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  1. So, even when we bring in people from outside the organization there's still nepotism involved! Mary, a former Compuware employee, is related (most likely his wife, though I can't find anything online) to our new assistant GM, Mike Vellucci. And while Mike has a wonderful record with the Plymouth Whalers it does make you wonder what the true motives behind his hiring are.
  2. Can JR take PK with him when he steps down? Atrocious interview, first and foremost for asking the fans to show more patience (what the ****, has he not seen the past 6 years?) and then following that up by stating that just tweaks are needed. Just tweaks. Oh, and lets not forget that this, according to him, is a playoff team. This whole organization needs "tweaks." Our player depth is non-existent, our prospect development is horrific, our coaching staff has almost entirely lost control of the team (not that it matters at this point,) and we have two faces of the franchise that are choosing when to show up, one of which has had everything given to him ranging from an elite level scoring winger to having two of his brothers in the organization with the evident plan to be the acquire the third.
  3. Dreger on TSN: It's highly likely Cam Ward will be traded in the summer. Eric Staal and Jeff Skinner could potentially be in play. I think we all know about Cam, but Skinner and Eric possibly being on the block is surprising. Eric honestly deserves to be on the block, though it's interesting to place him immediately on the block instead of, say, stripping him of his C as a means of motivation. Skinner we shouldn't be thinking of trading though, unless the return is significant. Kid is hockey Bieber, yeah he's streaky but if he works on his defensive game (which he has improved over the last couple games) then he'll be good to go. If these two are on the block then I think it's JR saying Muller is the guy and that Eric and Skinner don't like Muller. I wonder how Jordan would feel if Eric was traded though.
  4. If this isn't JR's last season with the organization then I'm going to find a new team to follow until he's gone. Bottom line this all comes back to him: the mediocre player performances, the amount of money we have tied up in just a few players, player management, lack of prospect depth and poor prospect development; everything comes back to him. Three years of success (02, 06 and 09) does not make up for the bewildering amount of years where he failed as a GM, he has overstayed his tenure and he must go.
  5. Blow the team up. Untouchables: Faulk, Sekera, Dobby, Skinner, Lindholm Absolutely needs to go: Harrison, Komisarek, Manny, Nash, Ruutu, Tlusty, Liles, Bellemore Everyone else is on the block but should be moved based upon return. This means we most likely won't move the Staals, and we'll likely keep Bowman and Dwyer as depth players in Charlotte, but I'd expect everyone else to be gone starting with Cam. We're in a weird spot where we can't do what Buffalo started to do before whatshisface decided to leave and rebuild, since we have the Staals, Semin and Sekera in their primes and proven young players like Faulk and Skinner, so it's either we change course completely and move everyone and actually go through with rebuilding or we trade who we can for picks to set us up for the future, have JR step down and bring in a competent GM who can make the moves that'll turn us into a playoff team again.
  6. Faulk with a whopping 1:15 of ice time, meanwhile Byslma plays his good ol pal Brooks Orpik who played the only goal of the game horribly. Wouldn't have changed anything but this homerism crap has peeved me the entire Olympics.
  7. It's Bylsma, of course he's going to play his good buddy Orpik over Faulk.
  8. What if we trade Ward and Ruutu to the Jets for Ladd and Setoguchi? It'd likely be a trade deadline move when the Jets know where they stand playoff wise, which obviously if they're in the mix they'll want a playoff calibar goaltender (Ward, who will take the change of scenery and run with it imo,) and Ruutu is a much better fit for their third line then Seto (who will likely up his production if put with Skinner imo.)
  9. Peters is going to be gone, JR mentions that the team needs to return to a two-goalie system because of the salary cap, which could or could not mean he was putting Ward on the table and not getting any significant interest, and then goes ahead and says Dobby might start against the Caps, which doesn't make sense if we don't move Peters.
  10. The Lindholm move is all about allowing him to adjust to the ice surface and speed of the game imo. He hasn't played poorly with the big club by any means, but he's not quite there conditioning wise, so I think it's only a matter of time before he's back up. It also allows some of our propsects (like Terry) to get a nice look to see if they've improved from training camp.
  11. Let's break it down then. Eric's leadership depends on on ice ethic. He is our star, franchise player who needs to set the example for everyone else. He is also notorious for having slow starts. Right now, through 13 games, he has 8 points, with a -10 rating. From that we can know that he has been on the ice for 18 goals against, which correlates to a huge defensive lapse when he is on the ice. His defensive efforts, especially with backchecking, have been anything but what you'd expect from a leader, and with Peters as our temporary starter that is absolutely unacceptable. He's also leading the team in penalty minutes, with 18. Of course to take any meaning from this you have to watch the games, and noticeably the past few games the penalties he has taken have been from laziness, yet again something else that isn't wanted or expected from a leader. He's also pretty much the core of our offense, and while a lack of scoring depth doesn't fall on him, his lack of stepping up and being that game changing player we all know he can be is very concerning, especially when he has a C. Of course he could and probably does provide intangibles in the locker room, but talking the talk isn't better then walking the walk, which Eric simply isn't doing. It's the same thing at the start of every season, and it's absolutely unacceptable. It's time for Muller to send him a message and bench him for a game. If he comes back from that and actually leads this team, awesome, he got the point, if not then I'd say it would be reasonable to look into removing his captaincy temporarily. This is something that's been left unmanaged for too long and needs to change going forward.
  12. From SBNation: From LeBrun on Twitter: Just an absolute disgrace to the league and the sport, Holtby wanted absolutely no part and Emery pretty much assaulted him while the refs not only just stood there and watched, but they also waived players coming in for Holtby's defense away. How the department of player safety is not going to do absolutely anything about this because there's no explicitly stated about in the rule book is mind boggling, had Emery of done that to Holtby on the streets he'd be sitting in jail right now. Just yet another case of disgusting situation handling by NHL execs.
  13. @Capgeek: As for Pitkanen, the #NHLCanes and LTIR, they're $4.885M from the cap so it's a non-issue until they exhaust that spending. I'd do Boychuk and a 3rd for Franson easily.
  14. Wasn't that the hit where LaRose had given a Skinner a suicide pass that setup that horrific hit? If so, his standing up afterwards seems pretty moot since it's something he himself could have and should have prevented, and I think anyone in his position would've dropped the gloves just out of pure guilt more then anything. My only issue with LaRose was that he was overpaid. The rest can be put on coaching staff and lack of talent/depth, more specifically his being put into a top 6 role when he's not a top 6 player. Edit: Yep, that was the suicide pass hit.
  15. If we're at the cap then Lindholm's bonus would be applied to next season, leaving him with a cap hit of $832,500. We're not at the cap though and if JR is looking to move salary to sign this mystery FA then I'd say it's pretty safe to say Lindholm's hit for this year will be 1.7 mil.
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