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  1. That’t The first embellishment call I’ve seen in 2 years. What BS. The NHL should really clean up their officials obvious bias favoring certain teams.
  2. Tampa played OT in Washington last night. Need to jump on them in 3rd period.
  3. This game and Pitt feel like playoff games
  4. These guys are punks. Highly skilled and blazing fast punks!
  5. Tripp: “Dougie has a hot stick.” You can’t make this up
  6. How many years have we been waiting for that to happen? The one down spot in what has otherwise become a great year.
  7. Russian meddling in premier American sports message board.
  8. I agree with Sportsfan about Aho and the shootout. IIRC, Rod caught a lot of grief earlier this year for not using Aho in a shootout that went extra rounds. I think Slavin had pretty good success earlier this year, and Brock has a pretty good history as well. The shootout goes away for this year soon anyway. With another year under his belt, I wonder if Svech might be a good option. I get not sending a rookie out for now. I think 3 on 3 OT has cut down on the number of shootouts, which is great in theory, but the shootout does add an element of excitement if your goalie is not Darling or Cam.
  9. Higher seeded teams also play closer to home because they are the teams that can fill up stadiums for early round games. But they do deserve something for being the best in the regular season. In theory, favorable placement only goes down to #2 seeds, though the NCAA committee seems to find a way to place certain teams close to home even when they are lower. Not an issue in hockey as the team that has the better record gets only one extra home game per series and all games should be sellouts.
  10. If I can get a ticket and no last minute family conflict, I would come so long as it is at Backyard Bistro and I could park at PNC and walk over. Never been there so would love some feedback on what to expect crowd-wise depending on what time we start. As far as basketball goes, as my handle suggests, I am a long-time serious Duke fan. But this is why I have a DVR. If Duke loses in the second round, I don’t want to see it. If they win, I can watch stress free later. So going to the Canes game is a win-win. Besides, Duke is in the tournament every year. I’ve been waiting 10 years for the Canes to return to the playoffs!
  11. Completely off topic (sorry), but since his name keeps coming up, does anyone know if Mongo came back from his “leave of absence” in Charlotte? It was supposed to be for one week.
  12. It was never about Cliff Pu. We still have 2 draft picks. And Skinner supposedly asking for $8 million plus x 8 years. Plus RB wanted culture change, and you can’t argue with the results of that.
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