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  1. Hockey is just like any other sport. Calls change momentum and flow of the game. They do not directly affect the goals by each team but it puts teams in position to be successful, especially when calls continue to go there way. Now to Washington's credit, they took advantage of the calls and skated well all night. For AO, he is an amazing player but as complete *edit*. Late hits and leaving his feet every game and never getting called for anyone. He will get what is coming to him sooner or later so don't go crying when it does happen.
  2. I think you need to leave our boards and go back into whatever hole you crawled out of
  3. Whew... that was close, it was almost even 4 v 4 play. Good things the refs called another penalty on us
  4. We should quit shooting at Huet, they may call interference on us for throwing the puck near him.
  5. Doesn't help much that our power play (when we do have one) looks horrible. 1 shot tonight on our pp so far.
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