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  1. Just a wild guess. We’ve been trying to trade him for 2 years. Our opinion of his value has not been met with agreement from around the league, at least not from teams Faulk can’t block. So we offered him what the market was saying he was worth, which he declined. Also, Rod must value his leadership since he did get an A last year. That’s all I’ve got.
  2. Since the Anaheim deal appears dead, it looks like futures are the likely best return we get for Faulk. Clearly we can’t keep him after this year, and if we hold onto him past camp, we will almost certainly lose a promising (and cheaper) defenseman to waivers, that we can probably keep into the future on a team friendly contract. Last year, I was steamed at the return for Skinner, especially after he came out of the gate so hot. But in the end, we got two 2nds, made the playoffs without him, and didn’t have to pay $8 million a year to keep him. That deal may have been Rod’s line in the sand that motivated everyone else on the team. I’m not saying we trade Faulk for the same reasons, but like with Skinner, it just seems like it needs to be done.
  3. Well, I like their predictions. They have the Canes as the highest in the Metro, with the Pens next (#11 overall) followed by the Islanders (#13) and the Craps (#16). Wow!
  4. If I read my email about the tickets correctly: -you can call your rep and get paper tickets, and - there is something different about the technology this year and screen shots will not work. As for this being what is used across all professional leagues, I read in the paper the Panthers went to this technology, and the first pre-season game began with the majority of the crowd outside the stadium. Even for those of us that are technically challenged, surely it will get easier after a game or two. Or maybe I should call my ticket rep. They are always great and willing to help. Paper tickets might be the way to go for me!
  5. Well, just saw the breakdown of Marner’s contract. Basically $750k per year salary, with yearly signing bonuses beginning at $15 million this year and dropping over time to $7.25 million. #1, this is setting the market for top end talent and is definitely a big advantage for the handful of really deep pocket teams. But #2, without knowing the details of Matthews and Tavares deals, if they don’t get all of their money in bonuses, is that going to result in locker room friction? I sure hope so.
  6. If they paid Marner $61 million up front that is crazy. Part of the new collective bargaining agreement needs to be some limit on how much of a contract can be front end loaded. Salary cap or no, only a handful of teams could front load contracts to that degree. Definitely big market/original six teams circumventing the spirit of the cap which is to have a level playing field.
  7. I do not see Faulk alone as bringing back a first round pick. Also, I would bet Edmonton is not on his trade list. If he is getting moved, without a sweetener, I see a return like Skinner. Maybe a second with a conditional additional pick if he re-signs. Does anyone think Priskie would have signed here had we already signed Gardiner? Right now, we have 3, maybe 4 D prospects who are arguably NHL ready, who would be shut out if none of the top 6 is moved, or at best would fight it out for the #7 spot. It’s a great problem to have, but we could lose some of our D prospects for nothing on waivers. I think Forsling, Fleury and McKeown would all have to clear to go to Charlotte. Maybe at the end of camp, the plan is to thin the number of non-waiver exempt prospects by trading a couple. But Fleury, as an example, was a #7 overall pick we’ve invested 5 years in developing. Realistically, what return could we get for him? I’m sure DW and company have a plan. I just can’t figure out what it is.
  8. I had Center Ice for a number of years. There were some good, entertaining announcers, and a few I thought were flat out awful. And I never heard one I would trade Forslund for. He’s the best. Period. Knowing that NBC will be sniffing around any year now, I’d have offered him as long a contract as he was willing to sign. I’m not sure the Canes make much money off of television, but unlike radio, and the situation with Chuck, tv is critical to keeping the team connected to its fan base. Just wondering, but won’t Seattle be needing a play-by-play guy in a year?
  9. I believe if he comes back it would be between January 1st and the trade deadline. Think about where we were last January 1st. I don’t think anyone would have come back for that. Look at how many teams add guys at the trade deadline and it doesn’t work out. Then again, it worked for us in ‘06. Until he says definitively he’s retired, the speculation will continue, and I think playing later in the season is at least on his mind. I think the team would be better served to move on, but time will tell.
  10. I’m not sure JW’s jersey belongs in the rafters, but certainly he’s due a game honoring his contributions to the Canes. When that happens, we’ll know he’s done for good. My gut says he’s done, but time will tell. Playing golf with Cam might have been a hint.
  11. That’s the question. We arguably replaced the scoring, but where will the leadership come from? Not knowing the dynamics in the room, I’m not sure Staal or Faulk have the capability of being vocal when needed. I’d bet on Aho if he had a couple more strong seasons. But they can say they are glad the offer sheet ended the contract situation, but I’m not sure I make the guy who did it captain 3 months later. Slavin?
  12. If he hasn’t been physically preparing during the offseason, he made his decision a long time ago. Time to thank him, wish him well and move on.
  13. Ferland was a real bright spot the first half of the year playing w Aho and TT. With less gifted set up guys, his production tailed off and when he brought physicality, he seemed to get hurt a lot. I can’t help but notice that he produced best during our slow start, and was much less of a factor during the hot run to the playoffs. When he played his best at the beginning of the year, he was fun to watch though. I wish him well.
  14. You can quibble about RBA and Francis, but Francis took a team in a new non-hockey market and carried it to the playoffs and SCF. I don’t know but might Rod have learned his leadership style from the previous captain? JWilly was captain for one year. I’m not moving him ahead of Francis based on that.
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