorite signings and one was Josef Malichar, good news?
  5. I expect a trade for prospects, Kaberle of coarse, I think its the only realistic way to dump him on another team.
  6. Well dang, the Pens fans are saying things like Melitard...looks like this might have been a bad move, only time will tell though.
  7. Oilers fans are confused and feel betrayed after this signing lol!
  8. So hopefully JR's main priority is to dump that 2.2 mil from Kaberle, mybe he wants to go play with his brother...
  9. Im still iffy we dont have a consistent veteran on D....Malichar doesnt count
  10. Thats about what I was expecting, though 4.5 Mil for the 3rd year....lets hope it works out.
  11. Kaberle must go, though, we could prolly get more for Wallin.
  12. Noooooooooooo! Dannny!!!!! Well dang, ive heard people say this guy is worthless, we'll see a I guess. Mybe now we can ditch Kaberle, do anything, buy him out.
  13. If Joni thinks him and his agent are gonna get 5 per year, or even 4 per year (possibility as it would directly replace Coles Salary) out of JR, they've came to the wrong place.
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