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  1. Give me a proven dman any day over him if we can get an overpayment for our 5th pick
  2. We want Reilly is what Dreger says on twitter. We arent trading unless we get the over payment and if we get a bidding war we may just get it!
  3. Its looking like we may be working on a deal with Toronto. I am not sure I like that going all the way to the 21st pick??? We better get something good!
  4. I am posting on 3 canes boards today lol I am so ready for the draft. What chances do you think there are of us picking at 5 and getting a Nichuskin, and then trying to trade back into say the top 12 to get Ristolen??? I think it would take Skinner. I know this is crazy but what do you expect from someone who has slept for an hour??? THoughts?
  5. If we get our forward I think Skinner is gonna be gone. I think we get Coburn from the flyers for Mcbain and a draft pick.. maybe 3rd round? I am not sure yet who we would trade skinner for. I just have a feeling.
  6. I have been harping Drouin before the season even ended. I have been murdered on the HF Boards for saying his name. 28 hrs 52 mins until we know...not like im counting or anything
  7. I cant believe it. I can now see a legitimate scenario where we can get Drouin at the 5th spot. 2 weeks ago I would have told you that you were crazy, but I can actually see it happening. For people who are afraid because of his size watch the videos of him you can see he uses that small size to his advantage, but he isnt afraid to jam up against the boards.
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