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  1. A smidge is not 375,000. I know this because he told somebody who told me. And they did call back but Rutherford said it was too late they moved on to find someone else. Im not saying he is worth a lot more than that but I do believe 1.75 would have been a respectable offer.
  2. Rutherford offered chad 1.4, 1.4, 1.4. He was willing to go up a smidge. I know this for a fact and I wouldnt have called back either if I was Larose especially after over paying Colsey.
  3. oh yeah and no PP goals, 2nds on the team in even strength goals
  4. Wow and the fans on this board said he isnt "a 20 goal scorer". Not to mention scoring goals that matter the most in the season.
  5. Even if Rutherford is still stuck in 06, Cole wasnt a key player in the Stanley Cup run. Did he even play any play off games except the last couple? I hope Cole shows up. Just a thought.
  6. Justin's has not done aything that stands out to me. He should not be on top 2 lines until he proves he can handle it. Hes on the PP and still dosent do that much.
  7. when was the last time we scored 5 on 5. All 7 of Chads goal were 5 on 5. I say replace Eaves with Rosie.
  8. Lets be honest, he was giving the puck to Staal to get a hat trick.
  9. Icefrog999- How our "star" players play is not based on LaRose in the line up or not. Dont forget he was in the line up the year we won the stanley cup. The way I see it is he stepped up and was getting it done. Star players dont always produce every night. My only argument here was that he deserves to be in the line up. Fourth line whatever dosent matter. Just not scratched watching from the press box.
  10. I was saying he could have played the 7th D and LaRose still dressed. But instead he played forward.
  11. Again, not convincing about the 7th D-man. If i recall correctly, Conboy plays both positions and would have played it well and probably better than Rodney. And if you arent ready to play health wise, get off the ice. We cant afford to play *edit*
  12. That response it ridiculous. You cant possibly tell me that you think the line up without LaRose is going to play better. Even as a fourth line, he brings energy, heart and soul that no other player brings to the table. And at the least, the guy steps up when other players arent getting it done. You dont bench a guy after he works his butt of to help contribute as a team. Maurice made a bad choice and whoever thinks Bayda brings more to the table than LaRose is wrong. Yes I agree Eaves deserves a chance but Bayda dsoent deserve to play over Rosie. Maurice played favorites in this situation. Not a good coach IMO. And the excuse of dressing 7 D is BS. The seventh defenseman played 4 minutes. Im guessing and almost postive Chad will be in the line up Teusday but I still think the fans should stick up for him. Just show support. Even if its not for the coach, at least Rosie will see it and feel better about the situation.
  13. Yeah because he has only played with an nhl coach who played that style. Hes obvioulsy capable of playing different styles. Needs the opportunity first.
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