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  1. OBXer - can you clarify - are you saying that the Fox Sports SE games don't show on Sling? I was hoping they would. They list FS South for their affiliate, I thought that would cover both. But if not, how do you view Canes games on the FoxSports app? I thought those were blacked out in the local viewing area. I've recently decided to ditch the Dish, and figured I'd try the different options. My main requirements are to be able to DVR and fast-forward through commercials since I time shift the games. I watch very little else on TV. A little Discovery, Smithsonian, and Comedy Central, and not much I'd miss there. Wife is Bravo, ABC, and not much else. Started with Hulu. $40+$15 for enhanced DVR (200 hours, way more than needed, but can skip commercials). Interface takes some getting used to but I'll get there. Big plus - find Canes, select record, that's it for the season. Beats setting a timer for every game. Downsides, it seems you cannot record the post-game, even though it's listed, and you cannot extend the end time. I never used to watch these in the Muller/Peters era but loving the Brindy show. They do seem good about not cutting off the end of the games. The main downside is they show FS Carolinas only, no FS SE (ex. no Colorado game listed). I'd be interested in similar feedback on Sling, and also if anyone is using Charter - I figure they probably have FS SE games. I may end up back with them, $40 basic package has almost all I want for channels and bundle will bring my internet cost down, plus the login works with all the channel apps and you can stream your DVR.
  2. Ward has always been a slow starter, as have the Canes in general. If they don't fix this, it will be as it has been. I hope Muller has a plan. I expected he would, but it isn't working yet. Gotta give em a a week or two to get going, though. As for Ellis, he could get hot again, especially since he's been playing. Very thankful he picked him up, though I suspect Peters would be OK too since he's been playing regularly in the AHL. I don't think Peters is ever going to adjust to NHL backup, but Ellis very well could.
  3. I watched 5 minutes of the first pregame. I haven't heard her voice much since. Maybe I'll try back in a couple of weeks. Her biggest problem right now is she suffers in comparison to Harwood, who was very good. For those whining about "how would you like to be filmed at your job" - it's her job! Get a clue. There is room for improvement. But like SD (nice to see Bob again!), much more concerned about how the team is playing right now, particularly the defense (surprise). At least hockey is back. But now I need a new TV, old 47" died and been using a 32"...can't find the darn puck.
  4. That is not true. Many players had to clear waivers to be sent to the AHL teams. Skinner did not because he does not require waivers, as he has not played enough games. He was under by a dozen games or so.
  5. Hey Tom, blast from the past...actually starting to feel the pull myself. Haven't been to many games the last couple of years but will likely do more this year. Remkin was speaking of Semin's D abilities...he's actually a decent PK'er too. Of course, he's still a forward. Need more solid D for this to really work.
  6. Same here, really like the guy. Hard worker, constant improvement, character guy. Good scoring numbers last year too. What's not to love?
  7. Amen. I had a feeling JR was going to go for it with Semin. I love this pickup. I think Semin's biggest problem was the terrible leadership on that Caps team (mainly Ovechkin). Getting Semin out of DC and down here with the Staals, Gleason, Ruutu, and especially Muller, will be a major plus. Very little chance of this turning into another TKabs situation. Upside all over. Staal/Staal/Semin? I'll take some of that! This is my biggest concern, as much as our top 6 has massively improved, or D as built right now is actually worse than last year. If Joni can start the year out of Joniland like he did last year, and stay there, and stay healthy, we might get by. More size and grit on the 4th line would also be nice. At least Brent looks to be returning.
  8. He signed a 2 way contract. He will spend most of his time in the AHL. He'd have played more last year but Faulk developed fast and Joslin was better as a 4th line forward.
  9. Ha, maybe I'm just too far behind, I was just reading somewhere about you getting excited about the Staals on the PP. Just referring to us having the inside track to Mark Staal down the line, maybe sooner. It was funnier in my head.
  10. Hmm...this is not a good deal if it brings with it the Pens fan trolls. Sorry, redundant. Took a little to get over the initial shock. Still wish we'd gotten an additional second rounder or something...but when you make a big deal for someone you really want, sometimes you overpay a little to do it. That's how it works. We didn't get robbed, that's for sure. J Staal has the potential for Brindy-like numbers, and that costs. Sutter was and is never going to produce that. And now we have a leg up on a certain top 4 dman in a couple of years. Maybe sooner if Sather goes crazy for Nash...imagine that one. That ought to get ya going, Superdave. I have been with top shelf over the years as one who prefers E Staal on the wing, and still do. But not sure who would be #2 center in that scenario. Jussi is pretty decent but not optimal. Same with Ruutu. It'll be interesting to see how Muller puts it all together. This could be what we need to get out of the gate with energy.
  11. Watching the draft, when the rumbling started, I knew right away they had traded for Staal. And then before they can announce it, McGuire pipes up with "any trade for Staal has to include Sutter". My heart sunk on that one. He was a favorite in this house. Have a nice pic of him with my son from the Skate with the Canes his rookie year. He's come a long way. He'll be missed.
  12. It's over, Canes are out per Darren Dreger: Twitter "Carolina Hurricanes are no longer persuing Rick Nash. Cost way too high. CBJ believed to be after Jeff Skinner. Non-starter." Howson is an idiot, not surprised he would ask for Skinner. Probably wanted Faulk and Murphy too. Glad this is over, you just know the price is going to be ridiculous on this one.
  13. Yep, I can't think of anyone else to give it to that would make more sense. Good call.
  14. He was bought out, that has to happen I think within 48 or 72 hours of clearing waivers. He's not listed on the roster anymore.
  15. Legend, you're right, if JR can pull off Kabs for Spacek almost anything is possible. But when he said he was happy with his D, and seeing what has been put out there the last 2-3 years, I am not greatly encouraged at this point. Where it is right now is the same as where it left off, which was better than the start of the season, but still inadequate. And Allen > Corvo. So...
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