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  1. I come to games from Durham, and have been doing so since 06-07. Just in the last 2 or 3 years, the commute through NC147 and I-40 Has become a lot more difficult. Having to negotiate my way farther into downtown Raleigh would be a deal breaker for me. But I’m also in the category of those who might be retiring to the armchair by 2029.I only do 11 games anyway. I know precious few Canes fans in Durham (actually none that attend games), so Durham probably isn’t much of a factor. But what of Cary, Apex and other areas populated with relocated folks from hockey-centric markets? Will these folks accept a longer commute as the price for access to restaurants and bars before and after games. Also, wouldn’t parking revenue downtown go to the city, and not straight into the pockets of the Canes? It’s a lot to think about. I am concerned that the lease “extension” contains a right to terminate. It looks like the Centennial Authority tried to offset that by making the terms a lot more favorable for the Canes. As for any discussion of Dundon wanting to move the team in the past, I’m not sure I ever said it, but it crossed my mind and still does. It is obvious he is a bottom line guy. Every decision he makes (Francis, Kaiton, Charlotte) supports that. Sentimentality is not a factor. When Karmanos moved the team here, he was invested in proving his decision was a good one. That is not a factor with Dundon. And truthfully, the area needs to support the team so he has no reason to move. I had misgivings about him early on, but he has not shied away from spending money to improve the team. Hopefully the increased fan support of the last couple of years will survive the COVID era.
  2. I know they bring eyeballs but Looking at the standings for the first time in 21/2 months, Chicago and Montreal had no chance of making the playoffs. Other teams on the outside looking in had a fighting chance with a strong finish. Rangers were 2 points behind us though we had 2 games in hand, but but that’s doable with a strong finish. Setting aside all the reasons to stop the season as a separate topic, they should have come up with a way to construct a 22 team playoff and not just gifted spots to Montreal and Chicago. Remember Edmonton was an 8 seed when we beat them for the Cup. If Montreal or Chicago somehow rise up and win the Cup, they did nothing in roughly 70 games of the regular season to deserve a spot in the playoffs. I can’t think of how 22 would work, but it seems to me that 22 includes the teams who were in when play stopped plus all teams that at least had a fighting chance.
  3. It’s been 21/2 months already since a game was played. The teams that take the ice in empty arenas in many ways will not be the same teams that stopped playing March 12th. I know this is about money, but surely the revenue generated by playing a 24 team tournament will not come close to what the actual playoffs would have generated, with no live gate, concessions, etc. And in the end, the fans of 30 teams will not consider the champion legitimate, especially if somehow one of the bottom 4 teams that shouldn’t even be in the playoffs somehow rises up and wins. Then there’s the impact on next season, which probably won’t start until December. And that’s not even getting to the most important issue: the safety of the participants. They should just pull the plug and concentrate on starting 20-21 on time, which under any circumstances is not a given. The owners are, by and large, billionaires who can absorb the financial losses. Something like this happening has always been a risk of owning a professional sports team, just like the players risk a life-altering injury or concussion every time they play. Enough already. Call the season off, name Ayres the MVP, and look to next year.
  4. If the NHLPA agrees to having playoffs, the only possible explanation is to generate revenue, Not a desire to crown a Stanley Cup champion. Escrow on this year’s salaries will be huge if the season is just stopped. Presumably revenue brought in will also affect the salary cap for next season. Right now, the earliest they could start would probably be well into July. Meaning games would be played into September. Then there would be a whole can of worms over when to start next season and whether to reduce the number of games to be played next season. Right now, if what I read on the internet is correct, 17% of players are at home in countries abroad and are not able to enter the USA or Canada. I think the U.S./Canada border is still closed as well. I just don’t see how they are going to get this done and honestly, I don’t see the point.,
  5. I’m wondering if I had it too. 63 years old and hadn’t had a cough in 20 years. Came down with one mid-January. No other symptoms, but it was keeping me awake at night. Saw doctor January 21st. She said just ride it out - probably viral, but put in an order for a chest x-ray for me to rule out pneumonia or bronchitis if I wanted to. Had the x-ray on February 4th. It was negative, and cough cleared up shortly thereafter. But 3+ weeks with a cough is unheard of for me. Maybe someday I’ll be able to get the antibody test. I think COVID has been around a lot longer than originally thought.
  6. Wonder if Center Ice will close? My daughter was a figure skater for 10 years and used to skate there when it was the Rec Zone quite a bit. It was a dump, but it did have a sheet of ice.
  7. They were showing a cornhole tournament yesterday. I’ mnot kidding. ESPN. The mothership. Cornhole!
  8. 24 teams conveniently brings in the Rangers and Montreal. The Rangers were coming on late, but Montreal definitely did not earn a shot at this. So instead, how about this. Can the regular season and let all 31 teams in the playoffs. Give the top team by winning percentage a first round bye, and every round is 2 out of 3 until the finals which would be 7 games. No idea how long this would take but less than 2+ months I’d think. In reality, they need to face reality and cancel the season. Too much can go wrong, starting with the health of the players, to be worth coming back now. I’m sure the league is doing it, but their energy needs to be going into figuring out how to start 2020-21 season on time, and what accommodations will be necessary to make hockey work this fall.
  9. This certainly is a post about hockey. There’s another way of ignoring it. Peace. Out.
  10. This is a forum about hockey. To the extent COVID related stuff affects playing hockey, it’s relevant. But opinions about politicians are not relevant to hockey. And you keep posting them. I’m not going to stray into opinions about any politician, but I will just say the CDC is only looking at public health consequences of COVID. That’s it’s mission. So if that’s the only consideration, then no question we stay shut down for a long time. And in a vacuum, that’s obviously what we should do. But the economy is already wrecked, and the federal government printing more money to bail out businesses and people has negative long-term consequences. We are already seeing meat shortages, and how long will it be before that carries over to other staples? I’m pretty sure we are already looking at a serious recession if we gradually reopen the economy now. If we keep doing what we’ve been doing for months on end, we may be looking at a depression the likes of which no living person has seen. And there are public health consequences to that too. So without bashing one party or one politician, I’d just say decisions about where we go from here have to balance public health and economic concerns. I do agree with you though, that sports are pretty insignificant right now and the NHL should just pull the plug on 2019-20. Hopefully there can be a 2020-21 season, and they should concentrate on making that happen.
  11. That makes sense. I can’t imagine that most of the players fans really want to see, the ones who generally make the most money, want to go through a lockdown and isolation for up to 3 months to play games in empty stadiums. And it is different to be locked down in your home, which still sucks, than in a hotel someplace, which sucks a lot worse. Also, if the NFL and colleges do play this fall, outside of Canada, TV only hockey is going to struggle for viewers. I just don’t see how there is enough to gain for further play this year to make sense.
  12. I have non-medical questions about resuming hockey. Has anyone gotten any feel for how the players generally feel about resuming this season on any basis? It’s really been crickets from the players as far as I know, and not a lot from the league either. Another thought or question. What if the league comes up with a plan, the NHLPA signs off but then a number of very wealthy star players say “count me out.” Is the outcome not tainted beyond all reason? I have another thought that I’m completely unqualified to comment on, but just occurred to me. With all the talk of a second wave in the fall that may be worse than the first, is it possible the league is willing to drag out finishing this season through August if need be because they have doubts that there will be a 2020-21 season. Just food for thought without supporting facts either way.
  13. I don’t disagree that Williams resume with the Canes is probably too thin for jersey retirement. His return to Raleigh brought a lot of nostalgia for the Stanley Cup team, and in the one season he was given the C, his leadership was key to making the playoffs and a great playoff run. But as I said before, most of his career, and most of his accomplishments were elsewhere. Of course everyone still loves the guy, but probably not rafter material. As to the names you mentioned, and this will make a lot of heads explode, the only one worthy of consideration for jersey retirement is Eric Staal. I’m too lazy to look up the stats, but I’m pretty sure he leads the Canes in pretty much every offensive category by a wide margin. And the Stanley Cup team had a lot of offensive contributors, but his 40 goals and 100 points are still the single season record for the Hurricanes, and he kept it going in the playoffs too. Not a great 2 way player like Rod, but we don’t win the Cup without either of them.
  14. Maybe for the social life, but on a typical AHL salary, the higher cost of living might not be a plus. I went to one Checkers game - in the Calder Cup finals last year. I had thoughts of going back periodically, especially for playoffs, but have no interest if they aren’t a Hurricanes affiliate. I guess time will tell if having Hurricanes prospects drove the box office any in Charlotte. One downside if they affiliate with the Panthers is that according to the N&O, the Panthers affiliates have not had any recent AHL success. I think winning will drive ticket sales more than ties to the Canes. I don’t see this as really affecting the Canes, but it is kind of sad. I think it was already clear that in the Dundon era, sentimentality counts for squat. If they’ll abruptly cut ties with Francis and Kaiton, Charlotte’s brief tenure with the Canes means very little. I hope this decision was driven by which affiliate would better groom our prospects.
  15. Just saw this thread for the first time. Too many questions to know what to think will happen. Is this season over? If it gets finished out in some fashion, I can’t see Williams coming back. But also, is it even certain games will be played next year? For those that can stomach the COVID thread, there are so many opinions about when sports can resume (not to mention will there be a “second wave”) that it’s no sure thing there will be a season next year for Williams to come back to. If so, Willy sure looked like he could play another year if he wanted to. As far as retiring #14, an argument could be made that most of his greatest accomplishments were not here. But assuming the team is inclined to retire a jersey, should it be #11? He wore that number a lot longer than 14 if I’m not mistaken. Anyway, hope he stays with the team in some capacity. A real leader and winner the likes of which we haven’t seen since the C was taken from #17.
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