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  1. I'd prefer to stay here. I'm sorry that you don't want me here, and I guess it would be better if I leave and come back later when the loss doesn't sting so much (not trying to rub it in). I was just trying to discuss the game though.
  2. a lot of people there are at the game. Plus I'm not registered there.
  3. I haven't insulted anyone. I'm on this board because I have a broken leg from playing JR hockey and my team didn't make the playoffs. I went to sleep at 6 am last night because I was at a party, and I didn't want to miss this Caps game but didn't have the money available needed to buy the tickets. But thanks for the insult, and I'm the one trolling.
  4. now this is my problem. You guys had a chance to clinch against the same team that we are playing now. The refs may have helped the Caps a little, but they didn't "give" us the game. We outplayed you. Simple as that.
  5. PP Caps. This is a huge game. Still don't understand why Semin spun around the other way on a break away
  6. My favorite scenario would've been the Hurricanes winning, and the Caps winning, knocking the Sens out. Oh well.
  7. yea. I just wish the Canes (or the Caps if we lose) could've taken Ottawa's place. They really don't deserve to be in the playoffs, and unless something drastic changes, then they will be an easy first round out for ANY team.
  8. you gotta love that little jump catch attempt by ovie
  9. Looks like the Caps are starting to settle in. Thank God.
  10. Its Hue-ay He's from france, so I don't know why it would be Hue-et and Ooo-ay makes even less sense
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