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  1. I would chalk it up to someone who hasn’t looked at the standings.
  2. Rem I agree with your premise that we are better off if Eric does not come back, but when you say we haven’t got a single player that left and came back, are you forgetting the 9 years Williams was in LA and Washington? My point is I’m not against bringing a player back, but Eric Staal is just not the guy to bring back. In a vacuum, his performance in Minnesota makes him look like a player we could use, but there is history that also follows him. But don’t assume the small universe of people posting on this topic represents all Caniacs. I was waiting outside PNC waiting to get in for a game when his trade to NY was announced and there was no shortage of fans who were angry and upset. Still can’t imagine Rod or DW would go there.
  3. I have never been an Eric Staal hater like some. I don’t think he had anything to do with the C being taken from Rod and given to him. Pretty sure that was all on JR. Rod’s game fell apart his last season, and Staal was still putting up numbers, so I think JR wanted the PR value of making a player who was going to be around the captain. The problem was that he took the C from a natural and born leader and gave it to a reluctant one. Eric was always more suited to wearing an A and supporting someone like Rod or Willy. All that being said, I don’t think Brindy is looking for a 35 year old center and I don’t think Eric has any desire to play here again, except to play with Jordan. Some things are best left alone. I’d like to see Eric signed to a one day contract one day like Cam to retire as a Cane. I think he earned that.
  4. Yeah. That too. We better start winning the majority of our remaining games vs. the Metro.
  5. We have a brutal schedule after the break, but our team seems to have thrived for the most part against good competition. If we come up short, we will rue the losses to bottom dwelling teams early in the year. That being said, Justin Williams didn’t come back to have the team fold and sell for the future if it stumbles. The standard was set last year. Look at where we were December 31st and what happened. Columbus has come out of nowhere to the playoff cut line by winning something like 8 in a row. Philly and the Islanders had long winning streaks at some point during the year as well. Our longest winning streak so far is the 5 at the beginning of the year, but I believe this team is capable of doing that again and more. The way the fan base has grown and bought in, no way I see us being sellers. Not the message the team needs to send from a marketing standpoint if nothing else. As for Haula being unhappy, IDK, but unless we make a true hockey trade, he has more value here the remainder of this year than whatever futures he might bring in a trade. We are stacked with prospects anyway - we don’t need more draft picks or prospects. Maybe keeping Ferland last year didn’t work out, but what would we have gotten for him anyway? We played our best last year with our backs against the wall. No reason we can’t do it again.
  6. So it’s like Tampa’s record last year after 63 games.
  7. Mrazek stopped every shot after the first one
  8. Shots are 27-15 Canes. Mid second period they were 12-8 Jets
  9. We’re up 3. Send Edmundson out to see him.
  10. Mrazek seems to play the puck sometimes when melting it down would be better for the Canes.
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