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  1. So who is the committee? 2 AGMs plus our senior scout, head of scouting and goalie coach have left since the end of the year. Haven’t seen anything about replacing any of them. That leaves Waddell, Dundon, Dudley, Tulsky, RB and the former player agent whose name I don’t remember. I haven’t seen anything about replacing our head scout, any front office folks, an AHL coach or a goalie coach. I’m sure these hires take some time, but now would seem like the time you want your front office to be at peak efficiency, not seriously depleted. I would give them an above average grade for last year, but that is a very small sample size. If our goaltending regresses 10% this year, we are unlikely to make the playoffs. Sustained success is the measure of how the committee is doing, and the jury is still out on that. I would also give an incomplete for the lead up to year 2 as there may (hopefully) be more moves coming.
  2. According to Adam Gold, the offer made by the Canes in Vancouver that Aho’s agent would not make a counteroffer to was $7.25 for 8 years. So the team knew that Aho wanted a shorter term, and in my humble opinion, was quite light on the $ amount if it wanted 8 years. My point was the Canes need to learn from this and not play hardball in every negotiation. Especially not with the player the owner identified as our most important. It says a lot that Waddell thought the offer sheet would have been for more. If he believed someone else would pay more than $8.5 million, why were we offering $7.25 million? This market has enough challenges without developing a reputation for being unreasonable in salary negotiations. I’ll welcome Aho back and so will his teammates, I bet. We’ll never know everything that went on in this spectacle, but I guarantee his teammates will.
  3. I can’t say I’ll ever feel the same about Aho after this, but it’s hard to put the blame on him. The Hurricanes are not in a cap bind like Toronto and invited something like this when they didn’t get Aho signed a lot sooner. One of Dundon’s committee members is a former player agent who is supposed to handle contracts. It just seems like money was not the only issue here-term was important to Aho. Tampa Bay played out the string with Stamkos, and he signed there when he could have gone anywhere. Toronto gave Matthews the shorter term he wanted. Every situation is different, but I hope our management learned to listen a little more carefully to what a player wants, and not let contracts drag on forever. Especially with your best player. Dundon and Waddell said all the right things and you have to take them at their word. No hard feelings. We’re glad the contract is done. Let’s move on and win hockey games. For all the wringing of hands this caused, that is the right attitude to take, for the Canes and for us fans.
  4. If he doesn’t maintain there’ll the second half of the season, we’re in trouble. I heard part of an interview with McE on XM today. The (Canadian) host asked him if he was happy to be out of Carolina. He said no, there had been discussions but nothing that led to a deal. I’d bet the Canes only offered one year. I can’t work out the economics of it, but might it not have been cheaper to sign McE for TB money at 2 years and bought out Mongo, than taking on 3 years of Reimer at $3.4 million per? Wonder if we’re planning to trade or buyout Reimer and go with Ned as backup. Except if I do my math correctly, we owe Reimer more than we owed Mongo, so a buyout will cost more. A trade is a possibility though.
  5. Dundon’s comments are priceless and struck the perfect tone for all of this. 1. No hard feelings Seabass. 2. Yes I’ve got fat stacks, Canada, you aren’t dealing with PK anymore. 3. Now let’s win.
  6. But what does front loading the contract do to his tax hit? Since I am not an accountant, I have no idea if 5 equal years at $8.454 million costs less in taxes than having one year at $12 million and a second at $10 million. But it could offset the ability to invest more up front. Either way he’s rich as *edit*.
  7. Duchene, a UFA with 8-10 years in the league got $8 million for 7 years. Not sure of his point totals every year, but he was highly sought in free agency. Aho is 21 with 3 years in the league and his AAV is higher. Of course if you look at the trajectory of his production (51-69-83 points), his ceiling is probably higher than Duchene’s. What’s done is done, and assuming we match, hopefully he is a bargain for us. It looks like Montreal did the Aho offer sheet after Duchene went elsewhere. They have made no other significant moves this offseason, and we can tie up $8+ million of cap space for a week before we match the offer sheet. Not likely to be any impact free agents available then, so the offer sheet could actually hurt them and also could be seen as an act of desperation meant to assure their fans they are trying to bring in players.
  8. Well, the Russian was taken in pretty much the same draft spot as Ned, and Ned is finishing his 4th post-draft year, so is that a realistic timeframe for the Russian. It would be nice if someday we could roll out 2 homegrown goalies.
  9. If Reimer stays, how many years left on his deal. I was thinking 3, but not sure.
  10. I’m all for keeping him. If he doesn’t perform, waive him as we did Darling and send him to Charlotte. Never know when an injury might make having an experienced guy around pay off. I think he’s had some good years. Could be a good 1A/1B with Mrazek. When have we paid a backup goalie (Mongo excluded) $3+ million/year?
  11. For those wanting a break from Aho madness and some levity, check the latest Penguins blog on HB. Rutherford skewered again. I’m not sure he will be GM longer than Sullivan will be coach. Pittsburgh has more than one blogger, and they never fail to pan everything JR has done.
  12. Wonder if Reimer will be here by October. Heck, by Monday. When we traded for him, one of the NHL “insiders” tweeted he might not be here long.
  13. Mrazek is signed. Finally some good news. As to Aho, I won’t feel the same about him again, but the blame for this lies with Dundon alone. DW takes his marching orders from the guy with the checkbook. Since Dundon took over we have had almost nothing but management/coaches leaving the organization and difficult negotiations with players. I posted last summer, and will again the following: TD made his fortune in the sub-prime auto lending business where you prey on the weakest borrowers with ungodly interest rates. Obviously, his management style worked wonders there. But it does not carry over to running a professional sports franchise. He’s no longer the smartest guy in the room. Maybe the opposite. Even with RB, who by all accounts is the lowest paid head coach in the league, no new contract or raise for ending 10 years of futility and taking an overachieving team to the ECF. He played chicken with his best player and lost. Now the player, the team and the fans have to deal with the fallout.
  14. Agree wholeheartedly. So match and look for a trading partner after one year that has star players worthwhile coming the other way. Maybe even a team Montreal competes with in their division. One team comes to mind, and we just did them a real solid. But it’s not going to be pretty at the home opener when Aho is introduced. BTW, didn’t Erik Cole make some semi-disparaging remarks about comparing the Canes to Montreal when he signed with the Habs as a UFA?
  15. Eklund was reporting this weekend Carolina was talking trading Aho with Montreal. Yeah, Ek is a hack, but if it’s permissible, I wouldn’t be surprised if we traded Aho to Montreal. I have no idea who for. And now that this hose is beaten and dead, could we please sign a goalie?
  16. I think we have to match, but what does it say in the locker room that your “face of the franchise” doesn’t want to be here. He should have been signed months ago. With the money paid in year one, never mind the cap hit, the Canes will lose big dollars if they trade Aho after one or two years. The contract is a poison pill. Keep him and you have a disgruntled player in the locker room. Don’t match and you get pennies on the dollar. Match and trade in a year, you cost the team a lot of money. Aho really doesn’t want to be here (nor does most of our front office apparently). If we match, kiss him goodbye when he reaches UFA after this contract is over. I thought with all the Finns here he’d be happy in Carolina, but I guess money trumps everything else. Management screwed this up, plain and simple.
  17. They were not RFAs, they were UFAs and at least 2 will not be back
  18. Why not. He’s traded every player that did not reach an agreement. With Montreal front loading the contract, wonder what we will do?
  19. If Dundon let’s Aho walk, it will be hard to support this team. It should never have come to this.
  20. There a lot of good teams that need low cost D, including Pittsburgh. He’ll land somewhere, and could be a good value if his health holds up.
  21. Could Toronto even fit Faulk’s current contract under the cap? His cap hit is higher than Kapanen’s.
  22. The thing I don’t understand is what was the benefit to Florida of trading Reimer for Darling and buying Darling out? Is Darling’s buyout less of a cap hit than Reimer’s salary, so free up cap space for Bob?
  23. I think Playruff was suggesting Pittsburgh would go after Dzingel
  24. Don’t know much of anything about Galchenyuk. Did Pittsburgh get anything more than cap relief from this deal? Setting themselves up for doing something Monday?
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