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  1. Given his numbers the last 2 years, I don’t see Quick as an upgrade over Mrazek or Reimer.
  2. Everyone wants the NHL to play. I sure do. But it just doesn’t seem realistic. Case numbers and positivity rates are accelerating again. Look at college football and the NFL. Both have had postponements and cancellations every week. And that was in the time of the year when case numbers were stable (until recently). I am skeptical that either will complete their seasons and playoffs. I don’t see how vaccines will be widely enough available to get hockey fans back in the stands even for playoffs if they are in May-July. Unlike other pro leagues, the NHL relies heavily on gate receipts to balance their budgets. Do you start a season based on pure speculation that fans will be allowed (and willing to come) in the spring? Then there is the minor leagues. Their only revenue is gate receipts. I can’t see them playing at all, so something has to be done to have non-roster players available when inevitable call-ups are needed. Best case scenario, I see a shortened season where every team loses money, and the players take pay cuts, which they are apparently incensed about. Worst case would be to start a season and have to shut it down with no conclusion. I don’t know the economics of skipping the season, but no one really knows where COVID will take us in the next 6 months, or maybe longer. The better course of valor might just be to hold out for a normal and complete 21-22 season. It’s out of our control anyway, so I guess we’ll find out soon enough what the league and the union decide to do.
  3. What return would you expect for Skjei? We gave up a first to get him. Maybe we should keep him and pass on Vatanen.
  4. With our cap situation and the desire to sign Hamilton, I don’t see how we afford Vatanen. We gave up a lot to get him, plus a 1st round pick to get Skjei. Even though our D has been considered a strength for several years, we keep tinkering with it. We need to play Bean or trade him while he still has value and a few years before he is UFA eligible. How much of our cap can we tie up on defense with Svech’s contract coming up and the need to solidify goaltending? I’m not sure how or with whom, but I’d rather see us upgrade goaltending than sign another defenseman. As far as Hanifin being overrated, I can say we don’t miss him a bit. He is probably a solid NHL defenseman, but he was consensus overall 4th or 5th pick his draft year. If I recall, some had him ahead of Marner because of Marner’s size. Toronto made the right choice, but I think Hanifin was slotted top 5 by pretty much everyone. By that standard, he is a bust. I guess he’s young enough to get his head together and come close to reaching his potential.
  5. As time goes by, it just seems like there are more hurdles not less from COVID to starting (or even playing) the 20-21 season. Positivity numbers are high, due in part no doubt to much higher numbers of people being tested. But even on a percentage basis, at least for NC, they have risen. On a weekly basis, college and pro football teams are having to postpone or cancel games due to outbreaks. Some college and pro football teams (depending on the state) are allowing up to 25% fans in outdoor stadiums. I read that’s what the Cowboys are allowing, but Texas has to be one of the most liberal states on this. NC is at 7% for outdoor games. Even if allowed for indoor sports, that translates to about 1200 fans at a Canes game. Would that even cover the cost of workers needed to operate the arena? Probably, but not a lot of revenue. These numbers are probably wrong but I thought I read that US and Canadian TV contracts pay the NHL $200 million a year, or less than $7 million per team. And that is for a full season. The last I heard, the Canes local deal with Fox was something like $5 million. Unless there is a miracle vaccine around the corner, I just don’t see how the math works. Hope I’m wrong. I read the NBA has reached an agreement with its players to begin around Christmas. They get a lot more TV money than hockey, but then some of their players make close to 1/2 of the NHL salary cap. It is a lot to sort through, but with every passing day, I wonder if the season is not slipping away (or if it might be for the best if it did). Lastly, I read the linked ESPN article, and all I can say is Sebastian Aho should be sending the Canadiens something nice. The article stated players signing bonuses were paid in full July 1st. If I’m not mistaken, more than half of his contract was paid as signing bonuses last year and this year.
  6. Doesn’t he go back to juniors and the contract slides another year if he plays less than something like 9 games for the Canes this year?
  7. Pittsburgh is cleaning house one level too low. All the assistant coaches canned, but not the HC. An assistant GM (with long-time ties to the GM) but not the head guy. They are bereft of draft picks, top prospects and organizational depth. When Sid and Malkin hit the age wall, they will fall hard. Rutherford would do well to get out voluntarily before the inevitable decline becomes his legacy.
  8. 20,000 well thought out, well reasoned, informative, and yes, sometimes lengthy posts. Don’t stop now! As with age, how often you have posted is just a number.
  9. My issue with Laine is the cap space required to keep him. I guess if we let Hamilton walk, he might fit for awhile. But we’ve got Slavin, Pesce and Turbo on team friendly deals, and a few guys who are overpaid (Jordan and Nino at least) with years left on their contracts that will be hard to move. We already are running out of wiggle room under the cap. I don’t really know why a talent as great as Laine appears so unhappy in Winnipeg, but you have to think it’s at least possible he will not be happy somewhere else if he is traded. I’d rather spend the money on Hamilton who seems genuinely happy here, and popular with his teammates. And leave some money in the bank to upgrade goalie, if not this year, then next.
  10. Man, you really dislike JF. I do think Kenny Albert will get consideration, though.
  11. And we’d be lucky to offload any one of those contracts. Dzingel, the cheapest is the only one whose deal is up next year. After next year, Laine is going to want more than anyone is currently making on the Canes. With a flat cap that may remain for more than one year, no way can we pay Aho, Svech, Laine and Hamilton. If we did trade Pesce for Laine, then resigning Hamilton becomes even more important. Look at all the high priced goal scorers Toronto has, which has wrecked their cap. And what has it gotten them?
  12. NBC hasn’t hired John yet. I’m not sure Doc Emerick cares who replaces him at NBC either. I hope John gets the job, but I’m sure there are others who want it. I think in addition to his obvious talents, he somewhat owes his ascension at NBC to the 10 years of Canes playoff futility. He was always available to do playoff games when other broadcasters were still calling games for their “home” team.
  13. I hope John gets the gig. Maybe the transition to Mike will work out to be the best for everyone.
  14. You are not supposed to mention that last guy’s name on the boards. HWSNBN is his moniker.
  15. You are right. I think I quoted from your post quoting CFF, if that makes any sense. But I think my point was correct. Skinner could not have played anywhere but the NHL or Canadian juniors the year after he was drafted. I don’t get anyone saying he refused to play in the A.
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