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  1. No I don’t think Forslund is a petty man. I think he is a man with a family to support. He will continue to do national games, at least as long as NBC is the broadcast outlet, but clearly intended to do local games as well. Maybe he and Dundon didn’t see eye to eye. But from all appearances he was asked to take a pay cut and declined. So I’m sure he feels after 30 years, the team cut ties with him. I think it would be petty for him to publicly trash the team, and I’m sure he won’t. But I don’t think he’ll be out drumming up support for them either. And I wouldn’t characterize this as him leaving for his dream job. He has been doing both, and could have continued to do so. Part of his talent was being able to be a little bit of a homer when calling Canes games, and the next night calling a national game straight down the middle. I think we are in the wrong thread for this. I’d like to hear what Dundon said to Adam Gold. If he said he might regret this decision, I think he was prophetic. But he got his point across. If Chuck and John are shown the door when they declined his terms, everyone in the organization not named Rod or who is not a player better think twice before rejecting that first offer.
  2. The broadcasters have zero input into what games are on national television. The Canes will continue to get their one game a year on the national cable network unless they become such a powerhouse that fans outside of Raleigh want to see them. Dynamic players like Aho and Svech could get them on a few more times, but how many national games did Tampa get with all their top tier players? As to Forslund calling national games, if I’m not mistaken, NBC has the NHL for one more year. They may keep it but I’ve also read ESPN may have interest in hockey again. Then again, ESPN may be enamored of his talents as well. And I wouldn’t count on Forslund pushing to get Hurricanes games on national broadcasts anyway. Last I heard, Kaiton had not been to a Canes game since they let him go, and he said he had no plans to attend one. I doubt John will feel any differently. And I don’t blame either of them.
  3. I know Forslund has his own thread, but I am beyond sad that his departure is now apparently a certainty. Everyone can disagree, and I know many do, but I am a fan who primarily follows the Canes on TV. Dundon can spend his money how he wants. So can I.
  4. I admit I’m not really following the SCF, but I would not count Dallas out yet. Apparently, Dallas played a listless Game 3. Don’t know of any reason Dallas can not respond. I’m about 60/40 favoring the Bolts. After all, we know who won the Stanley Cup next awarded after Tampa last won, albeit with the lost Strike year in between. But I still think either team could win.
  5. Wow. Just read Dudley’s bio in the linked article. 45 years professional hockey experience, but for the last 20 years, it looks like his average tenure with one team is the 2 years he spent here. And he was with the Thrashers for a couple of years, presumably when Waddell was there.
  6. Dudley came to the Canes when Waddell was promoted to GM. I think they had history together in Atlanta. I’m sure he was part of the “committee”, but if I’m not mistaken, he’s getting up in age.
  7. I don’t know much about Johansson, but Eric only has one year left on his contract unless Buffalo extended him. They better hope Skinner can play with Eichel, because he had zero chemistry with Eric here. Buffalo has cap space. Do they need a defensively responsible third line center?
  8. Promoting Waddell to GM has proven to be a great move beyond my wildest dreams. I could only think of him in terms of Atlanta in disarray and being relocated, but now it seems he had a bad ownership situation there, and fits like a glove with Dundon. On Kuemper, is there any chance Arizona would not want to trade him in the West and give us a leg up. I guess if you know your team is going to stink, you don’t worry about helping division teams.
  9. If I am not mistaken, Dundon committed to Raleigh for 7 years as part of his purchase agreement for the Canes. The lease extension has an out after 2024 or 2025 - I think tied to improvements to PNC or building a new arena. He has assuredly improved the team on the ice. He has shown no loyalty or sentimentality to anyone or anything else. Top is always saying Dundon is just making good business decisions. If the league will allow relocation, when the time comes, I believe Dundon will make another business decision as to whether Raleigh or another venue will maximize his investment. As much as he has spent, that is his right. Worrying about what he might do doesn’t do me any good so I’ll just enjoy what we have now and let the future take care of itself.
  10. What issues did the Canes have with Checkers? Playing experienced AHL lifers at the expense of prospects?
  11. If Chicago is such a better deal, who gave up the affiliation with them? I’m slightly bummed because I went to a Calder Cup final game in Charlotte and had a blast. But realistically, I would not drive that far often to see Canes prospects play. If the Wolves games are on television, is it possible to get them down here?
  12. Well, we went to the ECF last year and got one national TV game on NBCSN this year. So to a degree, I guess it is hockey media bias. But as you noted, Raleigh is a small non-traditional hockey market, so as much as it stinks, I understand why NHL/NBC carry far more Rangers, Blackhawks, Red Wings games, even when they are far less successful than the Canes. If you read the game day threads on the Boston series, you’ll pick up on the other issue: somewhat uneven officiating. If you have it, whip out the video of Game 7 of the 2006 Stanley Cup finals. The Canes actually scored a goal that the league did not review from enough angles to confirm so the goal was disallowed. IN GAME 7 OF THE SCF. Within 5 minutes, the television crew had video confirming the goal. I don’t think they would have rushed the review if the team involved was the Leafs or Canadiens. Just my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, I know there is no NHL without passionate Canadian fans. And I have no problem with putting another team in Canada as long as it’s not the Canes.
  13. I’m pretty disappointed with the Canes on this. Apparently they sent an email in May and gave STHs 5 days to request a refund. I get a lot of emails from the Canes and didn’t see the message until the time had passed. I called in June or July, and when a ticket rep called back 3 days later, he informed me no refund but I could pause my payments (I had one left). I went ahead and paid - I only have 11 games in the cheap seats. But I’m with CC. This may be the end. Not refunding my money left a bad taste in my mouth. And mods, you can strike me dead, but I go to sporting events to take my mind off of ornery political and social issues. I’m not appreciative that a league with 73% non-American players feels the need to preach to me about what a terrible country America is. My father gave 4 years of his life to protect this country and EVERYONE in it during World War II.
  14. My thought exactly. I’m sure he will have lots of help, but his strength in Carolina was drafting well to develop players over time. Pittsburgh gifted Vegas with M-A Fleury who had at least one good season left in him. And Vegas was truly masterful at picking up the right players who were left unprotected. I’m not sure Franchise can catch lightning in a bottle the same way. Given his Canes connections, I hope he does well. As for this year, I agree with no to Vegas, and can’t root for a N.Y. team, so I’m hoping for Tampa/Dallas with the Bolts winning it all. And just to tweak the NHL with all of its biases, no Canadian or original 6 teams. Ha!
  15. I don’t follow draft stuff that closely, but after reading this thread, I took a look at several mock drafts. Don’t ask me whose, I just googled “NHL mock drafts” and looked at 3 or 4 of them. Askarov was slotted 9 to 14 in the drafts I looked at. All but one had him gone before the Hurricanes picked, and that mock had us passing on him and him being picked 14th. But my feeling is we take him if he’s there. That would give us 2 high draft picks in development. I think it’s way to early to give up on Kochetkov. And we shouldn’t give up on Ned just yet either. He went from AHL goalie of the year to mediocre in one year. Maybe having Forsberg come in rattled him, or he just had an off year and will bounce back. It looks like Khudobin may take the Stars to the SCF, and we had him under contract and traded him to make room for Lack. He’s mostly been a backup, but is looking great this year. I also wonder if some of this is coaching/system related. Columbus comes to mind. Bobrovsky was consensus top 5 there, but ordinary so far in Florida. Meanwhile, both of Columbus’ young goalies are looking strong. Anyway, we need to find a way to develop at least one in house. With a flat cap and Svech and Dougie to sign, I don’t see where we have cap space to swing for the fences on a UFA orvtrade.
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