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  1. Alright, here is some back in the day stuff from my own collection. These are highlights I made from my copy of the Hurricanes 1st regular season game The Carolina Hurricanes enter the NHL (10/1/97) This is a melee that occured during the Hurricanes first home game Fight during the Hurricanes Inaugural home game This is a spot for tickets to upcoming games during the first month of the 1998 season in Greensboro Hurricanes Ticket spot (1998) Here is another one from the next month. 1998 Ticket Spot Here is a highlight package from SportsCenter for a Canes-Montreal game in Greensboro Hurricanes-Montreal Highlights on SportsCenter (11/17/98) This is a pre-game segment with John Forslund and the first Hurricanes color analyst Bill Gardner setting up that night's game against the Leafs Hurricanes-Leafs pregame show (4/8/98) This is the game-winning goal for Martin Gelinas in 1998 against Washington Hurricanes edge out win in Washington (11/6/98) Here are some highlights I put together of one of my favorite Hurricanes games A wild OT game for the Hurricanes against the Thrashers (3/5/04)
  2. Alright guys. I've gotten a few responses, so I thought I'd post what I have here so you can see if you're still interested or not. Sorry it took me so long. I recently moved and it took me a while to find some stuff. Some of my programs are still MIA and I'll post when I find them. 1997-98 Inaugural Season Yearbook 1998-1999 Media Guide 1999 Inaugural Playoff Game Program 1999 Raleigh Entertainment and Sports Arena Opening Night Program $15 shipped for any of the items.
  3. I have several extra programs. Without going through them at the moment, I know I have spare copies of the 1997 Inaugural Yearbook, various 1998 programs with Coffey, Sheppard and Irbe on the front. In addition, I have extras of the Inaugural playoff program from when they played the Boston Bruins in the 1st round of the 1999 Stanley Cup playoffs.
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