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  1. Definitely the best April 28th I can remember. Bring on the B's. Gotta get a lil' nasty.
  2. Big Lots..... (at least here in Colorado). $6 / 6 feet HDMI. Only helpful thing a Comcast employee ever told me. I think you guys are in Time/Warner country.
  3. You, my friend, are also cool. It's official. Good seeing another fan of natural disasters: Hurricanes and Avalanches. Pretty sure I remember you from last spring. Kroenke really does need to lower prices. Granted, there was a pretty incredible sellout streak but chances are the books were cooked for some of those games. There's also that evil pact w/ the devil when so many good seats get gobbled up by big companies and large firms. Almost a inverse correlation between the cost of the seat and hockey knowledge. Nothing like the chance to sit down low only to have people around you asking about offsides or icing. Yikes. Good seeing Staal in Montreal. And Hejduk too obviously - he had a decent run there today. Really tempted to head east for the Feb. 22nd game though Sunday matinees can make for weird games.
  4. I know it's for an older version of FCP {and not Express} but Jerry Hofmann did a great training book that might help more than the others. He managed to get footage from a short film he worked on (with the music) and it comes on a DVD for use as you learn through the book. It's one of the better ways to learn I think - actually going through the process of putting a short film together. Since, technically, it's 'outdated' (even though it's not), you can get it for really cheap too: Jerry Hofmann on Final Cut 4 Jerry's also really active as a moderator on Creative Cow.com and teaches out here at the Colorado Film School. And, no, I'm not Jerry and this isn't a shameless plug. It's just work for me - sitting in the dark, punching buttons for way too long.
  5. Big thing for me in the Plasma / LCD decision was simply ambient light and reflections on-screen. Plasmas have a shinier, more reflective surface. We have skylights and windows and that would have been awful. It's one thing if you're putting it into a man-cave or home theater set-up. Quite another if it's going into an upstairs living room with windows / overhead fixtures. None of my online research prepared me for seeing them on the floor at Best Buy / Circuit City / wherever. In the plasmas, you could clearly see all the overhead light fixtures and reflections competing with the screen. Also - don't buy into the 1080p hype. Yet. Not much - almost nothing is delivered 1080p. We're still straddling that SD / HD fence and many of the stations you watch will still be SD. Some kickin' HD sets can 'bump up' SD and make it look great {i.e. Sony Bravia}. Others {Philips} make HD look great and SD look pretty awful. Just my $.02
  6. Haven't been here since last spring but I see we're in very similar situations. Avs / Canes that is. Close in the league standings and looking at mediocre goaltending. I wish I had something more to offer. Our Peter Budaj is pretty awful between the pipes.
  7. We took the series lead 3-2 tonight. Game 6 is Saturday...... Just dropping in from Denver to check in on my Canes brethren. Your positive, good vibes are appreciated but I realize not everyone's an Avs fan. The way I see it, anything's better than Minnesota. Here's to a great next season in Carolina!
  8. As much as I'd like to dream otherwise - the Avs are not Cup contenders this year. So - I don't care who makes it to the Finals just as long as it's not the Wild. The trap has gotta be stopped. Talk about a game-killer. Anybody other than the Wild..... and definitely not the Sharks. Can't stand the Sharks. Or the Ducks. Anybody but the Ducks. Man, I wish I was typing 'Go Canes' right now rather than who I hate. Sad but true.
  9. I grew up in North Carolina and headed to Colorado after college. I never left. That was a long time ago. Anyway, the Nordiques came to town as the Avalanche and we won the Stanley Cup that first season ('95-'96). Many of the players lived near my neighborhood, were great guys and we frequented the same butcher. Suffice to say, I was hooked and have been ever since. I go back 'home' quite often and was thrilled to see the Whalers head south. Whenever possible, I would drag friends to the Greensboro Coliseum to cheer them on, even with the curtains in the upper decks and drunk rednecks yelling at me to go back to Canada. The Avs were still a fairly new team and not many people in Greensboro had seen an Avs jersey. Anyway - I've been a fan of both organizations since their 'newer' beginnings. I feel they both have class, heart and amazing fans. I also play hockey and, to this day, wear #3 in memory of Steve Chiasson. Regardless of how you felt about him as a player, that was a sad and unnecessary tragedy. Here's to a better season next year. Go Canes....... and Avs. Best wishes.
  10. Dude - you are such a punk it's sad. I simply cannot let this slide. Not that you care or that it really even matters but I was born and raised in North Carolina. I have been going to Canes games since they were played in the Greensboro Coliseum. Stormy was, at one time, an actual pig. There were giant sheets of black tarp hanging in the upper-level rafters to disguise how few people were at the games. You could still smoke in the lower-level concourse area. I've been in Colorado since before the Avs came down from Quebec. So - exactly what was your point? Does your mother know you're on the computer this late?
  11. Noob to this board, yes. That's all you got? So.... tired. Guess you'll be short of cash this spring. No more smokin' pole at da 'Arby, see?'.
  12. I'm also confused about that Bettman reference. If they are suggesting some Betman - Caps - payout conspiracy, that's almost as asinine as praying before a high school football game. Just own it. The Canes might not make it. Let's not get crazy. Besides to pull off such a scheme, Bettman would need to be smart and really know how to piece it together. I'm afraid he doesn't have a very deep skillset.
  13. I like you too. Another fan of both my favorite teams (obviously). Feel the love? I was definitely feeling it last night. Glad to see Foppa finally get his goal. Still not sure why he didn't shoot on that empty-net at the end though. Sure, he was running down the clock but he had plenty of space. Business-as-usual here in Denver. Sadly, baseball's starting so our playoff clinch got buried on Page 13 of the Rocky Mountain News. Yikes. Short-term memory loss as everyone's happily ignoring the Rockies getting spanked last World Series. Just like you guys, I really want to see the Canes get in the playoffs. Go Canes. Go Avs.
  14. Considering this is "NHL's Out of Town Scoreboard", just thought I'd chime in...... Not that you didn't know this already but tonight: Avs 4 <-> Canucks 2. Lookin' like the Sucks are out of it. I apologize for being late to this thread. Seems there some in-fighting, name-calling, PM'ing. You know - the usual hockey forum stuff. I have only one question regarding Hoyle, is that avatar supposed to be someone in black-face? FYI - I'm not here to crash the party: North Carolina native but been in Colorado longer than the Avs. I've also been going to Canes games since they were in the Greensboro Coliseum. Remember the black tarps in the upper's to hide the empty seats? Can't say that I'd ever seen a pig hidden in a Zamboni before either. Good times. Go Canes....er - Avs. Wait. Go Avs and Canes!??!? AvaCane OUT........
  15. From the L.A. Times: He says his former Vancouver coach also is culpable for 2004 on-ice hit on Moore. By Eric Stephens and Lisa Dillman, Los Angeles Times Staff Writers March 29, 2008 Todd Bertuzzi went on the legal offensive to defend his actions in the 2004 on-ice attack against Colorado's Steve Moore, alleging his then-coach Marc Crawford should be held partially responsible for the incident. Bertuzzi, formerly with the Vancouver Canucks and now with the Ducks, filed what is called a third-party notice in Ontario Superior Court in Canada. He has not sued Crawford, as some reports have suggested. Crawford now coaches the Kings. Bertuzzi received widespread condemnation throughout North America for hitting Moore from behind in that game on March 8, 2004, and effectively ending Moore's playing career. Moore, who suffered a broken neck and a concussion, is suing Bertuzzi for $38 million. Bertuzzi has previously alleged that Crawford said Moore must "pay the price" to Vancouver players in the dressing room in response to Moore's knocking out Canucks captain Markus Naslund with a open-ice hit in a previous meeting. According to documents filed March 3 and obtained by the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. on Friday, Bertuzzi also alleges that Crawford "failed to exercise control over and caution his players against physical aggression toward Moore when he knew or ought to have known that this was likely to result in injury to Moore." Bertuzzi's lawyer, Geoffrey Adair, told Canwest News Service, "This is a lawsuit and we're going to fight it out in court, not in the press." Crawford has not been named as a defendant in the Moore lawsuit. Reached at the Kings' practice facility in El Segundo, Crawford said, "If I was faced with a legal matter, I would comment. But I have no comment." Moore's lawyer, Tim Danson, could not be reached for comment. Bertuzzi referred any comment to his agent, Pat Morris, who declined to comment. One Canadian legal expert thought Bertuzzi would face difficulties pulling Crawford into the legal fray. "It's a pretty ambiguous direction," University of Alberta law professor Russell Brown said. "There are lots of opportunities within the rules of hockey . . . that might fall within how you make someone pay. It's not obvious that's an instruction to go out and actually intentionally injure someone." Brown also questioned Bertuzzi's claim that he was "contractually bound" to follow Crawford's alleged order. "It seems a stretch to say that you're contractually bound to do that," Brown said. "That's a huge leap. Even in hockey." Bertuzzi is in his first season with the Ducks after signing a two-year free-agent contract with the club last summer. Crawford is in his second season as coach of the Kings.
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