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  1. JW is somewhat of a conundrum. If we are struggling at New Year’s, is a 38 year old guy going to walk into the locker room and turn things around? And if the season starts trending up, do you break up team chemistry to fit him back in? Or would he be ready in case we have a significant injury a la Erik Cole? Rod may know what Willy is planning to do and be planning accordingly. If he does, he sure isn’t going to share it with other teams and fans ahead of time. If he’s planning on playing by New Year’s, you’d think he’d have to be training hard right now, and that would be hard to hide since he lives in Raleigh.
  2. I’ll take a shot at this. On Martinook, it doesn’t matter who we traded to get him. Do you want to give Nino back for Rask? And I think Martinook put up 15 or 16 goals last year. McGinn has sometimes been playing above his weight with 2 forwards out, but I kind of liked him after game 7 in Washington. And the way he jumped in and took up for Gibbons speaks volumes. Foegele might also be playing above where he ought to be, but he was clutch in the playoffs last year. I don’t give up on that guy because he isn’t scoring in the first 15 games of the season. And all 3 of those guys are RB’s kind of players. I don’t think they’re going anywhere. As to Staal, I also wonder if he’s hurt. I also wonder if like his brother, the weight of the C is holding him down. Hopefully he gets back to his game soon. He’s never going to score a ton, but he usually does everything else well, and Rod never misses a chance to compliment him. Reimer is a different story. He was the cost of unloading Mongo. I wouldn’t say he’s been terrible, but not the steadying player that McE was last year for sure. BTW, last I checked, McE wasn’t doing so great in Tampa. If Ned or Forsberg start lighting it up, Reimer might be on his way out. Then again, we’re not using him as a 1B like we did McE. It’s a lot harder to be sharp when you only play every 5th game. It’s a long season. Judge these guys on a full body of work, not 18 games.
  3. Don’t know whatJohn and Tripp said about McGinn, but at the game, when they showed the scratches, they listed McGinn out for “undisclosed” reasons. W/TVR not playing, I wondered if trade winds might be blowing, then McGinn came out and played. Has TVR been playing that badly, or did Rod just want to get Fleury into a game to remind him he was a hockey player?
  4. Time to put an end to this crap. Remember what you did in games 1-5, and do that. And to all veterans, service members, and their families, thank you for your service.
  5. I think the blame lies everywhere. Our vaunted D has given up lots of grade A chances, especially to mediocre teams. Our scorers from last year are not scoring. Turnovers and sloppy passes abound. Every time we have a chance to clear the D zone and fail, I feel a goal against coming ... and it frequently does. We can’t finish periods strong, or for that matter start them strong. Our goalies have been hung out to dry a lot, but have also let in some stinkers. Rod has stuck with lines that aren’t working, even as we struggle to score against bottom dwellers. And our captain looks like he’d rather be surfing. It’s gut check time before we sink to where we were last year in December. Two miracle comebacks in two years are not going to happen. I’m going to the game Monday night and we’ve won every game I’ve seen in person going back to the playoffs, so it’s time for our (cap not budget) team to give fans (and Tom Dundon) what they are paying for!
  6. So on the PP, we win the faceoff and immediately take a shot from the point.
  7. At least shake up the lines. Staal has 5 points. And he’s our #1 center? Or even #2.
  8. Well, Charlotte is not burning down the league. I think we have about all we’re going to have.
  9. If you demote someone, you have to promote someone else. Who?
  10. If the team rises or falls with what JW does, we are screwed. Until further notice, he’s not on the team. Quite a few well compensated players, with or without letters, need to step up and lead the team. If with this level of talent we can’t win without Willy, our success will be short lived, because if he does come back some time this year, you can be sure he will not be back again. CFF, I’m no fan of the new away uniforms, but they are not costing us games. A lot of mental errors are the culprit. We need to get some swagger back with 2 wins against Ottawa and go from there.
  11. 0-5 against the bottom 4 teams in the Metropolitan Division, 3 of the games at home. Have gone from solidly in the playoffs to borderline wild card (actually tied with Pittsburgh for 3rd in Metropolitan, but right now we are headed in opposite directions). 2 games against Ottawa. Need to sweep these and get some momentum back.
  12. Well we shut them down for 8 seconds
  13. What a tip by Dougie! Open the floodgates.
  14. So far we are 0-4 against the bottom 4 teams in the Metropolitan. 2 losses at home. These are the teams we have to beat.
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