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  1. Section 124, Row X, Aisle Seats 1 & 2 Selling at my cost - $50 per ticket, if you want the general parking pass - additional $10 Games Available Nov 5 Nov 7 Nov 9 Nov 12 Nov 15 Nov 18 Nov 24 pm if interested
  2. is there any way to remove those horribly annoying ads that pop up on the sides of the forum?
  3. mhs1102

    FOR SALE 2/28

    Three tickets for sale, section 115 Row T, seats 3,4,5 Includes GENERAL pkg pass $25 each - firm - $75 total cash PM if interested
  4. did you find one? i am not going....price = cheap....let me know.
  5. I sit in section 115 - row R this season there are ALOT of opponents that sit in the rows in front of us. I looked on stub hub and there are at least 20 to 30 tickets for sale for most games. I can understand folks selling 2 -4 but i dont understand 9 and 10 seats for sale on one row. is it possible these are being sold by the Hurricanes Organization. For example, for the Flames game on Jan 3 there are 31 seats in 115. Row P has 10 for $35 each. Sometimes i sell my tickets on stub hub, craigs list, or this site. As a STH i paid a little over $47 per seat, not counting parking. once you add the stub hub commission, i have to sale mine at $55 to break even. how can i possible sell my seats and recoup my investment (i dont really care about making money) if there are so many for sale at half my price. does anyone have any insight on who is selling these tickets at such a discount? I love the canes and supporting them, but next year I will be looking to purchase my tkts on stub hub if i can save several thousand dollars!!!
  6. I have three tickets, but if someone wants one or two I will split them. Section 115 Row Z, seats 5-6-7 $55 each, General Parking Pass included if you purchase all three. email me @ mhs1102@gmail.com I live in Raleigh and can meet, and I will be at the game tonight.
  7. Did you ever think of saying to the fan "would you please watch your language I have my kid here with me" and see where that gets you... yep, tried that sunday...didnt work, went to usher, told her there were some buffalo fans that were being very inapporpriate and i had three elementary school age kids with me....she checked their tickets and they werent supposed to be there so she booted them....the whole section clapped....AND they told her i was swearing at them, which was completely not true!!!! and fyi, if my team were winning i would NOT be beligerently yelling at everyone around me....
  8. I agree that it was a class move by the organization to allow you to trade for ANY game....much better than the regular policy for STH. I think it said you have to do it in person....if any out-of-towners need help with that i can help you out....i live close to RBC and it is no big deal to go over there. Not sure how you would know you can trust me, but you can.....
  9. my first year as full STH but had 12 game plan last year and committed to the STH when it first came out this year. My time was thurs at 6:30. I went North and am right in front of letgocanes77.... we are definitely in front of the 26 plan folks and those that jumped on the bandwagon during the playoffs... it was interesting process and fun....
  10. check online for info about how to do a tshirt quilt. not sure how those towels would work...if you go to a QUILTING store they are pretty expensive, but you can prob find a seamstress to sew it together a lot cheaper....you can do the blocking yourself.
  11. WOOO HOOOO!!!! SECOND!!! and pretty darn happy with that! plus i was pretty close with total goals as i said 30....but i did pick penns in 6..... congrats coastal....and thanks gocanes! it was great fun to play!
  12. ps...if you commit to 12 you can always upgrade to 26. for 12 they assign your seats based on your preference, for 26 you get to go to pick a seat.
  13. it gets a little confusing because there is the VOUCHER and the EXCHANGE program ...the VOUCHER program allows you to use your vouchers to get tickets to ALMOST any game...last year there were 4 or 5 blacked out. in addition some vouchers expire dec 31 and some are good all season. EXCHANGE PROGRAM....you can do ahead OR AFTER if you miss a game - up to two months....there is a designated list of games eligible for exchange....last year about 10 or so. if you do it ahead you can almost always get tkts. if you wait till the last minute, esp at the end of the year you might have a problem. you can mail your requests in or do it in person. i was always given seats in my same section. i am sure you can request lesser value seats, but not higher. for example we sat in 106 and near the end we were told no more lower bowl...btw, i always did mine in person but i live close. i suggest you call and get a ticket rep....they are always VERY helpful and will GLADLY answer any questions...
  14. dont forget about the exchange program...if you cant make it to a game you can trade the tkts for another game...there were about 8 games (i think) that were blacked out for trading...i traded several tkts last year.
  15. i have towels for all games but no cards from games 3&4 vs NJ. i have cards for all the other games. fyi, the towels for games 3&4 vs NJ are identical except Walgreen was the sponsor on one and not the other. they do NOT have dates like the other towels, so i am not sure which one is which.
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