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  1. By the way, Keith Jones on Versus is one of the few guys who routinely gives props to the Canes. I know it kills some of the other guys on the Versus set when he does so, and for that I love the guy.
  2. All in all I agree that Lavi did a good job all year long. The only two knocks I have are the way he handled Ward for most of the season and, to the extent he had anything to do with it, allowing some guys who had been hurt come back into the line up too early and sitting down some Rats at their expense. I for one am not ready to give up on Ward. He has some obvious holes in his game, but I think they can be addressed.
  3. JR, if you're reading these boards and looking for some parting comments to players, consider these: Wesley. You're a freak of nature - please don't retire. You're hands down the most solid, all around defensemen on the team. We need your experience and leadership on the blue line, especially when we get Borer up here full time next year. Corvo. You gave us exactly what we needed when we needed it. Remember that hat trick you had, yeah, umhh, well you did realize we had a few more games on the schedule after that, didn't you? See ya next year. Hedican. Thanks for all of your contributions, especially in '06. You really can skate. Best wishes. Kaberle. Hope you find a team that can use your......... Take care. Seidenberg. ? Maybe send him a letter. Don't know what to say about him. Can't associate his name with a single play or game, whether positive or negative, all year long. Wallin. Son, you might want to find yourself one of those speed skating coaches. If you're gonna be with us for another year, for god's sake please put some step in your skates. Brookbank, Conboy. Generally speaking you have no glaringly obvious skills on the ice, but for whatever reason we always seemed to win with you out there. Why you weren't in the line up for the last few games is a real mystery to me. Williams. We love ya big guy but your miraculous recovery was a huge distraction to the team. Take care of that knee over the summer. Samsonov. Don't forget to remind your agent that I gave you a shot when everyone, and I mean everyone, had given up on you. Don't expect anything different from those folks if you do leave us and go somewhere else. The minute you slump out they'll ship you off again. That said, hope to see you next year. Cole. If you're worried about your neck, maybe you should retire. Noone would fault you for a second if you did. If it's not your neck and you want to play in the NHL next year, play like you mean it. Most teams, like us, can't afford to pay someone who shows up every 14th game. Staal, LaRose, Walker, Ruutu. You are a monster. Whatever we're paying you, it ain't enough. Ward. Coach really screwed you over for the first 2/3 of the season. Playing head games and making you think Grahame or Leighton we're going to take your job was just stupid coaching. You deserved way, way better than that. That said, you really stunk it up last Friday night against the Panthers.
  4. Ooops. I read the first sentence of the post and didn't immediately catch the sarcasm. After reading the second sentence....I read it loud and clear....
  5. I have to respectfully disagree on the wisdom of putting Williams in the line up. This was the biggest regular season game of the year and they should have, in my opinion, stayed as close as possible to the line up they've been playing with over the last 10 game run. I said this even before he got hurt. The fact that he got injured just validates the point.
  6. If it's true what someone posted earlier that Williams is already out with an injury, why on earth was he playing in this game anyway? Put him and Whitney back in the line up for the last 2 games against weaker opponents, not the biggest regular season game of the year.
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