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  1. This was the best type of acquisition for my Caps. Scott Walker was the exact type of player they needed. Corvo is certainly an upgrade over Pothier for us and will play more minutes than Walker, but the Walker trade was my favorite. We needed a guy that can skate, hit, fight if he has to, and overall toughness we need. Bradley for toughness was certainly not enough.
  2. Hmmmm, you are a Canes fan with a pic of what as your avatar?
  3. Regardless of the result of the Caps game tomorrow, your boys showed a lot of heart and grit over the last 2+ months. Too bad the Eastern Conference playoffs won't have 2 teams from the SE. Florida has also shown some very good flashes and could easily be competing for the playoffs next year. Again, congrats on overcoming so many injuries and playing great hockey after most had written you off with Roddy's injury especially.
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