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  1. I think Ferland set a tone for the physicality we are looking for. But I suspect what he left on the table before the trade deadline was more than the team would offer now ($ and term) given the late season swoon in goal scoring and the amount of time missed with injuries. The physicality part can be had cheaper than what Ferland wants. The goal scoring dried up when separated from Aho and Turbo. I think he tests the waters if for no other reason than the Canes are now willing to pay less than what he turned down at the deadline. I suspect others saw the same thing and he may be in for a rude awakening come July 1st. I wish him well, but space needs to be made for more highly skilled players we may pursue, plus I really think Rod wants spots that some of the Checkers can compete for and earn in the fall. Foegle is an example of a player that came in and earned his spot in camp this year. We need to have at least one or two available spots for our Checkers to compete for. And hopefully by trade or UFA signing we bring in another goal scorer/offensive high end forward who will need a spot.
  2. Agree that we should use picks to bolster a trade and get an NHL ready goalie or a proven scorer. If that trades not out there, using our second or third 2nd round picks to move up and grab Sinclair would seem a reasonable move to me.
  3. I don’t think the leave of absence was anything more than the team agreeing to pay Darling while he took time away from the Checkers for a non injury-related reason. And while he returned to the Checkers after the leave of absence, I didn’t see anything written that suggested he played in any more games. I think Scott is wrapping his head around the likely buyout, whether another organization is willing to give him a chance to fight his way back to the NHL, or whether he wants to use his buyout money to set himself up for a new challenge in or out of hockey. All I can add is I admire the effort he made to get his game back last summer, and wish him nothing but the best, but I don’t want to keep him in the Canes organization any longer.
  4. Not sure he’s worth 180% of what Turbo got, and a little concerned about his playoff performance for that price. But he definitely made the right decision to wait through the year before signing. Makes you think that late 1st round pick and 2 early second round picks this year are pretty valuable after all.
  5. Looking at UFA goalies on Sportrac, Bob, Lehner, Mrazek and McE stand out as the goalies with the best numbers this year. Pretty sure Bob’s not coming here. Barring a trade, Mrazek looks like he might be the best option. He’s going to get paid somewhere. Varlamov’s numbers didn’t look terrible, but I almost never see Western conference teams play. I know he lost the crease in Colorado to Grubauer, but anyway, outside of Bob, there isn’t a UFA with a long track record of success. Stick with the devil you know?
  6. I’d be good with that, but we better sign Ned last because I don’t think Mrazek or McE would want any part of a 3 way split. Wait, was this sarcasm again? I’m really gullible.
  7. McE is going to have lots of options as somebody’s backup. And with a pay increase, not a 2 way deal. I’d love to keep him as our 1B, but I think it is true that we have to fish or cut bait with Ned at this point. Like Mrazek, it’s my impression that he won in Charlotte early in the year with lots of offensive support, but came on strong in the last half of the year. He was goalie of the year in the AHL, so what else has he got to prove there? Unfortunately, that probably means there’s no spot for Curtis. Do we sign Mrazek or find someone else? I’d feel a whole lot better about Mrazek if we did have a proven veteran like McE to be our 1B because he hasn’t shown consistency from year to year in his career, and he did well enough this year to command a big raise and probably at least three years. I’d love to see him back, but am a little nervous what he could deliver with a rookie backup and likely needing to play a lot more than 50 games. I don’t pretend I have the right answer but working this out correctly probably decides our success next year, so Waddell and company hopefully have a plan. Have to trust them because they have been spot on with most decisions so far. I will say if Ned is the backup, it would be great to pick up a Leighton type guy with NHL experience for Charlotte to turn to if Ned turns out not to be ready.
  8. I think Ferland lost a lot of money the way his second half of the season played out. I don’t see him coming back even if his price drops. His early success came playing with Aho and Turbo, and his offensive production pretty much died once he was taken off their line. I think he might have some bad will about that. When he was out during the Caps series (I think), I remember Tripp talking about Svech, Marty and Ferland coming back, and saying something like he would not put Ferland back in the lineup even if he was cleared to play. It was one quick comment, but I thought he was saying Ferland might be a detriment to the team due to attitude or similar issues.
  9. Nope. Rod does walk on water with some, and he certainly proved he is a great coach. Can’t think of a HC/GM since I started following hockey, though. Should have seen that coming.
  10. Seriously, we know that Rod’s voice is heard loud and clear by TD and Waddell and whoever else is in charge. But a GM has so many responsibilities and Rod has one year of experience as a head coach. Combining the two jobs would be a mistake. Waddell had a fantastic year, and I had zero expectations for him. That said, it is apparent from everything in this thread there is a ton to be done this offseason. I’m still not convinced long-term Waddell should be our guy. Need a much larger sample size. He certainly deserves the chance if he wants it. But if not, after the season we had, if Dundon will pay market rate, there should be a lot of qualified guys who would love to be our GM. Sorting that out has to be job one, and I suspect if Waddell wants to give up the GM role, it will happen pretty soon. No news for a couple weeks should mean he is staying for now at least. Can’t imagine he’d drag that out with the draft and free agency coming up. But whatever decision he makes, thanks Don for a fantastic season!
  11. Ferland stopped scoring as soon as he came off a line with 2 elite playmakers, Aho and Turbo. I did like his physicality, but it seemed like he was about as likely to get hurt as whoever he hit when he really laid one on. Doesn’t seem the Canes are intent on keeping him. It will be interesting to see what the market for him is come July 1st. I’m glad we had him this year though.
  12. I agree with most of this, but I can’t see us paying Mrazek $6 million/year, or even going to a 4 year term. He played less than 50 regular season games. Also, as I recall, he had one good year in Detroit, followed by a big drop off. Don’t want another Mongo situation. Would love to re-sign him but I think $6 million is very high for what he has accomplished. I also think Ned will be on the team next year, making the likelihood of bringing back McE low. And there are definitely other suitors out there who would love to have McE as a backup. I don’t think he is suited to playing more games than he did for us this year. I don’t know the answers, and at this point will have to trust management to sort out the goaltending position successfully. Having said that, had Darling not gotten injured at the perfect time and McE fallen into our lap, how different would this year have been? Our success at addressing goaltending is the biggest key to how next year goes, I think.
  13. We need to get back to supporting the Canes and just ignore whatever a Boston troll posts.
  14. Why don’t you go post on the Bruins’ message board or lick Marchand’s face? Or watch Scott Walker’s overtime winner from 2009 and see how players and fans with class behave. I’d call you a jerk, but that you’ll never be, and the mods won’t let me call you an *edit*.
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