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  1. In the equipment room tonight (at Skate with the Canes) was a bag labeled "sticks for Nashville" and then "26? 59?". Not sure exactly what that means, though.
  2. Well, our tickets were at "will-call", just not the regular ticket window will-call. The ticket offices were all closed today, as a holiday, I guess. Once we got inside there were several other people who got their tickets from one of the Storm Squad girls. That snag aside, the event was extremely well run. We were also in the red group. Autographs from many of the players, photos with lots of them. I asked Staal to sign something for me, I thanked him and then he thanked me for coming! These have to be the most approachable professional athletes around. My wife spoke with A. Ward for a little while and he talked about how glad he is to be back; he loves it here. As Faceoff said, no coaches. Maybe they heard what happened last year: the day after he sat for photos with fans Lavi was out the door .
  3. Tried that. For reasons that remain unclear, I wasn't able order the tickets through Account Manager so the order was taken over the phone. So they aren't in there and I can't print them at home. Thanks for the help, though. I'm thinking we're gonna drive up there and work it out at the ticket window. If there's a problem with that, there's REALLY gonna be a problem!
  4. For Christmas '06 I bought my wife a framed photo of the championship banner-raising ceremony, with a bit of the net from Game 7. On Christmas morning I found she'd bought me a framed photo of Cam Ward hoisting the cup, with a bit of the red carpet they pulled out after Game 7. Weird... They hang side-by-side in our TV room.
  5. I too have wondered whether this is unique to Raleigh (for hockey). Tailgating is more-or-less expected where I grew up (Milwaukee for baseball, Green Bay for football). Although it would seem complicated for a downtown arena, tailgating is common for Panthers football games in Charlotte.
  6. Doesn't really count, I know, but I saw Ric Flair at P F Chang in Charlotte. That's the closest we're gonna get around here
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