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  1. Whitney-g13-a20,Cole-g14-a11. Sure do miss them.....

    1. dinz


      i hear ya, when o watch center ice, and see the year they are having.. sigh

  2. Almost there, keep it together, it's going to happen.

  3. OK Canes it's time to extinguish the Flames!!!!

  4. This is a good thing!

  5. Who else has a hard time watching the Canes these days?

    1. fallen_apostle


      good Lord no kidding. apparently not JR though!

    2. ronvandyke8


      I use to look forward to the viewing of games, now I just glance at the score.

  6. Isn't it funny how we let Whitney, Cullen, Cole,and others go in hopes to improve our chances at a play-off spot only to see them do well and ourselves not so good.

  7. Who thinks Cole's gonna score on who ever we put in the net?

  8. Come on CANES! Let's beat the Rags!

  9. Finally, a reason to get up in the morning let the games begin!!!!!!!!!

    1. redneck


      should have stayed in bed!

  10. Let's go CANES!! Beat the Leafs!

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