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  1. I listen when I’m in the car. And when the Hurricanes were struggling, rarely even then. So I’m not that familiar with all of the personalities. Can’t name some of them. Haven’t heard Espo in forever, so I assume he’s not on much if at all anymore. But I think on balance, when they get around to talking about the Canes, on the whole the XM guys are more objective than McGuire and Eddie O who were about as biased and unobjective during Game 5 as Woody Durham at a Dean Smith roast ( or if you prefer Bob Harris at a Coach K roast).
  2. I appreciate everything McE did for the team this year. He saved our season by supplanting Mongo. But this is Mrazek’s team now. All of the goals in Washington were not on him. And until game 3 of the series, we had lost 6 straight to the Craps. Now we’ve won 3 out of 4. Past history is past history. Petr may lay an egg, but he’s earned the right to start the game.
  3. Agree the XM crew, mostly Canadian, doesn’t appreciate the Canes enough. But in fairness, I listened for about 15 minutes on the way to work, and heard one of the hosts, Scott Laughlin I think, say the disputed Craps goal was clearly not a good goal. NBC thinks Oshie is the only player missing any time this series. The Canes need to feed off of lack of respect from most talking heads for motivation to beat the Craps tomorrow.
  4. Well there sure haven’t been any calls that favored the Craps. Is Ovie upset that he only got a 2 minute minor for leaving his feet and hitting McGinn in the head when Ferland got a 5 minute major and game misconduct for whiffing on a check in the same game. The Craps are so used to getting all the calls (and non-calls) in their favor, they don’t believe any call can go the other way. As for Ovie getting any blowback from the officials in game 7 because of his tantrum, I assume there will be a different crew, and Ovie will still get the special treatment reserved for he and Crosby and very few others. No matter. No excuses. Just win!
  5. Tripp just said he hopes we get Svech back Wednesday. Then he said if Ferland is available, he would not put him in the lineup. Sure sounds like there is a feeling Ferland quit on the team and put his UFA payoff ahead of the team’s success.
  6. I said last night in this thread that we were missing 3 top 9 players (and 2 top 6) who collectively scored 52 goals this year. In their whine fest about Oshie, the most I heard NBC say was a few offhand comments that “the Canes are down some players too.” Clearly, in the first 2 periods, Rod showed he has little confidence in Saarela, Brown, McKegg or even Manelaenen. That being said, if we bring back Svech, Martinook or Ferland when they are not ready, we could end up early in the game with 2 or 3 guys who can’t go any longer. As to Svech, he means too much to the Canes long term future to risk scrambling his brain to get him into a game when he’s not fully healed. Look what happened to Skinner with 2 concussions in a short time. It affected his play for probably 2 years. I’m sure if any of these guys come back, Washington will be hitting them at every opportunity from the moment the puck drops. As to who we play in goal, I trust Bales to make the right decision. I didn’t watch the 3rd period, but on the 3 goals I saw, I can’t really fault Mrazek for any of them. I am pretty sure the team wants him back next year, and pulling him out now doesn’t send the best message. I’m fine if we go with McE, and if Rod and Bales think that gives us the best chance to win, so be it. But Mrazek gave up one goal in 6 periods in Raleigh, and made a bunch of incredible saves. My gut is to stick with him.
  7. Yeah, we’ve failed to show. But have the announcers stressed how much we are missing from our lineup? Not sure all 3 guys could change this one, but it hasn’t even been mentioned. Barely even by Forslund.
  8. They haven’t mentioned Oshie this period. Must have lost their game notes.
  9. Slavin falls shooting. Pierre: Good thing he was off balance. They don’t even try to hide their bias.
  10. Well Hillary made it pretty what NBC wants. I soooo want to win this.
  11. Clearly, if we win the series it’s because the Craps are without Oshie. And we’re playing our healthy extra and 2 Checkers.
  12. Intermission and the first thing they talk about...Oshie. We’re down 3 guys who scored 52 goals, and our most physical players. But why discuss that? Stick with Oshie. They have said once or twice “the Canes are down some guys too.” Do they not know their names? And this is the first game the Craps have been a man down.
  13. Canes need to survive this period and get some motivation from Rod before the 2nd
  14. Which Pierre said was because McKegg ducked. Absolutely no objectivity
  15. We’re down 3 top 9 forwards and all I hear about is Oshie. C’mon John!
  16. I guess New York is a smaller market than Pittsburgh. My bad. And the Pens were a no show. Bad calls couldn’t have changed that series.
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